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“Sorry” Products aka Beauty Products That Didn’t Work – Part 2

Oh yes, my favourite topic to talk about – Products That Didn’t Work. Following my first edition of “Sorry” Products aka Beauty Products That Didn’t Work, this would be the second installment of the topic. Actually I’ve totally forgotten about this 😛 otherwise I’d have quite a number of products to talk about. I’ve threw away some products and I can only find these at the moment. Rest assured. There bound to be a 3rd installment 😛

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Let’s see what do we have here. Not much though, just four products that just doesn’t work for me. As I always said, take what you’re reading here with a pinch of salt. You might find it to work on you beautifully 😀

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Sponge Brush (RM6.90)

Okay I admit. I bought this sponge brush thingymajig from Mr. DIY because it looks cute and the price is not too expensive for me to experiment with. I’ve seen this tool around especially from Ecotools and that is slightly more expensive (USD5.99). There is two different sponge type available – one with pointy top and another one with flat top. I find the sponge to be a bit too hard and dense for me to bounce it on my face. The product doesn’t absorb into the sponge for a flawless application so I ended up with blotchy finishing. Because it is so hard, I torn the sponge on the sponge a bit during application and further damage is done during washing. In conclusion, don’t waste your money on this. You can get a pretty decent sponge applicator that is soft and works well for the same price.

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NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (RM26)

This has got to be one of the highly raved product from NYX, which is why I too jumped onto the ‘SMLC’ bandwagon. If you recall my review at this link, I totally regretted getting two of these. I still am! Just recently I took it out again to use, thinking it might be better this time since my lips are well-moisturized lately. I guess I was being naive. I have no issue with it going on oh so buttery smooth but it’s the finishing that I don’t like. It dries down completely matte, light weight as I don’t feel anything on my lips but once I take a look on the mirror, I looked like I have a 80 years old grandma lips. It dries down matte AND at the same time tighten my lips all together giving it a very wrinkly look. It’s surprising to me how much this lippie changed the overall texture and look of my original lips. And it still cracks on me. After I slap on some lip gloss, I felt soooo much better. Oh well, I don’t buy a matte lipstick just to apply a gloss over it. I might as well use a gloss! It’s a fail for me.

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Daiso Makeup Brush Cleanser (RM5)

This is a rare product that I encounter at a very small Daiso The Mines Shopping outlet. I’ve been to the same outlet so many times and I’ve never seen this. Plus they only left this one bottle. I bought it knowing that Daiso does produce fairly good product for the RM5 price tag. If this is good, I might not need to purchase my favourite MAC Brush Cleanser! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work a bit. The instruction on the back stated to pour the cleanser into a container and dip the brush in the solution thoroughly then circle the brush on the palm to remove dirt before rinsing with water. Nope. Brush still dirty. I’ve even tried pouring onto kitchen towel and run the brush on it and it still fails to get rid of the dirt from the brush. This is basically like a miceller cleansing water. It doesn’t foams up or whatsoever, which I don’t mind providing I can clean the brush for next day use. I still think MAC Brush Cleanser is the best spot cleaning solution and it’s not that expensive.

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Hair Scissors (RM3.90)

I probably shouldn’t complain about this because afterall it only cost RM3.90 eh? But nah, I would want you to know so that you don’t make the same mistake lol. Last week I wanted to cut my own fringe/bangs. I’m used to cutting my own fringe with normal hair scissors but I don’t know why I wanted a rigged scissors that is commonly used to thin hair volume for the ends of my fringe. I went to Mr. DIY because it’s cheaper than Daiso. This doesn’t work because nothing was ‘cut’ and I can’t even pull it out from my hair. Usually you can snip + pull with the expensive scissors but this one, nope. You can’t. The most important is… there was probably a few strands of hair that the scissors managed to cut through? lol. It’s really hilarious.

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This is what happen when you have too much time on hand and feeling adventurous at the same time 🙂 . I’ve no regrets for purchasing the abovementioned products except for NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream because I have high hopes on it. The rest doesn’t cost a lot of money except for causing unnecessary inconvenience.

Is there any recent purchase that didn’t work for you? I certainly hope you are more lucky than me but if you are someone who like to try and test new products, this bound to happen right?


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  • My daiso brush cleanser is my HG!! But it comes in different bottle (pink bottle). My white blush brush will always look like new after every washing :))

  • LOL at the grandma lips comment, lately I’ve seen so many bad reviews for it >.< Thank god I didn't buy it! I do agree that MAC brush cleanser is seriously gooooood but the alcohol smell quite bad for me eh? This daiso brush cleanser smells so much better that the detergent for sponge but cleans so slow. I put in on palm and slowly swirl my brush on my palm, takes ages to clean but ok results. The detergent for sponge smells quite bad for me and my brushes doesnt feel as soft ady! :'(

    • Surprisingly NYX SLMC is a favourite among all. It feel so rubbery on the lips despite being lightweight. MAC Brush Cleanser doesn’t give me the alcohol smell though. I agree with you on Daiso Detergent for Sponge. It’s not meant for brushes so it’s quite harsh. In long run, it will dries up the bristle. Try Dove Beauty Bar. It doesn’t a fairly good job (not superb), smells good and brush feels soft 😀

  • LOL that stupid scissors! Well it’s just RM 3.90 so okay lah~ That sponge brush looks so funny! I have never seen anything like this before (maybe it’s just me being sakai haha)

    • It’s actually quite funny though. I bought the scissor a day before, woke up from nap and straight away went to cut my hair. I finally finish the job with a normal hair scissors. Thank god I didn’t go for Daiso one. RM3.90 is ok la 😀
      The sponge is very unique. Thought I would try but the handle makes the gripping a tough job to do. I prefer normal sponge 🙂

  • Hahahahaha can’t stop laughing at the hair scissor and grandma lips! The NYX one is selling like hotcake in instashop. Have you tried the Butter Gloss?^^

    • Hair scissor is epic I tell ya. I can’t understand what’s the hype about NYX SMLC. It’s the worse matte lipstick ever. In fact that it’s marketed as “soft matte” makes it even worse. Any FULL MATTE lipstick is better than this one that’s for sure.

  • I have to say, I dislike matte lipsticks in general and will usually fix one up with some gloss if I have to wear one. I have to wear matte sometimes because I bought them in a sale etc and need to use them up or waste them. This includes the matte lip balm by Revlon which I like but maybe wish they weren’t so matte.

    The Daiso Sponge and Puff is amazing. Really made my life easier and when you mentioned this new Brush Cleaner version in a previous post, I started looking out for it. Looks like I don’t have to now. That bad, eh?

    • I’m very into matte lipstick. I like the non-sticky feeling when I press my lips together. Revlon matte lip balm is alright. Surprisingly it’s not dry on my lips. But it settles into every.single.fine.lines and chapped lips. My fav is still Burberry Lip Velvet.

      Daiso Detergent for Sponge and Puff is good. I still have the smell of it. Yucky! Oh yes, don’t bother buying the Brush Cleanser. It’s not going to be as easy or effective as the detergent.


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