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Oxy Anti-Blackhead Wash: Effectively minimizing blackheads buildup, skin is less oilier but doesn’t help much with acne

Almost everyone regardless good skin or bad skin suffer from blackhead issue. I am definitely one of them. I do admit popping these backheads out is rather entertaining and addictive (oppss!) but you shouldn’t do that. No. You should look for a better skin care alternative 😀

OXY’s new upgraded Anti-Blackhead Wash now comes with powerful Mineral Enriched Volcanic Clay that works on your skin in multiple way, keeping the skin clear from backheads. Let’s find out how.

Oxy Anti-Blackhead Wash
A decade ago, people will tell me that acne / pimples and blackheads would stop after puberty. With our current weather getting more and more hotter, add that with currently hectic and stressful lifestyle, these skin problems is never ending. At least not for me. In fact my skin turns younger these days with more breakouts. Blackheads usually develop on oilier areas on the face i.e. the T-zone. It happens when the pores are clogged up with oil, dead skin cells and dirt which later oxidizes when hair follicles are exposed. That doesn’t mean you won’t find blackheads on other area beside T-zone. Trust me, it’s everywhere 😛

Budget - Skin Care Budget Buy Oxy Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Cleanser Skin Care - Hydrating Skin Care - Oil Control

Oxy Deep Cleansing Wash & Oxy Blemish Control Moisturiser SPF15: A simple routine for the breakout prevention

I’m still not quite out of the whitening olympic yet and not quite changing course to anti-aging range yet but there is another range that is kinda new to me that I’ve been using on an off for the past one month. At the age I am now *cough* I’m indulging my skin more with whitening and anti-aging range. Anti-blemish range is probably the last on my mind. Having said that, I never say no to prevention. When it comes to anti-blemish, no one has the most experience in this matter than Oxy. Let me share with you one very simple anti-blemish range that I’m currently rotating – Oxy Deep Cleansing Wash & Oxy Blemish Control Moisturiser SPF15. This new Double Acne Formula gives 2X the acne fighting powder and 2X the confidence.

Oxy Deep Cleansing Wash and Blemish Control Moisturiser_2

Budget - Skin Care Budget Buy Oxy Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Oil Control

Review: Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel, a quick and easy fix for oily skin

We all know how the universe works. Dry skin girl wanted oily skin and oily skin girl would do anything for a matte skin. Although I complain a lot on my skin type, deep down inside me I’m grateful for having a skin without wrinkles. By now I have accepted my oily skin but I never stop looking for any product that is able to reduce sebum secretion on my face.

I remember a few months ago I was asking around a drugstore if any of the brand have any product to control oil sebum. I’ve also tried walking up and down the aisle, eagle eyeing on each and every single bottle on the shelf but nothing. That was until a month ago when Oxy sent me a mystery tube. I thought it’s a cleanser. It’s too small to be a cleanser and then I saw the word “Oil Control Mattifying Gel” and I find myself skipping in happiness.

Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel 1
Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel was designed to act as a quick and easy fix for oily skin. This gel works by mattifying the skin in immediate upon application. Boy I was already excited hearing that. I have a concern that the layer will dry out my skin due to the mattifying properties on the skin but Oxy said that this Oil Control Mattifying Gel contain a new Triple Oil Control System that also provides 24 hours of hydration to the skin, minimizing the appearance of pores while controlling the shine on the face.

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Review: Oxy Anti-Pimple Mark Gel, Recommended Solution To Pimple Mark Free Face

One of my biggest headache of all time is still pimple marks. I have no problem lighten the marks with whitening products but I can’t seems to get rid of it completely no matter what. It seems like I have a stubborn skin :(. Previously I bought and tried one of the acne scar gel from local pharmacy with a high hope but not only it doesn’t remove any marks but also gave me breakout.

When something similar but with a much more affordable price anti-pimple mark gel landed on my desk, I do not hesitate to give it a try. After all I seriously wanted to get rid of all those ugly marks!

I’m sure all of you have heard, used or know about Oxy. I still remember the old school days where I would buy Oxy anti-pimple cream for my pimples. That is what Oxy is famous for. Oxy Anti-Pimple Mark Gel is said to not only lighten pimple marks but also help to smoothen the skin while preventing blemishes as well as revitalizes the skin cells. With this new addition to the Oxy family…the anti-pimple skincare range is now complete!