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Oxy Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch: Just as good as it seems to be

If you remember, all these years we can only find Nexcare Acne Patch at the local drugstore until another brand, Miacare came out with acne patch for day and night end of last year. This year Oxy too came out with their own version of acne patch! Introducing Oxy Acti-Bacterial Acne Patch 🙂

Oxy Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch
This Oxy Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch came just in time as I’ve given my brother all the acne patches I have and I was left with none. My skin has been acting up lately probably due to hormonal changes and the hot weather. I was having a good skin for weeks until a week ago. Sigh. I do find acne patches to be extremely hassle-free to use and this new product from Oxy comes with anti-bacterial formula that is proven by the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, SGS to be effectively inhibit acne bacteria and for it’s strong ability to absorb secretion from the acne.

If you ask me what’s so different with this acne patch comparing to Nexcare or Miacare. It looks the same as other brands but wait, there’s a distinctive difference. Each pack of Oxy Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch comes with 26 pieces of acne patches and a mini plastic tweezer! The amount of patches is nearly double of what others is offering and the tweezer? It’s a great idea indeed!

Oxy Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch Content
What I like about this Oxy one is that their patches is protected with a clear plastic cover front and back AND everything is then sealed in a main bag. Each bag remains fresh regardless if the box is opened or not. Each box comes with three different patch sizes – 16 pieces of 0.8mm, 5 pieces of 1.0mm and 5 pieces of 1.2mm. These patches is made with medical grade hydrocolloid dressing that makes it effective in absorbing oil and pus inside pimples like an absorbing sponge. I also find that the patches are thinner than Nexcare and slightly thicker than Miacare. It is 0.03cm ultra-thin with translucent color that is close to skin color.

Oxy Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch Patches v2
At first I thought the mini tweezer is really unnecessary. Who would have the time to use a tweezer to peel from the clear plastic right? Since it’s included in the box already I thought I’d give it a try. After using it for the first time, I can understand why a tweezer is included and why you should use it to peel the acne patch.

I’ve used Nexcare for quite some time now and the only problem I have with it is that it’s too thick and it can’t be used on day time as it’s going to be very visible. Thick means it doesn’t stick well onto the skin especially bumpy surface like the chin or jawline. Then Miacare came along. It’s uber thin but doesn’t stick down all the way due to the finger print from the peeling. I’m not a fan of theirs due to the day and night patches. Honestly I don’t have the time to differentiate which is for day and which is for night. I prefer simplicity. Oxy Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch on the other hand is what I think is in between Nexcare and Miacare. The thickness is just right, the shade is perfect and the adhesive is superb. Having an ultra-thin sheet at 0.03cm means I bound to have the same problem as Miacare if I were to use my finger to peel the patch off from the plastic. That is when the tweezer come to a good use. The pointy tip ensure that I can easily grip on the edge of the acne patch properly and stick it on problematic area in one go. Having to grip the patch with the tweezer also ensure that I can pinpoint for the correct angle and placement of the patch on the skin.

Oxy Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch Tweezer
Now comes the most important part of the review. The test. The pimples I have on my face is too small for my experiment. Then something happened. I have a hugeeeeee acne on my neckline. Perfect timing lol. I used the 1.0cm patch on the acne in the afternoon and carry on with my day. In real the patch is not really visible. I have to give credit on the adhesive because I sweat a lot that day and it still remain in place. I have been touching it with my fingers a lot to ensure the patch is still there and that thing just doesn’t budge a bit. Not bad eh. Oh and Oxy said it comes with UV protection to prevent the sun’s UV from aggravating the inflamed acne. Okay, that’s weird and something new but it’s good to have 😀

This is the result after a few hours. What used to be a headless acne that is so stubborn to be popped is now defeated by Oxy Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch. I didn’t managed to snap a ‘before’ photo because it is so painful that I couldn’t wait to get rid of it. The size of the acne was reduced by 80% after I removed the patch.

Oxy Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch The After
So, if you ask me what is so special about this acne patch, I can tell you it is ultra-thin with skin-like color, the adhesive is able to withstand water and sweat, it comes with UV protection, it comes with double action formula of anti-bacterial + absorbs oil, it’s proven by world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, it’s made with medical grade hydrocolloid dressing, it’s sterile and it comes with a total of 26 pieces of acne patches in three sizes. Let’s not forget it comes with a cute mini tweezer 😀


Oxy Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets nationwide.

Price: RM13.90 for a pack of 26 pieces with three different sizes of acne patch.

Website: http://www.oxy.com.my

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OxyMalaysia


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Whee! I gave up on acne patch after using the Nexcare patches… They didn’t work for me and I had to hunt them down all over my bed as they peeled off at night.
    This Oxy patch seems good and I like the price tag as well 😀
    Thanks, Fiona!

    • The trick is to keep the area clean from oil or skin care 🙂 . Sometimes it really doesn’t stick well because we use our hand to peel it off so the adhesive is not as strong as it originally is.
      It’s so hard to hunt them over bed sheet hahahaha 😀 😀 😀

  • Nexcare didn’t work for me as well. I don’t see the difference even I put overnight. Should try this next time. And the price is a steal!

    • That’s weird. Nexcare works for me hehe. Just not on headless pimple. I think must have the patch stick on securely in order for it to suck those gunk out otherwise it won’t work 😀

  • I love that the spots come in different sizes and with a handy tweezer as well!
    And because it’s OXY well, I’m sold when it comes to this type of skin problem.
    Luckily, I’m not in need of this yet but it’s definitely nice to know about this product!

    • Hehe yea. I had a hard time choosing which to use because my bodne was huge! Gotta love that tweezer. At least something different than Nexcare or Miacare eh? Oxy is like the guru when it comes to breakouts haha 😀

  • I never knew Oxy have acne patch. Nexcare doesn’t work for me either. I have yet to try Miacare. I am so going to buy Oxy first.

    • It’s a new product from Oxy 🙂 . Oh my. Quite a number of you said Nexcare didn’t work eh? Do try Oxy one first. Miacare is so-so for me only.

  • Oxy is THE brand for acne^^ Glad to hear it work out well for you 🙂

    • They’re the expert!


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