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Review: SENKA Perfect Gel and Perfect Watery Oil, Your After-Party Best Friend This Festive Season. Ho ho ho!

With the price hike creeping in bit by bit recently, it is understandable to have the need to source for a cheaper but good alternative on daily fast moving consumer goods. I like to treat myself with nothing but the best when it comes to beauty products. I also like to splurge even on makeup removers although I know it’s a bit waste but hey it’s my face at the end of the day :D.

Year end holiday season is my favourite time of the year. All the tiring gift set hoarding shopping, all the dinners and parties to attend to…it is important to have a good but quick and efficient makeup remover that are able to do a good job in stripping off all the makeup and impurities before hitting the sack.

SENKA offers a wide efficient range of fast, hassle-free and fun cleansing products that are able to fulfill the needs of a busy and beauty conscious women.

SENKA Perfect Gel and Perfect Watery Oil
When I said wide range of cleansing product, I really do mean so. SENKA offers the perfect five best friends that will suit different need and preference. These five best friends are Perfect Whip, Perfect Liquid, Perfect Gel, Perfect Watery Oil and Perfect Oil. I won’t be reviewing all five but I will be sharing with you SENKA’s two totally different type and texture makeup removers.


SENKA Perfect Gel (RM19.90 / 160gm)

Perfect Gel contain this smooth micro-oil gel so it’s not completely gel-gel. The natural skin oil cleansing elements in the gel works like a flash of light but effectively to remove makeup off the face which detaching mascara from the eyelashes and lift of impurities from the pores.

SENKA Perfect Gel 1.1
Usually gel type of makeup remover is said to be suitable for combination to oily skin. I would expect this gel to be less powerful than oil but I will soon learnt that it is not. I have totally under estimated the gel texture. I thought it’s light but to my surprise this Perfect Gel is kind of thick and gluey.

Let’s do an experiment shall we? On the back of my hand I have various product swatch on. I left it on my hand for 15 minutes before I start removing them with Perfect Gel. These product comes with different ingredients, staying power, texture, color and so on so it will be the best example to test out the efficacy of Perfect Gel.

SENKA Perfect Gel 2
Néula BB Cream, Shiseido Lacquer Rouge #RD215, Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer #3B Medium Beige, Maybelline Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara, Guerlain Eye-Liner & Khol, Maybelline Color Tattoo #Tenacious Teal, Daiso Eyebrow Pencil, K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24H 1Day Tattoo Waterproof, Dior Addict Extreme #536 Lucky, Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner #No.3 Star Purple, Paul & Joe green eyeshadow and blush from Color Palette #003 CENTRAL PARK WEST


The gel is in white as seen below. The scent is quite pleasant on the nose but definitely not overpowering. In fact this is the less clogging scent from makeup remover that I ever used. I never realise that Perfect Gel is thicker in texture comparing with others in the market so I sort of over-used it lol. It is also as smooth as souffle. Most of us will be thinking the more remover used, the easier to remove makeup right? Well, that’s not the case with Perfect Gel. It’s a complete opposite. When used in moderate amount, it removes makeup with breeze. It works by melting into a more watery texture when massage in. If used too much, it is so hard to massage the gel all over the face so makeup are not removed thoroughly. Not forgetting rinsing the gel off would be a pain. I’ve learnt it the hard way 😀

SENKA Perfect Gel 3
The trick here is to massage thoroughly. Even the most stubborn mascara that can only be removed with water comes off bit by bit. If you notice I actually tested Perfect Gel onto a few long lasting / matte makeup products so the residue will require some extra massaging.

SENKA Perfect Gel 4
SENKA Perfect Gel is a fuss-free makeup remover product that you can choose to either rinse with water or wipe off with a tissue or cotton. For this experiment I used a tissue to wipe off the residue and you know what? All the makeup residue that I wasn’t able to remove earlier came off just like that. Without any tugging, without force and without any pressure placed on the back of my palm. There wasn’t any stickiness or any discomfort after that. However I prefer to rinse with water on usual days because it is more convenient for me while in the shower and I always double cleanse after.

I personally use this Perfect Gel when I feel that my face is not very oily and dirty by the end of the day or when I’m using light makeup. No doubt Perfect Gel is also suitable to remove heavy makeup but I just choose to use it the way I wanted to :D. For heavy makeup, I have another review below 🙂

SENKA Perfect Gel 5.1


SENKA Perfect Watery Oil (RM49.90 / 230ml)

Perfect Watery Oil comes with Sebum Cleansing Ingredient and Moist-Cleansing Ingredient. Oooo I like that already! This cleansing oil remove makeup and impurities effortless from deep within the pores without any need of scrubbing.

SENKA Perfect Watery Oil 1.1
Cleansing Oil is not a stranger to me but this will be my first time trying on “watery oil” makeup remover. Although it carry the word “watery”, don’t ever under estimate this makeup remover. When I was doing this demo in my room for this review, I was shocked. Why? Because as soon as I dispense the cleansing oil onto the back of my hand, makeup started melting itself.

Let’s do the same lil experiment just like Perfect Gel earlier using the same makeup products shall we? :D. This time I have also left the product swatches on my hand for 15 minutes prior before.

SENKA Perfect Watery Oil 2
I begin to understand why this product was named “watery”. The texture of Perfect Watery Oil is really runnier than other cleansing oil available in the market. Not only the oil is runnier, it is also more lighter. The scent on the other hand is also quite pleasant on the nose. It’s a similar scent found in other Japanese cleansing oil. I thought it smells a bit fruity floral 🙂

As I mentioned earlier, the makeup swatch on the back of my hand melts off on it’s own as soon as I have the oil on, even before I started massaging it. It is true when SENKA mentioned that Perfect Watery Oil comes with a light cleansing finish that only need soft cleansing motion.

The recommended amount to use for the whole face is 4 full pumps. I’m using just 3 full pumps :D. This cleansing oil can be used on dry face as well as with wet hands and on wet face. You know how sometimes we wash our hands in the shower before even removing makeup? You don’t have to worry about that with Perfect Watery Oil.

SENKA Perfect Watery Oil 3
SENKA Perfect Watery Finish is simply amazing. Just a light massage and all makeup came off effortlessly. This one really doesn’t require much work. So convenient and easy to use. But what I like the most is the rinsing. The oil is easily wash off from the face together with all the makeup residue and impurities, leaving absolutely no traces of oil or stickiness thanks to it’s Super Micro-Water formula. Face is surprisingly squeakily clean but even though so I do suggest following up with double cleansing after that.

SENKA Perfect Watery Oil 4
I don’t suggest you wiping off the makeup remover residue using a tissue but I was a curious cat so I used a tissue to remove the oil from the back of my hand just to see how it fares. As usual the mascara is the stubborn one which still stay put on my hand. As soon as I wipe the oil off, the mascara was lifted up at the same time. Amazingly there wasn’t any stickiness or oil left behind.

SENKA Perfect Watery Oil 5


Which SENKA cleansing product are you?

The last thing that we need now is to spend time removing all the makeup after a long night partying. I like that Perfect Gel doesn’t require rinsing. All you need to do is to wipe off with tissue or cotton, change into your pyjamas and off to bed! You can do all that at the comfort of your room.

What if you are still pretty much sober awake and you like to cleanse your face thoroughly before bed, Perfect Watery Oil is the perfect solution for you. This light cleansing oil gives you a properly cleanse face with a piece of mind.

What about me? Well, if I were to choose a favourite between SENKA Perfect Gel and Perfect Watery Oil, it will be Perfect Watery Oil. I’m the kind of person who will still take my sweet time removing makeup properly no matter how tired I am. I may skip skin care layering and just slap on a thick moisturizer after that but I never take removing makeup, a skin care step for granted 😉


All SENKA Cleansing Series products are available at selected Watson’s outlet nationwide.

+ Perfect Whip – RM19.90
+ Perfect Liquid – RM39.90
+ Perfect Gel – RM19.90
+ Perfect Watery Oil – RM49.90
+ Perfect Oil – RM39.90

Please visit SENKA Malaysia Facebook Page for more info, news, promotions and many more at https://www.facebook.com/SenkaMalaysia


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • oh I am using their perfect whip!!! 2nd tube actually. I like how much foam it can be with a little squeeze and feel so clean after cleaning the face. I also thought of trying the make up removal after I finish my Bioderma. hehehe

    • Perfect Whip will work better using the foam net right? I’ve heard so much good review on that :). That’s on my to-buy list 😉

      • I didn’t use the foam net. I just use according to the youtube video. 😛 There is a Japan adv which they show how to make into foam! No need foam net at all. haha… The cleanser above is also my to-buy list! haha

        • Oh okay. I thought foam net would be faster and more convenient 😉

  • I’ve only tried the Perfect Whip.

    • Perfect Whip is the famous one 😀

  • Loved this demo by you so much. Very effective demonstration of the product.
    I’ve never seen a gel remover before but I rather like the idea of a gel. I guess it would be more economical as you only need a little but you mentioned that it is hard to remove the gel itself if you use too much. Does that mean it’s an oily or waxy gel?

    • Thanks Jude 🙂

      Yes, if you use too much it will be hard for the gel to be massage on and it don’t melts as easily. You will know the amount you need after trial and error :D. It’s neither oily or waxy gel. It goes on as a super soft but solid gel, melts to a semi-oil state but it’s not oily. Just melted. Hope I don’t confuse you 😛

  • The perfect whip cleanser and cleansing oil are 2 of the items that I would like to try next when I done with my Hada Labo cleansing oil and a few more tubes of cleanser lol. My tiny concern is on the cleansing oil where it contain mineral oil. Just curious, did you experience any clogging in the long run?

    • Oh yea, I remember you stock up Hada Labo Cleansing Oil :D. A few tubes of cleanser? Wow. I’m never concern about mineral oil. I didn’t experience any clogging though. I suppose the amount is quite small.


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