Bag of Love Beauty Box Review

Bag Of Love “Go, Girl, Go!” November 2013 Edition Review

Last month I posted up a teaser on November edition but the teaser really is a teaser that didn’t have any content hint at all 😛 . As much as I want to shout to the world on the content but I couldn’t so I can only said that I subscribed for four bags and IT’S REALLY GOOD. The theory is really simple actually. If you’ve been following me from time to time you’ll know that I don’t really subscribe to beauty box at the moment due to space issue but if I said I bought four of the same beauty bag, what could this mean? 😉 I guess the teaser worked because MiMi told me there are subscribers that subscribed for four as well after reading my blog post. Ahhh not bad eh?

I was kinda in a whole lots of critical issue to solve lately that I don’t even realise it’s the end of the month already. With the blink of an eye, all four of my Bag Of Love “Go, Girl, Go!” November 2013 Edition arrived in a huge parcel from Taq-Q-Bin.

Bag Of Love Go Girl Go 1
I don’t usually talk about the pouches and bags from Bag Of Love because I’m not fond of it but this one I have to. This is one of the two reasons why I subscribed for four Bag Of Love “Go, Girl, Go!” November 2013 Edition. I personally have double check with MiMi after I subscribe but the bag was not confirmed yet by Levi’s. But it doesn’t matter. It’s good to get a Levi’s but if the deal doesn’t come along, there’s always next time.

I thought it’s a Levi’s pouch, right until MiMi posted a teaser on the Facebook. This Levi’s tote bag really took me by surprise. From expecting a pouch to a tote, not bag after all eh? 😀 . I think the material is a bit too soft though. The handle however is not. The width of the handle is too big for such a small tote. There’s a button clasp, which is good. The bag doesn’t really need a zip otherwise the overall design will be spoilt. The inner lining is in red and white checkered. A bit weird for a Levi’s lol.

Bag Of Love Go Girl Go 2
Now, the very main reason why I subscribed for four Bag Of Love “Go, Girl, Go!” November 2013 is because I got to know accidentally on this item that will be included in November edition. Don’t ask me how I get to know. I’m not telling 😀

Full Size Panasonic Pocket Doltz Toothbrush (worth RM99)

This is actually a battery-powered pocket-sized toothbrush. This means it’s small and slim in size and the brush head is smaller. It’s totally understandable for an adult toothbrush to be this small. And this toothbrush comes with a sonic vibration brush. Yes it vibrates haha. Some people may find the brush too small. That’s because they didn’t use two different size toothbrush to brush their teeth daily! They must have not read my Tips: A Very Simple Step to a Healthier Gum & Teeth tsk tsk tsk.

A lot of subscribers are also expecting eyelash curler, mini hair curler, face steamer etc. I’m actually quite glad it’s a toothbrush and not those! A beauty bag or box doesn’t necessary means everything inside is a direct beauty related. A healthy, beautiful teeth is also a part of beauty regime don’t you think so?

Bag Of Love Go Girl Go 3


Dove Hair Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo 90ml (worth RM4.40) and Dove Hair Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner 80ml (worth RM4.40)

There’s something about beauty bag with shampoo and conditioner isn’t it? We’ve been receiving various brands and concern from most beauty box recently. I like Dove because of the scent. I don’t know how to explain but it’s quite pleasant to the nose. Hair Therapy is a range to help reduce hair fall due to damage. Maybe this range can help my hair breakage due to hair damage?

Bag Of Love Go Girl Go 4


Clarins Double Serum 7-Sachets Sample Kit + Bounce Back 2 Samples worth RM60

MiMi once told me that she refuse to include sachet in her Bag Of Love so when Clarins said they wanted to give out this sachet sample kit, she said no. Clarins later on added a bounce back to the counter for another two samples redemption. Double Serum is a dual anti-aging serum. Each sachet is for one usage and it’s quite oily. If you use one sachet in a day, this kit will last you for seven days.

As for the bounce back. These samples are said to worth RM60 but all I was given is either a 3ml or 5ml. If I were to combine two 5ml, the value is around RM30 only. It also seems that no one knew about the existence of the bounce back card which is the main reason why they only give small and lower value sample.

Bag Of Love Go Girl Go 5


Elizabeth Arden Red Door Aura EDT 1.2ml (worth RM3.30)

I hoard perfume vial because I carry one in my wallet for the after-lunch mist. I’d be very happy everytime I see vial in beauty box. This is said to be a bright floral, sensual fragrance that evokes the cheerful romance of a bouquet. What a sexy scent description LOL. Floral is also my favourite scent preference and now I have four vials 😀

Bag Of Love Go Girl Go 6
Ehem. Look at my Panasonic Pocket Doltz Toothbrush! I have four different colors. You bet the pink one goes to me 😀

Bag Of Love Go Girl Go 7


What I Like

Bag Of Love “Go, Girl, Go!” November 2013 edition is my favourite among all Bag Of Love. Instead of a pouch (which I am not fond of), this time round we get a Levi’s tote bag made from jeans material. I also like that there’s a “not-so-direct” beauty products like the Panasonic Pocket Doltz Toothbrush. This would be the first ever appearance in a beauty bag or box.

Oh and usually I was put in the second delivery but this month I was on the first delivery so I received my parcel the next day after Bag Of Love sent it out.

What I Don’t Like

The Clarins bounce back of course. BA over the counter have no clue on the redemption nor have they seen the card before. I have four cards and three counter gave me either 3ml or 5ml, which both sample valued around RM20-RM30 and the last counter which is my home counter at Isetan KLCC gave me 30ml deluxe which both item valued at around RM60. My guess is everyone thought it’s a sample but if you calculate the value of it, it’s actually a deluxe / miniature. I have sent a PM to MiMi on this and I hope she can clear this up. I was given wrong samples by first three counters.


What can I say. Bag Of Love seems to be the favourite among all at this moment and they have a reason to. The sad news is I won’t be subscribing to the December edition although the set looks good. It’s time to take a break and start using all the stuff I got.

For just RM39.90, I think it’s a pretty good deal. Christmas gifting anyone?


Bag of Love beauty bag subscription is available for subscription at
Fee: RM39.90 for monthly, RM119.70 + mystery gift for 3-months, RM478.80 + free 1-month for 12 months


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I subscribed for the bag on my own.


Comments (26)

  • Nice! U have 4 different colors!

    • Yes. Luckily MiMi pack different colors 🙂

  • Nice…I got the orange colored one. Pink looks really nice ^-^

    I wonder when and where to go collect the Clarins samples redemption…wouldn’t wanna get the wrong samples.

    • It’s at all Clarins counter. You will be matched with product according to your skin condition. Won’t go wrong with that 🙂

  • Oh, I use more than one toothbrush too, Fiona! A regular one and a T-style toothbrush so I guess this will be one will be just fine. I don’t believe one can do the total job at getting at all those weird angles. Anyway, the pouch IS a tote so total bargain. It’s true, if Fiona wants four then I want some too 😀

    • Wow. I’ve never heard of T-style toothbrush. I was told by the dentist that a kiddie toothbrush which is smaller will be able to reach inner areas that larger toothbrush can’t. This is also the reason why wisdom tooth is the one tooth that spoilt the fastest 😀

      I’m glad to hear you like this month’s edition too 😀

  • When I got the bag, I was like ‘woohoo’ at first and then ‘ohhmm,’ then just ‘oh.’ Yeah, the Levi’s bag’s great. Actually, I already suspected that we would be receiving the toothbrush since at the time of the teaser, Panasonic’s facebook was heavily advertising on the toothbrush. I guess you would say I’m indifference about it. I was hoping for something more directly beauty related. Even an eyelash curler would have made me happy because it’s not something I would buy for myself. I cannot tell you how many of these electric toothbrushes I’ve had over the years. First it’s exciting then a few months later, it either malfunctions or I end up throwing it away.

    I’m alright with the spray, although I have so much perfume (more than skincare I think) that I’m wondering how on earth I’ll ever finish my loot!

    The Dove and Clarins seems like a cope out to me. Like there’s already the cool Levi’s bag and Panasonic items, so these are kind of ‘oh, here’s the rest of the stuff.’ I can still accept the Dove haircare set but the Clarins, really? The same sample set that you can easily get from sooo many magazines in the past few months? I mean, I have like 6 sets of this already at home that I’ve been collecting every time I buy a magazine and see the Clarins pull-out. :/

    • Clever girl ;). I wasn’t hoping on an eyelash curler because I own one and it practically does nothing to my lashes. The conventional curler does way better job than Panasonic one. However it’s totally understandable to hope for one because it’s a beauty bag after all. Same here. I have a lot of perfume too. I was gifted some recently and I’m going to send out some to my readers as Christmas present :). Vials for me is for the wallet. I wish I can bring the big bottle around. If it’s not because the perfume will deteriorate when in contact with direct sunlight, I would have kept a bottle in my car haha!

      I wasn’t paying much attention to hair care and Double Serum either. I have so much of hair care products at home that I won’t be using. Double Serum sample kit is the worse. After giving out a few I still have 8 sample kit left. Sigh.

      • Ugh, I redeemed the Clarins at Parkson 1U today. The BA looked at the card for ages and finally pulled out SACHETS from under the counter. She didn’t even bother to do a skin consultation. From previous encounters with other BAs of Clarins,I know what she gave me, the Extra Firming Day Cream, is not at all suitable for my skin and age. I didn’t bother to ask further.

        Actually, the reason I was there was for the opening of Sulwhasoo’s new counter in Parkson. As I received an email invite, the BA gave me a good totebag with illustration of Sulwhasoo products with 1U in the background (very beautiful) and a week’s supply of the famous serum. This BA was very informative and even inquired about the type of toner I used to let me know if the serum would go before or after. So thumbs up there!

        • Same happened to me at Parkson 1U! The BA took a very long look and told me she have never seen the card nor they are sent any free gift for the redemption. Then she ask me where I get the card and keep on telling me there’s no such card inside Double Serum sample kit. I’ve confirmed with Clarins Malaysia PR and according to her, the value of RM60 applies to Extra Firming sample kit. If your skin type doesn’t suit Extra Firming they will give you other sample which doesn’t made up to RM60. It’s quite misleading putting RM60 there.

          Oh yea I saw the Sulwhasoo email too. I fell sick yesterday so I missed it. I redeemed the sample deluxe last weekend hehehe. The BA was not bad. Just a little moody.

  • Wow! I didn’t know the toothbrush came in so many different colors. I got the black color one, looks so ho-hum compared to your pink color one.

    I thought the tote would be nicer with a zip! Really phobia of things dropping out. But agreed that it’s a nice bag overall. =)

    This Nov bag was a fantastic introduction to Bag of Love. And the upcoming Dec one is also extra-special. Can’t help but think I signed up for the 3 month subscription at the perfect time… hehehe! Thx again Fiona… (for the teasers and reviews all this while!) 😉

    • Usually they do. Black looks sleek. It’s quite a nice color. I prefer red one as well 🙂

      LOL. The clasp is quite tight. The whole opening is enclosed so no worries on things dropping out. Zip is much more costly haha.

      I didn’t sign up for December. Not looking into getting more skin care because my skin care stash is so much that I can open up a kiosk for business :P. Remember to PM MiMi for your extra gift for the 3-months subscription ya. Glad to hear you like my reviews 😀

  • the toothbrushes are so cute!!! pink is indeed the nicest haha!!
    haha it is so nice that u get to buy 4! they ran out when i asked.

    • Definitely took a longer time to brush my teeth now as the toothbrush head is small lol. Yea they ran out quite fast after posting a teaser on Panasonic 🙂

      • yay for shiny white teeth! by the way, your teeth are very white haha

        • Eh not really. It’s kinda yellow due to excessive coffee 😛

  • I can always count on your blog for honest review^^. Most Bag of Love review I read is all positive with nothing bad. Most of us will agree that you weight in the pros and cons. Not all pros^^

    • Because I’m not sponsored LOL! Even sponsored also I’ll voice out my stand. And yes, I will balance the cons with pros and let you readers to judge yourself. Everyone is different. I may like it and you not may. Vice versa 😀

  • Bag Of Love is one of the most innovative beauty box/bag subscription entrepreneur. Kudos to MiMi. Lol, I laughed when I saw your toothbrush collection of 4 lovely colours. You reminded me of myself where if it’s something that I like, I will try to get the full collection. This Bag Of Love edition has got to be one of the best this year eh 🙂 Enjoy the products in it!

    • Yes, I totally agree with you. LOL. The toothbrush collection is by accident. I bought more for gifting and wanted one or two for myself :D. Then I thought of giving to my family but they are not as fond as brushing teeth as me. So it’s back to gifting 🙂

      • That’s true, not many are fond of brushing teeth. Are we some long lost twin from different parents? I brush my teeth regularly too in the office – after lunch. Feels cleaner and don’t have to worry if there’s stuffs stuck in between my teeth or have breathe of dead monster 😛 Admittedly, some people may find it odd to be brushing teeth in the office but I felt it was one of the greatest habits that I have picked up a few years back. Gifting wise, I think anyone would appreciate this sweet and hygienic gesture 🙂

        • Brushing teeth in the office is something that I have not tried before. It’s not odd at all. I have seen my ex-colleague doing that too after lunch.

  • fiona, i contacted mimi but she was travelling, i am interested on this deal, just wonder
    she still have extra set or you dont mind to let go one set to me ^^

    • Hi Cathy, I heard it’s sold out but maybe she kept extra. Just maybe :D. I bought it for gifting so I can’t let go one set. Sorry ya.

  • I need save money first.

    • Hubby can give you one for Christmas! 🙂


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