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OXY 3-Steps to Pimple Free Skin

Oxy Deep Cleansing Wash, Oxy 10, Anti-Pimple Mark Gel
The weather has been so hot lately that pimples are popping out like no body’s business. I have been keeping these three Oxy products for the emergency days and it seems like the days is NOW. My skincare routine is so complicated that when I was handed just three products for a pimple free skin, you bet I froze. I did not know what to do with simplified skincare routine. Lucky for me, this is not rocket science and the result has been good so far.

Combating a breakout regardless a minor or major breakout can be simple. First you need to figure out the right facial wash, spot treatment cream, and lastly pimple mark prevention. The last step can either be achieved with a whitening cream or a special product like the below.

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Oxy Ultimate Cleanser: It’s minty, it’s refreshing!

I love love love cleanser. And I love drugstore cleanser especially the one from Oxy. Just earlier this month Oxy came out with a HOT PINK new cleanser. The Oxy Ultimate Cleanser is a 8-in-1 multi-action cleanser for acne, blackhead, and oily skin. Phew! That is one hella lot claims Oxy!

Oxy Ultimate Cleanser 1
I was excited when I get this from the mail. First of all, the hot pink. I know, silly me. But you know pink and white is like my most favourite colour 🙂 . And Oxy is a known brand for problematic skin. Recently I have been getting bumps and breakouts, which I have no idea what causes it. So this cleanser came at the right time.

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Oxy Acnoplex Formula Range: Combat acne for clear, smooth, healthy skin with 4-in-1 targeted acne solution + Giveaway

My journey with Oxy started during school days. I still remember Oxy pimple cream is like a must-have for all of us in the school because it is the only brand that has a pimple cream. The pimple cream back then is not the same as what you see now. It’s a little bit yucky now that I think of it. The funny thing is, we never thought of buying the facial wash and so on. Just name Oxy and pimple cream popped out!

Generation nowadays (wah! I sound so old) are so lucky. Not only they have so many brand selection at the drug store but each of the brand offers a complete range in combating acne. I’ve talked about Oxy so many times in the blog but it is not as complete as the NEW Acnoplex Formula range that has just been launched recently.

Oxy Acnoplex Formula Range
Introducing NEW Oxy Acnoplex Formula range. A complete skin care range with 4X acne fighting formula that effectively fight pimples, blemishes and at the same time improves the skin condition and keep them acne-free! I’m currently testing out another skin care range so I won’t be able to try these out and tell you what I think. HOWEVER. I will be giving the whole range out to one lucky reader! Stay tune for the giveaway at the end of this post 😉

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Oxy Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch: Just as good as it seems to be

If you remember, all these years we can only find Nexcare Acne Patch at the local drugstore until another brand, Miacare came out with acne patch for day and night end of last year. This year Oxy too came out with their own version of acne patch! Introducing Oxy Acti-Bacterial Acne Patch 🙂

Oxy Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch
This Oxy Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch came just in time as I’ve given my brother all the acne patches I have and I was left with none. My skin has been acting up lately probably due to hormonal changes and the hot weather. I was having a good skin for weeks until a week ago. Sigh. I do find acne patches to be extremely hassle-free to use and this new product from Oxy comes with anti-bacterial formula that is proven by the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, SGS to be effectively inhibit acne bacteria and for it’s strong ability to absorb secretion from the acne.

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Oxy Oil Control Charcoal Face Wash: Prolonging the oil-free state of the face for a little bit longer

Interestingly, when I attended one beauty sharing session last year, one of the attendee said that her face oils up very fast. She commented that every time after she wash her face, not even half an hour later she can feel a layer of sebum forming and that irks her a lot. I think what this girl experienced is pretty normal even for normal skin, unless you are the one that stays in air-conditioned room 24/7. Perhaps what this girl need is the new Oxy Oil Control Charcoal Face Wash.

Oxy Oil Control Charcoal Face Wash
Oil Control Charcoal Face Wash is Oxy’s latest family member that is formulated with Pharmaceutical Grade Charcoal from Japan. Charcoal have always remain as the biggest mystery and it has been an unsung hero, until of late. It is now widely known for it’s various benefits especially in the beauty industry. The charcoal added will act as an effective agent to clean pores, absorb excess oil as well as to purify skin so that skin will stay clear and shine-free. The same activated charcoal ingredient also act as a magnet on the skin to suck, capture and lift all the dirt, impurities from environmental pollution and excess oil.

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Cleanser 101: Types of Facial Cleansers

While I was composing product review for a new skin care range that I’m currently on, I feel the need to walk you through types of moisturizer and how to choose the right one for your skin type. Come to think of it, it will be a bit odd (for me) if I don’t start from the cleanser up to moisturizer. Being as random as I can be sometimes, this brings us to today’s topic – Facial Cleansers.

Cleanser 101
There are so many different type, brand, texture, function and benefits cleansers out there to choose from. Sometimes I can’t help but to wonder, is it really necessary to came out with so many type? I don’t usually go with a specific cleanser targeting a skin concern unless I have a severe breakout then only I’ll start searching for something to calm the breakout. Otherwise, I’m more into texture type of cleanser.