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Hollywood’s backstage secret – GLAMGLOW Youthmud and GLAMGLOW Supermud changed the way I look at mud mask treatment altogether (Part 1)

You know how Hollywood celebrities get an instant camera ready skin in just 10-minutes? Well, I have no idea at all until I get to know GLAMGLOW upclose a few weeks ago when I spot the brand on shelf at Sephora KLCC. I also found out that all American Idol contestants and even Dancing With The Stars contestants is using GLAMGLOW mud mask treatment backstage before going on stage. You have no idea how huge GLAMGLOW is in the States. It’s a big thing there. Aren’t we glad that we can now get our hands on the highly raved GLAMGLOW here in Malaysia eh?

I’ve tried, tested and used all three GLAMGLOW Youthmud, GLAMGLOW Supermud and GLAMGLOW Brightmud for a good one month now. Let me warn you ahead that this review post is going to be picture heavy (because I need to show you how awesome it is) and words heavy. I’ll try to talk less so that it is easier for you. Just make yourself a cup of tea or coffee before you start reading on 🙂

GlamGlow 7
Oh and something unexpected happened. I was whisked to an exclusive media preview event just one month ago. I’ve actually booked myself three media event for that particular day and I was glad to make it for this GLAMGLOW preview event early morning. I didn’t realize that I’ll be meeting both the Co-Founders and CEO’s of GLAMGLOW. I’ve only seen their pictures on the product pamphlet and website so imagine my surprise when I get to meet Glenn and Shannon Dellimore face to face. I was like “hey, that’s Glenn and Shannon from GLAMGLOW website” 😀 . Website because I vividly remember about them after reading from GLAMGLOW website.

Glenn told us about how both of them started GLAMGLOW. Their success story is amazingly inspiring to me. I feel their energy, their determination and their hard work. Makes me want to jump up and start stirring ingredients in my kitchen 🙂 . I wish I can type out the whole story here but it’s going to be very long. Here’s the summary I pick up from GLAMGLOW website. You can read more at http://www.glamglowmud.com/about/

A few friends where gathered together at Glenn & Shannon’s home in the Hollywood Hills overlooking Los Angeles, when an actor friend commented that he could not find a product that made his skin instantly camera ready, instantly reducing pores, instantly dealing with sun damage, instantly dealing with fine lines, instantly producing a noticeable glow that would last for days.

This became a topic of conversation with Glenn & Shannon Dellimore and the other three actors at the house. The verdict was unanimous, there was no convenient easy-to-use skincare product specifically designed for immediate and instant camera-ready skin.

GlamGlow 35
Before I start, let me refresh your mind again on what is GLAMGLOW exactly. In a nutshell, GLAMGLOW is a mud mask treatment. It was originally created for the exclusive professional backstage use in Hollywood for Glenn and Shannon’s actor friends. If you’ve read how Glenn and Shannon started the product and brand, you will know that only in 2011, GLAMGLOW is made available to consumers worldwide. Before this it was just for their actor friends who need a 10-minutes instantly camera ready, instantly reducing pores, instantly dealing with sun damage, instantly dealing with fine lines, instantly producing a noticeable glow use only. GLAMGLOW is known for it’s fast-acting and innovative mud treatment that combine real pieces of leaf. Combine the formula with high-end technology and you’ll get an instant, visible results.

GlamGlow 36

GlamGlow 37


GLAMGLOW® Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment (RM240 / 50g)

GLAMGLOW Youthmud is the first product created by Glenn and Shannon Dellimore. Originally created for their actor friends, Youthmud is also popular among celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus, Ryan Seacrest, Natalie Portman and Giuliana Rancic, just to name a few.

The key ingredients for GLAMGLOW is mud from France’s Mediterranean Sea, ancient volcanic pumice rock and minerals and real tea leaf pieces, which was patented as TEAOXI®, a groundbreaking patent time-release technology. From real pieces of tea leafs in the product, TEAOXI® technology helps to delivers a blend of time-release antioxidants containing fresh Super-Squalene, EGCG Super-Antioxidants and Polyphenols directly into the mud. Although Youthmud is designed to be used for 10-minutes for an instant result, users will also notice a 3-day glow by stimulating the skin’s collagen synthesis.

GlamGlow Youthmud 1
GLAMGLOW product name all ends with the word “mud” so GLAMGLOW Youthmud or “the black one” as many call it, comes in a jar. Some may not think it’s convenient or hygienic for the product to be in a jar but I happen to like it this way. Youthmud is quite pricey so if it’s in a jar I get to control the amount I’m using and I get to scrap every last bit of the mud out. Okay. I lied. This is my favourite mask of all so I would want to scrap every last bit out 😀

GlamGlow Youthmud 2
Youthmud is my favourite because I like the tingle sensation, the cooling sensation and of course how can I resist that soothing green tea scent. Bear in mind this is a mud mask so don’t freak out if you see the mask resemble mud. I do get people telling me on a photo of me with Youthmud on that I posted on Facebook a few weeks ago that the mud mask on my face looks dry. It’s not just any mud you get from the river side. This mud has gone through cleaning and processing to make sure it is safe to have on the face. Between Youthmud and Supermud, somehow I feel that I can see more tea leafs in Youthmud. Not that I’m complaining since I love green tea very much. I’m not going to do a swatch of the mask because you will get to see all the mask on my face later on 🙂

Here’s a summary on the key ingredients benefits to our skin:

  • French Sea Clay – Gives the skin a tingle sensation and trigger a 12-hours of collagen synthesis.
  • Volcanic Pumice Rock & Minerals – Detoxifies and awaken skin.
  • Green Tea Leafs – To brighten complexion, protects the skin against free-radicals, hydrates the skin and balances oil production.

GlamGlow Youthmud 3

GlamGlow Youthmud 4


GLAMGLOW® Supermud Clearing Treatment (RM240 / 34g)

GLAMGLOW Supermud or “the white one”, as the name suggest was designed to treat blemishes, zits, breakouts, black & white heads, razor bumps, ingrown hair and reduces pore size, all within minutes. Glenn told us that it is because of Jennifer Lopez who suffer for occasional breakout asked Glenn if they have anything for zits. Glenn said no and Jennifer Lopez said he should make one. So that’s how it all begin. Supermud is the world’s most scientifically advanced treatment to target, prevent and heal from the skin’s inside out.

GlamGlow Supermud 1
Supermud is clinically developed for men and women to help fight all common skin concerns. It can be used as a full face mask or as a spot treatment whenever needed. This wonder-in-a-jar contain GLAMGLOW’s new ACNECIDIC-6™, a proprietary 6-acid AHA & BHA blend for fast results. The main cause of problematic skin is sebum oils and congested pores. BHA Acids penetrate into the main problems and fix it while AHA Acids seep into the skin to restore photo damage, improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of hyper pigmentation. Glenn and Shannon source for the best ingredients to form Supermud and their chemist told them that it will be very costly to do so but they insist. So now Supermud containt 6-different types of acid – Glycolic, Lactic, Salicylic, Mandelic, Azelaic and Pyruvic Acids.

GlamGlow Supermud 2
My first trial of Supermud is when I was handed a sachet sample from Sephora. I used it all over my face and I still feel that Youthmud suits me better because of the tingle sensation and the green tea. Yes, I was blindsided with those two. However the more I used Youthmud, the more I understand it’s function and the more I love it. The attraction of GLAMGLOW to me is the pieces of tea leafs.

Supermud is well-known because it has PORE-MATRX™ with deep Activated-X Charcoal and K17-Clay that extracts 500-times of bacteria, sebum oils and toxins. Just like Youthmud, Supermud also contain TEAOXI® Technology that deliver daily fresh natural Eucalyptus, natural linalook and powerful flavonoids directly into the formula. All this is derived from the real pieces of Eucalyptus Leaf in the Supermud.

GLAMGLOW Supermud is more complex than Youthmud. To help you understand better on the function of the key ingredients, here’s a summary:

  • ACNECIDIC-6™ – A perfectly balanced 6-types of acid blend for faster results.
  • PORE-MATRIX™ – To extract and encapsulate bacterias, excess sebum oils and toxins.
  • Eucalyptus Leaf – To heal, hydrate and balances oil production of the skin.

GlamGlow Supermud 3

GlamGlow Supermud 4
Here comes the most interesting part of this review. I’ll show you how GLAMGLOW Youthmud and Supermud works and how I incorporate both mud mask into my weekly facial treatment. I must admit I get a little bit confuse with both mask and their respective function. I always think that mud mask is only to be applied all over the face. GLAMGLOW mud mask treatment can be used as full face mask, spot treatment (Supermud) or even partial face mask. During the media preview event, we were all treated to a spa treatment and were given the opportunity to try Youthmud and Supermud on. The therapist applied Supermud on the T-zone area, while Youthmud on every other part of the face. This gives me an idea on how to incorporate both GLAMGLOW mud mask at home. It’s the perfect way for me so far.

Here’s the Before photo. I have a bit of pimples popping out here and there.

GlamGlow 8
I usually start my mud mask treatment with GLAMGLOW Supermud on my nose area. Why is this so? As mentioned earlier, Supermud contain Pore-Matrix™ with Activated-X Charcoal & New K17-Clay™ for deep pore vacuum extraction. It would be the best choice for my nose and inner cheeks area.

Before anything else, I will use a brush to mix the product well. I would suggest using a mask brush to apply because it is recommended to apply a thin layer in one direction, which is hard to achieve with fingers. But since I don’t have any mask brush with me, I’m using a flat top foundation brush as a tool to apply Supermud on. Absolutely love the pieces of leaf on the face. That’s what makes the mask unique.

Despite being a mud mask, the product itself is not even close to being dry. In the jar it’s quite runny and feels smooth. I would say that it’s one hassle-free application due to the texture.

GlamGlow 9
I finish off the whole face with a thin layer of GLAMGLOW Youthmud all over. The mud mask dries down pretty quickly so I would need to work faster but maintaining the one direction application and uniform thickness. By the time I’m done, some part of my face has already dries up.

Youthmud is named as Tinglexfoliate Treatment because of the tingle sensation it gave the skin. It is just a mild tingle don’t worry. The tingle sensation means the mask is working. I was told that each person will experience a different level of tingle. Mine was just a mild one for the first few minutes. After that it’s all cooling sensation on the face. I can really fell asleep with inhaling all the the green tea scent.

GlamGlow 10

GlamGlow 11

GlamGlow 12

GlamGlow 13

GlamGlow 14

GlamGlow 15
What you can see here is the dots of PORE-MATRIX™ on my nose. BHA Acids penetrates into the sebum oil and unclog the pores. The mask will continue to extract for as long as I have the mask on. It’s amazing to see the mask changes and extract the whole process. But this is just the beginning.

GlamGlow 16
This is where the mask was about 95% dries up. It’s quite fast. I have it on for less than 10 minutes. If you apply thicker than what I applied on, it will take a longer time naturally. Those dots you see is pieces of tea leafs. It will take a longer time for the tea leaf to dries up as it’s thicker.

GlamGlow 17
As I was waiting for the whole face mask to dries up, the PORE-MATRIX™ from Supermud continue to extract. At this point of time my nose area is a complete mess! Ugly I know. But it’s a happy sight to see all the dirt extracted out. Not only my nose but my inner cheeks. The pores there is larger. PORE-MATRIX™ is also working on that area. Supermud will help to reduce the large pore appearance later on.

GlamGlow 18
Sorry I just have to…

GlamGlow 19
… show you my nose 😛

GlamGlow 20
Okay, and here’s the complete look on a fully dries down mask. It took more or less about 10 minutes. Both GLAMGLOW Youthmud and Supermud goes on black but dries down to white. When it’s white it means it has dries up and you can remove it.

GlamGlow 21

GlamGlow 22

GlamGlow 23

GlamGlow 24

GlamGlow 25

GlamGlow 26

GlamGlow 27

GlamGlow 28
GLAMGLOW mud mask treatment also provides a gentle exfoliation. All this exfoliation is done during removing process. All I need to do is to wet a part of my face and then gentle remove the mask in circular motion. This gentle resurfacing exfoliation will leave the skin smoother, brighter, softer, tighter skin texture and tighter pores.

GlamGlow 29
And here’s my face the After.

GlamGlow 30
Let me show you what Supermud have done to my nose area. Bear in mind this is just the first treatment. It’s an instant result as claimed.

My nose is obviously smoother, pores is also tighter on my inner cheeks and nose. Amazing!

GlamGlow 31
Here’s the Before and After photo. The pimples on my right, just below my lips is also less red than before.

GlamGlow 32
I actually have a large pimple on my right jaw but I forgot to do a spot treatment above. The pimple doesn’t subside so I did a spot treatment the next day using Supermud and the pimple just shrink down after I remove the mask. My jaw dropped to my knee and I have to bang my head on the wall because I didn’t take any photo of it. So regret of that until today.

Kamsiah, my friend also bought GLAMGLOW Youthmud a few weeks ago after trying out at Sephora Sunway Pyramid and she’s loving it. I only knew how powerful GLAMGLOW is after trying out the samples. I have to admit it is a bit pricey especially now that I’m not working. Otherwise I would not have to think twice splurging on GLAMGLOW. As pricey as it may seems, I am also amazed at how GLAMGLOW sells by itself at Sephora. I’ve seen customers dropping the mask into their shopping cart even without any BA around. That shows how huge GLAMGLOW influence is. Many people are confuse on which mask suits their skin. Well, Youthmud will suits all skin type. Or you can use both mud mask like how I did earlier. But if you have really bad problematic skin, you will need Supermud instead.

Initially I wanted to review all three GLAMGLOW product but it’s getting really lengthy so I’ve decided to do a part two review, which is going to be the third GLAMGLOW product – Brightmud Eye Treatment. Keep an eye on Part 2! Before I end, here’s some photos of Glenn, Shannon and myself taken during GLAMGLOW media preview event last month 😀

GlamGlow 38

GlamGlow 39
Would I repurchase any of the GLAMGLOW mud mask treatment once I ran out? It would be a definite yes! I’m trying so hard not to use it on every other day so that I don’t ran out of it. This has been my favourite go-to wash off mask as of to date. I have kept every other mask aside and all I could think of is Youthmud. Now excuse me as I need to get more freelance job to earn more money to buy GLAMGLOW 😀


GLAMGLOW® is now available at all Sephora outlets nationwide.

+ GLAMGLOW Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment – RM240 / 50g
+ GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment – RM240 / 34g
+ GLAMGLOW Brightmud Eye Treatment – RM240 / 12g

Website: http://www.glamglowmud.com/


Disclaimer: Press sample. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Do you use any serum or moisturiser thereafter? I have combination-dry skin. Will this suits me?

    • Actually not all the time, since I have oily skin. If you have normal, combination to dry skin you can follow up with your favourite serum or moisturizer. I usually only apply my skin care before bed 🙂

      Youthmud will suits all skin type, including yours. If you feel your skin is dry after rinsing, just apply skin care on.

  • Very interesting product! But yes, very pricey.

    • It’s worth the price you pay 😀 . One jar can last a lot of application. A little goes a long way 😉

  • I bought Youthmud a few months ago too. Does yours get harden and with funky smell? Not that mine does. I just happen to read some people experience this mishaps.

    • Hi Kristin, long time didn’t see you here. I absolutely love love love Youthmud. I’m always into wash off mask. Mud mask is like the best product for my oily skin to detox. No mine is still very fresh, watery and smells as good as a cup of tea. Here is hot and humid. I don’t think it will harden lol

  • i.am.tempted!!!!

    • Looks intriguing right? 😀

  • Nice pictures of you with Glenn and Shannon 🙂 Very interesting product and I believe it will work very well for those with oily skin. Do you remove your mask with a wash cloth or just water? I am currently using Origins Charcoal mask once a month as a facialist informed me that mud/charcoal masks should only be used 1-2 times a month as it can really dry out my combination-normal skin. I did get a few spots after using this mask eventhough I have used it for a very long time. So not sure if this GlamGlow mask would be suitable for my skin. Will be waiting for your review on the Brightmud Eye Treatment 🙂

    • Hi Victoria, oh yeah. Both of them are fun to hang out with. They are very humble and friendly. They wanted to flip me upside down for the fun post but I wasn’t up to it lol. GlamGlow does works well with oily skin, like my skin. I never find it too dry. I remove my mask exactly like how I describe in the review – by wetting the mask and exfoliate. It is meant to remove this way. But if you have dry skin I suppose you can use muslin cloth.

      Youthmud contain Green Tea leaf that provides hydration to the skin. The mud itself is not dry actually. The only dry part is when the mask harden. It’s just like every other mud mask. I’ve heard a lot of benefit of using mud mask even before GlamGlow existed even on colder countries.

  • People with Trypophobia will never dare to read this post!! This is like the only way you can see where’s your pore so clearly right? Interesting products but I will try it later when I work. Just too pricey but I guess good quality products always come with a price right.

    • Haha it’s therapeutic at the same time! This way I can see the product work it’s magic.The more longer I leave it on, the more messy my nose is. No rush. Pricey no doubt. This mask is addictive. I’m half way down Youthmud and I’m freaking out. Need to find money lol

  • I want this !! But the price is too costly >.<

    • Hmmm. If you use it once a week, I think can last you for 3 months minimum?

  • Wow! Interesting that you managed to take several shots while you were waiting for the mud to dry up 🙂 good review on a good product!

    • Oh yeah. All done in a fast mode. First attempt failed. This is my 2nd attempt. So stressful because the mask dries down so fast.

  • thank u for this demo and the helpful tips. now, you make me wana use my new Supermud i bought 3 months ago, if only i saw this review earlier.

    • You bought Supermud? Yay! Oh please use it asap. If you keep for too long, it will dry up a bit and the color changes a bit too.

      • i still have other masks to finish, but i think i cant wait to use it, maybe this week .. with a brush. if i saw your post earlier, i would have bought the Youthmud instead. its slighty cheaper in Sephora Singapore. the BA kept persuading me to buy it instead of Mario Badescu skincare. When i saw how many awards this mask won, i had to buy it.

        • BA didn’t recommend wrong product to you. I’d choose this over Mario Badescu. I love Youthmud! It has a green tea scent that I love loveeee a lot. Plus it’s exfoliating when you remove it but many people don’t fancy Youthmud over Supermud as they didn’t see any changes with their skin. I saw that Sephora have this special pack that comes with a miniature 🙂

          • i used Supermud on the nose (like u hehe) and Clarins Pure & Radiant Mask on the other areas. wow… my pores shrunk, even after few days. and its sooo cooling. does Youthmud smell better than Supermud? i do not like Supermud’s herbal scent but the smell doesn’t stay long.
            o i saw Sephora’s promo on the free miniature and i was so very tempted. but i think i wanna test it in the long run to see if it really works. also i am scared it may dry up.

          • Youthmud is green tea scent while Supermud smells more of Eucalyptus Leaf, the tea leafs in the mask. Personally I prefer Youthmud. Try sniffing at Sephora 😀
            It will not dry if it’s new in the tub. Once it’s opened then it might dry up a bit. Mine gets drier as I get to the bottom.

  • I ❤️ Youthmud! Been using for a month now & I am so in love with my skin

    • I love YouthMud too! I always say it’s my most favourite of all 🙂


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