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Oxy Anti-Blackhead Wash: Effectively minimizing blackheads buildup, skin is less oilier but doesn’t help much with acne

Almost everyone regardless good skin or bad skin suffer from blackhead issue. I am definitely one of them. I do admit popping these backheads out is rather entertaining and addictive (oppss!) but you shouldn’t do that. No. You should look for a better skin care alternative 😀

OXY’s new upgraded Anti-Blackhead Wash now comes with powerful Mineral Enriched Volcanic Clay that works on your skin in multiple way, keeping the skin clear from backheads. Let’s find out how.

Oxy Anti-Blackhead Wash
A decade ago, people will tell me that acne / pimples and blackheads would stop after puberty. With our current weather getting more and more hotter, add that with currently hectic and stressful lifestyle, these skin problems is never ending. At least not for me. In fact my skin turns younger these days with more breakouts. Blackheads usually develop on oilier areas on the face i.e. the T-zone. It happens when the pores are clogged up with oil, dead skin cells and dirt which later oxidizes when hair follicles are exposed. That doesn’t mean you won’t find blackheads on other area beside T-zone. Trust me, it’s everywhere 😛

Oxy Anti-Blackhead Wash is a multi-facial cleanser that works by:

  1. Cleanses deep into the skin to unclog pores from oil, dirt and impurities.
  2. Remove blackheads and preventing future blackheads and acne formation.
  3. Control sebum secretion.
  4. Provide long-lasting hydration.


Most Oxy cleanser that I’ve used before are thick in texture and are easy to lather. Oxy Anti-Blackhead Wash is not exceptional either. The cleanser comes in a thick cream consistency. A little does goes a long way. I usually only use a small pea size, not the amount as shown below aight? 😀

Oxy Anti-Blackhead Wash Dollop
Love the cleanser as it does foams up very well and cleans thoroughly but one thing that really puts me off is the scent. It does carry a rather strong Dettol-y scent to it. I’m certainly not a fan of anything with Dettol scent. It took me quite a few weeks to really get used to the scent. I think I’m okay now because I stop breathing while washing my face lol. I’ve been using this Oxy Anti-Blackhead Wash diligently a few weeks ago because of the non-stop breakout that I’m having (still). However I only use it once a day because I need to use another tea tree oil cleanser to tone down the breakout. You know how much I love my Bioré Pore Pack right? Once a week I will use the pore pack to clean all the blackheads off my nose and I find it quite odd that the pore strip peels off clean ever since I started using Oxy Anti-Blackhead Wash. I’m only able to get 10% blackheads off as compared with how it used to be previously. I’m not sure if Oxy Anti-Blackhead Wash is the reason behind it but I haven’t been trying any anti-blackhead products at the moment beside this facial wash so it must be it! 😀 . Like I said earlier, blackheads not only develop on T-zone but on other areas on the face as well. I do get one here and there on my jaw and cheek as well. Sometimes I try to spot for blackheads. Good news is that I couldn’t find any blackheads at the moment 😀 *touch wood*

Here are the main ingredients in Oxy Anti-Blackhead Wash and its beneficial function:

  • Mineral Enriched Volcanic Clay – deep cleanse and remove blackheads, remove excess oil, impurities and dirt trapped inside pores.
  • Avocado Pear Extracts – control excess sebum secretion for long lasting oil control.
  • Evermat Extracts – minimizing pores to prevent oil and dirt buildup in the pores.
  • Nano Glacier water from Switzerland – lock in moisture and to provide long lasting hydration to the skin.

Oxy Anti-Blackhead Wash Foam
Here comes the good news. The good news is this Oxy Anti-Blackhead Wash is super duper affordable and easy to get. It comes in two pack sizes. Good because it doesn’t burn anyone’s pocket for trying out new product. Good because I won’t feel the pinch if it doesn’t work for me. I wouldn’t say Oxy Anti-Blackhead Wash totally eliminate all blackheads on my nose. I know that is quite impossible looking at my current nose condition. It has been like this for so many years and it will still be the same. Anyhow I was quite surprised that my nose is lesser congested with dirt now. Makeup goes on smoother and easier too. As for sebum control, well it was alright. This cleanser does contain Nano Glacier water to provide long lasting hydration to the skin so my skin wasn’t extremely oil and not dry either. I don’t find it to be much of a help in reducing acne or reducing future acne. I still get new acne popping out. I feel that this cleanser works best on blackheads than pimple on me. However blackheads on every other areas on my face is lessen 😉


Oxy Anti-Blackhead Wash is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets nationwide.

+ Anti-Blackhead Wash 50g – RM8.50
+ Anti-Blackhead Wash 100g – RM13.90

Website: http://www.oxy.com.my

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OxyMalaysia


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Boy! I love your humour!
    U really made my day! hehehehe….
    I can relate to you about popping black heads are entertaining and addictive! XD

    • I’m serious. Popping blackheads on the face is so entertaining especially when it makes a POP sound ahahahahhaa. Geramnya! 😛

      • Hahahahahaha….
        And when u see those stubborn ones oozing out… Fwahhh…. geram sekali…
        Sometimes, I feel so satisfied when I use a tweezer and pluck out those hardened ones and hold thm up against the light to see their size and shape.

        • And when my hubby asks me to press out those blackheads for him… It’s a treat! And double treat when he starts wincing and screaming XD
          HAHAHAHAHA… am i a sadist or am i not?! LOL….

          • Ewwww lol. You wanna revenge on the hubby! haha
            I don’t squeeze for other people. Even mum ask me also I refuse 😛

        • If you use tweezer means very huge already lol. I have one on the forehead. It has a pin poke size, now no more cause my itchy hand wanna get the thing on the inside out oppsss

  • Hi! I’m new with Oxy product. Which do you prefer: this one or Oxy Ultimate Cleanser? I have pimples and blackheads in my nose and cheek x( Should I use this one or Oxy Ultimate Cleanser? Thankss

    • Hi Ano, this Anti-Blackhead Wash would suits you more

  • The oxy antiblackhead wash is a cleanser? And what need to do after use it? Like use a toner..or that?

    • Phew! You scared me for a minute thinking I’ve forgotten to include the cleanser photo including the foaming action. Just follow up with your usual skincare routine as normal.


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