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“Sorry” Products aka Beauty Products That Didn’t Work – Part 1

I have always been lucky with most skin care and makeup products. I’m born with a skin that suits every skin care range from hydrating to whitening to brightening as well as anti-aging, which I felt blessed with despite having a not so perfect complexion. While I have been introducing you to beauty products that are good and works on me, I however do stumble upon highly raved products that does not do a bit good on my skin as claimed.

I had a beauty stash spring cleaning early January so I have thrown away most of the not-so-good products but I kept these three products.

Beauty Products That Did Not Work 1


Hiruscar Post Acne Gel For Acne Scar and Dark Marks

Oh man. This Hiruscar product is epic I tell you. You have no idea how many times Hiruscar people said I talk bad about their gel but heck, I bought it with my money and it really does not work on me so I’m not going to lie to my readers saying it works like a magic!

Anyway, this Hiruscar Post Acne Gel For Acne Scar and Dark Marks could be a hit or a miss product for different individual. Some of my friends experience a good lightening effect while some said it doesn’t work on them. For some reason my skin’s reaction towards the gel is a bit different. Not only it doesn’t work with lightening my acne marks, for some weird reason I experienced a series of breakout. Take my experience on the gel with a pinch of salt. We all have different skin type and allergic reaction towards certain products.

Beauty Products That Did Not Work 2
Oh look. The nozzle tip just melted off and broke when I took this out for a photo. Now it’s in the trash bin.

Beauty Products That Did Not Work 3


Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray

Urban Decay is a personal favourite brand and their makeup setting spray range is a favourite among everyone too. I have tried their previous setting spray and I’m not too fond with it because it doesn’t control oil as claimed. So when Urban Decay relaunched their makeup setting spray and came up with different type and so on, I jumped right in and bought the Oil-Control version. I think this setting spray would probably work better on normal to maybe combination skin type in Malaysia because this spray did nothing on my combination to oily skin. It doesn’t set my makeup, instead it melts off my setting powder and it certainly doesn’t control oil sebum on me.

Again, this could be a hit or miss product for different individual. Now I just need to mist my hearts out to finish the bottle. Thank goodness I bought the trial size bottle 😛

Beauty Products That Did Not Work 4


Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Another cult product that was highly raved by every corner around the world in the beauty scene. I have tried almost all Clarins products except for Super Restorative range which is meant for very mature skin but yet no BA ever sell me this. I have some Metrojaya voucher to spend and I was introduced with this Beauty Flash Balm by my friend at Clarins counter. This product is not famous here in Malaysia. I suppose no one knew what it is for eh?

So what is this for? I was told it’s a makeup primer. Most people from colder country use this before makeup and they claim this instantly brighten, moisturize and wakes up their skin. Initially I did use this as primer and I can still vividly remember two of my bosses commented that I looked “tan” and they ask me if I apply bronzer all over my face. It turns out Beauty Flash Balm oxidize my makeup making me 3-4 tone darker. I tested out the product for a few days in a row and the result is all the same. I have darker face comparing to the rest of my body. I can conclude that this product is not suitable on combination to oily skin.

Not knowing what else to do with this product, I am now using it as a quick 10 minutes mask. On a brighter note, I do see instant brightening result after that but because this is so costly to use as a quick mask, I only use it whenever I remember I have a tube. Pathetic I know.

Beauty Products That Did Not Work 5
Do you have a “sorry” beauty products to share? Do spill the beans so that I don’t waste my money on it 😀


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  • for me, almost all scar gels/creams break me out. The worst for me isn’t Hiiruscar, it’s the OXY one.

    • Whoa. I have better luck with Oxy. I just bought my 4th tube!

      • Hi it’s great,but what About teeth crame? Haw can I please now if it’s expired?for example odol,calgonte,sensodine?thank you so much

        • If it’s expired just throw it to the bin. Simple.

  • if product doesn’t work, i just stop buying them.

    • Definitely. I throw and will not buy anymore. But of course you will only know if it works or not after first buy 🙂

  • Bio-essence Acne Clearing Gel.
    No effect at all lol…
    I didn’t buy it; it was a gift…
    But I guess you wouldn’t buy any Bio-essence 😉

    Nixoderm works much better for acne, lol…

    • You know me well haha. Wouldn’t spend money on them at all LOL. I heard about Nixoderm before. Way better than Bio-Essence lol

  • you give me an idea on what post to write! i laughed at the last image of that hiruscar, boleh pulak tercabut XD about that Urban Decay spray, i read mixed reviews about it. still contemplating whether to buy or not >.<

    • Too acidy kot, until the nozzle melted and tercabut lol
      It’s RM49. Not cheap though. You can buy mine 😛

  • OMG that Hiruscar so nasty. I use Oxy thanks to your recommendation. It works faster on new mark but older mark will take some time. It does lighten therefore I’m quite happy with it!!

    • Yea, melted off the nozzle just like that. I didn’t even touch it for months. Regarding Oxy, yes. New marks are so much faster but I’m not giving up on older and darker marks. I am very patience with it cause I know it works. There’s improvement week by week. I just bought my 4th tube 😉

  • Ugh for me, it’s most of the Avene products with the exception of the spring water and the Cleanance face wash gel! 🙁 Last year, I went for one of their workshops which was how I got introduced to the brand and after using a range of their complete skincare, within hours I got such a bad breakout all over my skin. But I did buy the two products I mentioned above and as I tried them after, they didn’t cause any reaction. So I figured it must have been from one of the other products I used that day. Then last week I went for another of their workshops and this time I used a different range on my skin. Oh boy. :'( Now my face is littered with new breakout scars! So my conclusion is that I won’t be using any more of Avene’s products other than the water and face wash gel.

    • Spring Water is basically just water. I don’t see any major effect on my skin. It just feel like I had just open the tap and splash some water onto my skin. I’ve used Cleanance face wash gel before. It was suggested to me for acne. It was alright. A little goes a long way, smells good and clean thoroughly.
      It’s quite weird that you have allergy using Avene. The brand is suppose to be gentle enough for sensitive skin. It must be one of the ingredient. It’s good you know Avene cause you problem so you can stop buying them 🙂


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