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Review: Immediate Younger and Smoother Skin with Talika Skin Retouch

I have large pores all my life. I was born with it although some people told me that’s nonsense but as far as I can remember I do have large pores since I was young. That’s the fact and not nonsense to me.  This also mean that I have combination to oily skin. I guess you knew that by now :).

Dry skin people will told me they envy that I have oily skin while I’d told them I would prefer a dry skin. Ironic isn’t it? We are constantly hoping for something that are totally the opposite of what we had. As hard it is to remove wrinkle, it is also a challenge to reduce large pores. As we age the skin moves towards the graviti making the pores even larger. So we are constantly in this tug of war.

I stop hunting for pore reducer product because nothing works permanently. Almost all that I’ve tried only managed to reduce the size temporary. So when someone tried to introduce a product that claimed to reduce my pathetic pore size, I’d just give them a wink and smile. I mean mine are one tough case. That’s like impossible!

So what do I do if I can’t reduce my pore size? Well, I reach for a product that can give me an illusion that my pores are diminished. Talika Skin Retouch do just that.

Talika Skin Retouch is one powerful small tube. It is said to give a smoothing effect, evens and brighten tone, fills fine lines and of course cover large pores. It is also said that everytime someone tested this on the hand it flew off the shelf. Yes it’s one of the best-seller product for Talika and they have several good reason for it.

The tube itself comes with a rubbery tip applicator. This is my first time using a product with an applicator tip so I’m not sure what to expect. Smoother and more even application perhaps? Immediately I notice the “Off” word too. Oh this is so cool. There’s an On and Off twisting that needed to be done in order to use this product.

It’s really simple actually. The arrow indicator would be at the “Off” mode so you need to twist the rubbery tip head to “On” until you heard a loud click. If you don’t turn it On there’s no way the content can be squeeze out. I find that this system is quite good in preventing accidental spillage or whatsoever for those that like to bring this tube around in the handbag. Plus it’s hygienic too.

Once the device is On, I’d squeeze some small amount of Skin Retouch and start applying in an outward motion using the rubbery tip. I find that this way is not that effective for me. Some areas are particularly thick while some is not covered evenly. It’s really hard to see which area of the face is covered and which not unless I look very carefully while applying. And Skin Retouch dries up very fast so I need to work extra faster too. I’ve tried applying using my fingers and I get a more even application by that way. I do think that the rubbery tip need some time of getting used to. After a few times of practicing I can apply more evenly. Practice makes perfect!

Skin Retouch is scentless and the cream is white in color. The most misunderstood about Skin Retouch is that it can eliminate large pores or wrinkles. That is so not true. Those that said this product doesn’t work for them is because they totally get this product wrong. It’s NOT meant to eliminiate anything! In my layman term of explaining this product…it provides a soft focus appearance like a photoshop effect. Yes it blurs fine lines, wrinkles and pores. Not removing or shrinking them but trick the eye illusion with the soft focus look. It contains soft focus pigments. These small pigments slip inside the wrinkles, fine lines and pores and the large ones cover imperfections on the surface to reflect light evenly.

Just take a closer look at the “with and “without”. Click to enlarge. The part which I’ve spread with Skin Retouch indeed have a blurry effect that trick the eye that all the fine lines are gone. Thus looking smoother and more even. That’s exactly what Skin Retouch do!


Skin Retouch is my weekend go-to product. When I’m wanted to do some errands but not wanting to put on any makeup, I’d even the product out all over my face. On a good skin day I don’t top up with any powder at all. Just Skin Retouch. On a slightly bad skin day I’ll brush on some compact foundation for extra coverage.

One thing that I need to highlight out is that there is no way you can do makeup after applying Skin Retouch. With the way the product is formulated liquid foundation doesn’t spread on your face after Skin Retouch. Foundation will look patchy if one insist on slapping on the foundation. I’ve tried mixing Skin Retouch with liquid foundation and it doesn’t mix well either. It turns patchy and gluey lol. One way to do it is to apply Skin Retouch after liquid foundation. Or you can do like how I’m doing it – brush on powder foundation after Skin Retouch.

Another thing that I love about Skin Retouch is the slight lifting effect that it gave me. I can feel the tightening sensation each time after I applied it on my face.

Just to show you how amazing Skin Retouch is on me with just a dust of powder foundation. I don’t get this flawlessly smooth finishing with normal makeup. It’s amazing that the routine are so simple but yet I managed to achieve better finishing this way.

Skin Retouch mattifies and reduces shine as well. My face stays oil-free up until near evening which is rare. Natural oil secretion doesn’t stand a chance revealing ontop of my skin surface at all thanks to the layer of Skin Retouch.


Talika Skin Retouch is available at Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC, Parkson One Utama, Parkson Gurney Plaza, Isetan KLCC, Isetan One Utama and Metrojaya Mid Valley.
Price: RM162 for 30ml


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • I can definitely see the lifting effect on you. Wow on the coverage after powder. Superb!

    • It serves as a transparent foundation for me :). If can I just want to apply it as it is. Thanks to acne marks some powder is a must 🙁

  • I’m using this too. I see that it is similar to Sampar Glamour Shot. The transparent foundation? Yeah.

    • You’re the first to notice! It’s quite similar to Sampar Glamour Shot. Just that the alcohol smell of Sampar is quite strong. Talika one doesn’t have any smell.

      • Ok. Let me finish Talika one first. I quite like Talika Skin Retouch.

        • Okies

          • Not a bad idea to subscribe to other month box. At least there’s the surprise element 🙂

  • Hey Deary,

    I really feel you. Myself, have been battling with enlarged pores my whole life. Combi-oily Skin. Sebum secretion was in a hyperdrive mode that it consumes my clean n clear blotters in 3 weeks.

    But thank goodness, now my pores are not dilated, but enclosed, visible nonethless. Dull skin is no longer a problem.

    Will definitely follow your page now. Thank you for … I can now identify another one as one of… me.


    • Hi dear,

      Which product you used to battle with enlarged pores? I couldn’t find anything that works.

      • Hi deary,

        it was a tough battle for so many years. During the time when it was bad, about a week after my facial, my face would have such hyper driven sebum secretion that my black/white heads would be all over every single microscopically identifiable orifice. And when extracted with comedones extractor, you can see the things that come from the deep end are dark green in colour whilst the top is black! It’s just baffling cause, how can it be soooo dark green underneath, sooo oxidized when I just extract the black white heads 2 days ago?????

        For almost a year I went on without moisturizer, no sunscreen even. Just strict regime of pure “OIL CONTROL”. Cause the sebum secretion was too excessive, with moisturiser I would just futher contribute more emollients into the glands and from there it builds up black/white heads again.

        A lot of people also argue that your face is crying out for more sebum secretion because you are not moisturizing enough. Well, I guess, these people, really don’t know what a true, porey, dull skin is actually like. These ppl say “oh u blot ur face too much, make ur face secrete more oil..” Again, I just don’t think they TRULY understand, the freakin OIL, is all across my FACE, across the FOREHEAD, I can slide my blotting papers through my TEMPLES, not to mention cheeks nose, and even neck!
        I look in the mirror it feels like my makeup is floating on top of a layer of oil!

        Long Story, I may have some success stories in my blog. You may explore around or When I remember which post it is, I’ll come share it with ya!

        We’ll keep in touch with this story. Love sharing experiences! Thanks for your reply and listening to my verbal diarrhea! 🙂

        • No worries on the story sharing. I do appreciate the fact that you are willing to share your experience out.

          I have thought of stopping moisturizers and everything that could contribute and accelerate oil secretion. When I think of it mine is not that bad. It’s considered as a normal secretion as my face is also dry at the same time. I do notice certain makeup makes my face oilier. Face illuminator for example but couldn’t stop using cause I love the glowing effect lol

          I’ll browse your bloggie for related post 🙂


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