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ELLE Hong Kong February 2014 X Paul & Joe Clutch Pouch

One of my soft spot when it comes to magazine supplement is multicase clutch. Eventhough so I don’t buy everything I see. Just the one that I like.

Last weekend I took a casual stroll to KLCC and Kinokuniya is always my first stop whenever I’m at the mall. All the imported magazines has been rather boring for the past few months one year and local magazine on the other hand has been quite interesting. It’s good because local magazine is way more affordable than imported magazine 😀 . I was surprised to stumble upon ELLE Hong Kong February 2014 that comes with a Paul & Joe Clutch Pouch as it’s already March. I have to buy it as it’s a Paul & Joe and I thought it’s “ong” (Chinese saying for lucky) to carry something with horse print on it lol. I mean how often do you encounter a clutch pouch with horse print on it right? Right?

Elle Hong Kong X Paul & Joe Clutch Pouch 1
The magazine is retailing for RM28.90. It has Carkit price label on it still so I suppose they are the distributor or something? The clutch pouch was a love at first sight. I can’t read Chinese at all. I thought it comes with a few angpao packets judging from the blurb sticker and card at the back. The pouch is placed on top of the magazine so I took my time choosing it.

Elle Hong Kong X Paul & Joe Clutch Pouch 2
If only the pouch wasn’t glued on to the square horse print card because it is so pretty. I could have frame it and hang it in my room.

Elle Hong Kong X Paul & Joe Clutch Pouch 3
Since I can’t read Chinese at all, I thought I’m getting a multicase but it turns out to be just a clutch pouch. It is still a nice pouch so I’m quite happy with it. More rooms for notes, receipts and even my phone.

Oh remember that I said I thought there’s a few angpao packets in it as well? It turns out to be just an illustration for the pouch *&%$%^*. The pouch is meant for users to bring it during Chinese New Year house visiting to store all the angpaos collected. If only I can read Chinese…

Elle Hong Kong X Paul & Joe Clutch Pouch 4
Multicase pouch used to be quite hard to wait for. Then all magazine started to bombard with multicase and I wasn’t liking what I see so I didn’t buy any of it. LeSportSac was my first multicase pouch (also my first Mook and my first Japanese magazine buy) and it is the best buy of all. The quality is just like retail version. I have another multicase – HbG and it was so well loved that it spoilt. Throw that away a few months ago. Now I’m left with these 🙂

Elle Hong Kong X Paul & Joe Clutch Pouch 5
Next magazine haul would be a Japanese magazine of May 2014 issue that comes with Coach trial brush kit and a brush pouch. I’ve placed my reservation and now patiently waiting for the magazine to arrive in another one month time 😉


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  • Cool pouch indeed! Love the horse print and the pink lining is so sweet. The pouch is spacious and just nice to be a lunch mate. If it came as multicase that will be surely be the bomb! Haha you always have eyes and good taste in magazine haul. I am amazed by the freebies that comes with the magazines.

    • I should have know well it’s not going to be multicase judging from the price. It’s too good to be true haha. All I can think of is “why so cheap”? Should have bring mum along to read all the Chinese words for me lol

      • Lol lol. Banana syndrome – you have a friend in me 😉 Oh yes, Karina Lau on the cover is tantalizing too! The horse print is unique and classic and won’t be out of season. Hehe, you have landed a timeless piece. Funny that because we cannot read Chinese, when we see graphics and lotsa Chinese descriptions with an exclamation mark or two, our mind goes wild and imaginative like oh, there’s the angpao and also this and that. Haha, I go through the same too 🙂

        • Exactly! I keep deliberate if the angpao packets there is for real and I thought hey, they won’t simply put there if it’s not included lol. But then again, it’s less than RM30 so I suppose it’s not an expensive risk to take 🙂

  • Oh, was there any more stock when you bought it? I saw this online somewhere and was on the look out for it but I went to Kinokuniya like two weeks ago but didn’t see it. 🙁

    It’s not that I consider it ‘ong’ or not, I just think the print is very pretty and from afar, it just looks like a nice pattern. 😀 If you think you are banana, I am even more banana than you! My parent’s didn’t even bother to give me a Chinese name! 😛

    • Yes, there was around 8 copies left. I think the stock just came in last week 🙂 . I like the print too. I thought it’s very unique. Plus I don’t own any horsey stuff so I’m so happy with this one 🙂 . Oh wow your parents are so cool! Mine are like super conservative 🙁

  • serious my jaw drop, so cute!!

    • Go buy Sherry. Still available at Kinokuniya 🙂

  • I want the trial brush kit!! Going to make my eyes open during May!!

    • I’ll keep you posted on the magazine too 😉

  • Hi Fiona!

    Do you mind sharing the title of the Magazine please?

    Thanks heaps!

    • I prefer not to not because I’m selfish but I want to see the real stuff first before recommending. I wouldn’t want anyone of you to get a badly manufactured product. Usually Kinokuniya stock up on these magazines especially when there’s Coach involved. I’m getting my magazine soon. I’ll post up an update in the blog when I do. Just hang on.


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