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Review: Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel, a quick and easy fix for oily skin

We all know how the universe works. Dry skin girl wanted oily skin and oily skin girl would do anything for a matte skin. Although I complain a lot on my skin type, deep down inside me I’m grateful for having a skin without wrinkles. By now I have accepted my oily skin but I never stop looking for any product that is able to reduce sebum secretion on my face.

I remember a few months ago I was asking around a drugstore if any of the brand have any product to control oil sebum. I’ve also tried walking up and down the aisle, eagle eyeing on each and every single bottle on the shelf but nothing. That was until a month ago when Oxy sent me a mystery tube. I thought it’s a cleanser. It’s too small to be a cleanser and then I saw the word “Oil Control Mattifying Gel” and I find myself skipping in happiness.

Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel 1
Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel was designed to act as a quick and easy fix for oily skin. This gel works by mattifying the skin in immediate upon application. Boy I was already excited hearing that. I have a concern that the layer will dry out my skin due to the mattifying properties on the skin but Oxy said that this Oil Control Mattifying Gel contain a new Triple Oil Control System that also provides 24 hours of hydration to the skin, minimizing the appearance of pores while controlling the shine on the face.

The tube is just a simple slim tip nozzle that works perfectly for the product. This soft type of tube enables me to have easy control over the amount of product to be dispense out. I have no complain with the packaging at all 😀

Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel 2
The gel dispense out in milky white. It has this Dettol scent which I find a bit weird and certainly need some time to get used to since I didn’t use any Dettol product before. Fortunately for me the scent went away after a while otherwise I’d be nauseas in no time.

Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel was made of 4-key ingredients:

  • Activated Zinc and Avocado Extract – to help absorb excess oil thus giving the skin a matte appearance. Avocado Extract is effective in excess sebum secretion control this providing long lasting oil control to the skin. This claim was according to clinical test findings.
  • Nano Glacier Water – Penetrate deep into the skin to provide 24 hours hydration. As a result, skin is more moisturized and supple.
  • Evermat – Prevent pore clogging and refine pore size. As a result, sebum secretion is controlled, pimples and blackheads occurrence is also reduced.
  • Natural Menthol Extract – To give skin a cooling and refreshing feel.

Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel 3
The interesting part about Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel is that it came out milky white from the tube, spread out clear and dries down almost immediate into matte. This happen simultaneously as I was applying the gel onto my face. As I apply the gel disappear and turns invisible, leaving a frostly-looking layer on my skin. I find this gel to be very similar to Talika Skin Retouch and Sampar Glamour Shot in terms of the function, the look and finishing. The only difference is Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel is much more affordable.

Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel 4
The application direction stated on the back of the tube is quite simple. It is recommended to apply a thin layer during the day after cleansing. I said during the day because you wouldn’t want to apply this at night to sleep as your skin might not able to breath properly since the skin needed to rejuvenate it’s cell and needed all the moisture. Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel can be used on it’s own meaning after skin care or under makeup and for mid day touch-ups. You know I don’t read direction on the tube sometimes right? So I treat this gel as an oil control product after my sunblock and before foundation.

Under Foundation

Whenever I used Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel under foundation, I either achieve a patchy matte look or a flawless matte look. This two result have a lot to do with moisturizing the skin well prior. I find that if I apply richer moisturizer, the gel doesn’t matte all the way but foundation goes on nicely. If I apply an oil-free moisturizer, the gel mattes my face all the way but it’s very hard to apply foundation onto my face as my face is dry and so it looks patchy. I also get the same type of results with SPF15 – SPF30 sunblock and SPF50 sunblock. Lower SPF sunblock gave me a complete matte face with patchy foundation, while higher SPF sunblock gave me half matte face with flawless looking foundation.

On It’s Own

What I do love about this Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel is when I used it on it’s own. My face just mattes out. I have no complain on this at all.


Since I have oily skin and I would really want this gel to work under makeup, I’ve did numerous test with the efficacy of the gel. It does a superb oil control job when applied on it’s own. But what about under makeup? Here’s the result.

Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel 5.1
With no blotting at all for the first 5-hours, I can see a bit of shine especially on my forehead and T-zone. Usually I would need to blot once an hour after makeup is put on and I don’t have to do that when I have Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel underneath. It does not control my sebum secretion for the whole day, unless I used it on it’s own after skin care. The gel mattes out giving the skin a blurry finishing like a photoshop therefore the appearance of large pores seems to be reduced. I’ve never try to use it as touch up as it may disturb my makeup so I can’t comment much on that. I suppose it will continue to matte the skin if you do use it as touch up provided there’s no makeup underneath.

Here’s the ingredient list.

Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel 6


Oxy Oil Control Mattifying Gel is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets nationwide.

Price: RM16.90 for 30g

Website: http://www.oxy.com.my

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OxyMalaysia


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • I suppose if it’s for oily skin, not blotting for 5-hours is a score. I’m lucky that I stay in a colder country.

    • Haha lucky you Kristin! I would be happier if it’s matte all the way the whole day. That way I don’t have to worry on the shine on my nose lol

  • Wow, looks good! Oxy is stepping up in their game 🙂 When I think of Oxy, I only recall my pimple filled adolescent school days…miserable, sad, low self esteem. I used Oxy 10 back then, one of the strongest dose. Little did I know that it will be damaging for my already sensitive skin. I’d go to school the next day with a huge red face…not knowing the root cause and shrugging it off whenever people asked why my face was SO red. Fast forward many years later, I have learnt to take care of my skin in a proper way and also use strong chemical products with care. I now use tea tree oil based products or Oxy 5 to treat my occassional pimples. I am glad to see this new product review because like you said, it works and it is certainly affordable as well. Thanks for sharing this drug store product 🙂 By the way, I love the photos above. Even without a full shot, I could see that you’re smiling with your eyes 🙂 Very happy to see that!

    • I only remember Oxy pimple cream during the school days. The smell was not pleasant at all. I’ve never tried Oxy 10 or Oxy 5. So confuse on the both. The only one I keep buying and buying is the Anti-Pimple Mark gel. Love that to death lol.
      Gotta love super affordable products 😀

  • It is really hard to find a product that have a good effect on oily skin and oil control. It is good that Oxy have this mattifying gel but only last for around 5 hours, just like more of the oil control product.
    Do you ever heard about a brand name ‘Erno Laszlo’? I am not sure if this is a good product or over advertise product because a lot artist using this. I read a lot review saying how good of it for oily skin type.

    • It is an oil control product dear. It mattifies the skin temporary, not removing the oil secretion system completely. It works on the skin surface.
      If local artist is usin Erno Laszlo then I’m sold. I don’t usually jump onto a product that oversea artist is using mainly because their skin type and climate is different from ours 🙂

  • Hi Fiona, how many times you use in daily life?

    • I use once a day, before makeup.


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