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SENKA Mineral UV Essence SPF50 PA++++: First anti-aging sunscreen that is light on the skin with superior protection

Nobody like a higher SPF sunscreen that feels sticky on the skin. I certainly don’t. I stopped using sunscreen that are anything higher than SPF35 a few months ago where my face is relatively much more oilier than it was before. I’m very much into applying sunscreen on my face no matter what therefore to completely stop using sunscreen just because it’s sticky is not an option for me. I can live without cream base moisturizer but not sunscreen.

Nothing makes me happier than receiving sunscreen product. For some reason I’m obsessed with trying out all the sunscreen products available. I think we should all gift everyone sunscreen for all occassion lol. Enough of the rambling. Let’s see if SENKA Mineral UV Essence SPF50 PA++++ fits the bill for me shall we?

Senka Mineral UV Essence
SENKA together with it’s philosophy “The Skincare Made With You” is developed by Shiseido that aims to fulfill customer’s skincare needs that are gathered through a survey. Although it is made available to consumers through retailing at drugstores nationwide, do no underestimate its quality and efficacy. You get the same if not better quality as any premium or counter brands. I always said it and I’m going to say it again. Japanese made the best skincare products. Don’t you agree? 😉

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Cleanser 101: Types of Facial Cleansers

While I was composing product review for a new skin care range that I’m currently on, I feel the need to walk you through types of moisturizer and how to choose the right one for your skin type. Come to think of it, it will be a bit odd (for me) if I don’t start from the cleanser up to moisturizer. Being as random as I can be sometimes, this brings us to today’s topic – Facial Cleansers.

Cleanser 101
There are so many different type, brand, texture, function and benefits cleansers out there to choose from. Sometimes I can’t help but to wonder, is it really necessary to came out with so many type? I don’t usually go with a specific cleanser targeting a skin concern unless I have a severe breakout then only I’ll start searching for something to calm the breakout. Otherwise, I’m more into texture type of cleanser.

Budget - Skin Care Budget Buy Review: Skin Care SENKA Skin Care - Cleanser

Review: SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip – A Whipped-Ready Version of SENKA’s Star Product, Perfect Whip

The brand SENKA that I first got to know is probably because of the whole foam “whipping” phenomena using one of their star product – Perfect Whip. And of course you can use the cleanser without the whole whipping action but what’s the fun of it right? I still remember vividly that most of my friends are so into all the foam producing that they went all out with it. Some bought a foam net, which I think is the most easiest and brilliant way, while some use a mask bowl set to whip the cleanser into foam.

Okay, I find all this extremely time consuming and not to mention tedious. It’s fun to do it once but everyday? Nah. This lazy bump opted for an easy way. Introducing SENKA’s newest member in the Perfect series – the SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip.

SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip 1
Now that we are done with our happy dance, let me tell you more about this new product from SENKA 🙂

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Review: SENKA Perfect Gel and Perfect Watery Oil, Your After-Party Best Friend This Festive Season. Ho ho ho!

With the price hike creeping in bit by bit recently, it is understandable to have the need to source for a cheaper but good alternative on daily fast moving consumer goods. I like to treat myself with nothing but the best when it comes to beauty products. I also like to splurge even on makeup removers although I know it’s a bit waste but hey it’s my face at the end of the day :D.

Year end holiday season is my favourite time of the year. All the tiring gift set hoarding shopping, all the dinners and parties to attend to…it is important to have a good but quick and efficient makeup remover that are able to do a good job in stripping off all the makeup and impurities before hitting the sack.

SENKA offers a wide efficient range of fast, hassle-free and fun cleansing products that are able to fulfill the needs of a busy and beauty conscious women.

SENKA Perfect Gel and Perfect Watery Oil
When I said wide range of cleansing product, I really do mean so. SENKA offers the perfect five best friends that will suit different need and preference. These five best friends are Perfect Whip, Perfect Liquid, Perfect Gel, Perfect Watery Oil and Perfect Oil. I won’t be reviewing all five but I will be sharing with you SENKA’s two totally different type and texture makeup removers.