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Review: Daiso Detergent For Puff and Sponge Clean Your Sponge in 1-Minute

If you are a compact powder or foundation user I guess you ought to know that you need to wash your sponge when it’s dirty. Or should I say when the powder no longer stick to the sponge or your face look cakey after application? For me I will wash my sponge when I see that the powder on the sponge is all cramped together. When I see that it means it’s time for a bath time.

Ever since I discovered Daiso 2 years ago, saw this Daiso Detergent For Puff and Sponge on the shelve and bought a bottle home…I never look back. I had repurchase so many times since then that I lost count on how many bottles I’ve used up. I have no reason to. It’s cheap and affordable for all income level plus it’s really that good. How cheap is cheap? Everyone know Daiso sells everything for RM5 each! Yes RM5!

Daiso Detergent1
The bottle design is kept simple and easy to use. Totally hassle free. Just flip the cap and pour and pour and pour.

Daiso Detergent2
Most of the product sold in Daiso are made and imported from Japan. Which explains the Japanese wording on the back of the bottle. But fret not. Daiso Detergent For Puff and Sponge is one of the handful products in Daiso that has English instruction printed on it.

One thing I don’t understand is that the instruction stated that the detergent are to be used on a dry sponge. I find that dry sponge are harder to wash and clean. But I always pour onto a dry sponge first and emulsify the detergent with a rinse of water after that.

Daiso Detergent3
The detergent is quite runny and watery so please be alert when you’re squeezing the bottle while pouring out to your sponge. As I mentioned before I pour onto a dry sponge as per instruction. Then I’d emulsify with a rinse of water. The powder will just comes off the sponge in a jiffy. I’d pour more detergent as needed until the sponge is completely clean and white.

The only thing I don’t like is the smell. It may smell okay to most people but it smells weird to me heh! I don’t know how to explain the smell but it’s not as smelly as Elizabeth Arden capsule serum LOL!!!

Daiso Detergent4
Here’s the result. A squeaky clean sponge just like a new one.

Daiso Detergent5
For RM5 a bottle this is a gem. It’s not often I can find a detergent just for puff and sponge so this is a keeper. It does what it promise and performed way better than expected.

I’m aware that some people use this detergent to clean their makeup brushes. Well, I don’t. I stick to what was stated on the bottle which is for puff and sponge. I have other cleanser for makeup brushes :). There’s nothing wrong using this for brushes. You actually can do that. I just choose not to.

Have you tried the detergent before? If not you should pay a visit to Daiso. There is lots of other discovery there too. Just bring more money!

Daiso Detergent For Puff and Sponge is available at all Daiso outlet.
Price: RM5 for 80ml


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • hahah, this is so affortable and great! never come across this >< i normally always use the bathing soap to clean my soap and brush one LOL

    • Soap is okay for brush but sponge harder to clean.

  • Thanks for sharing!!! =) I normally use Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo and conditioner for my brushes and sponges!

    • Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo works too don’t worry. I only use J&J to deep clean my brushes 🙂

  • i still use this to clean my brushes despite some of the bloggers reported brushes became dry/stiff… coz i dilute it a lot… hahaha…i like how clean it can clean the brushes..and my lunasol brush is still as soft as ever!
    ps:by the way, the shiseido foundie brush is a pain to clean ( interestingly, when i asked the sa during purchase, she recommend to clean once every two weeks… and use tissues to clean in between

    • Yeap it can be used to clean brushes. Your Shiseido SA and mine taught both of us different way to clean it lol

  • Good idea! thanks for sharing! will definitely get a bottle to clean my sponge [usually, i just discard the sponge 🙁 ]

    • I used to discard too cause it’s hard to wash off all the foundation but find that a waste.

  • Thanks for sharing ! Im using daiso too for my puff and brush^^

    • I used to use this strictly for the puff only. Now I’m using it for the brushes as well. It get rid of all the makeup stains so well!


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