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SENKA Mineral UV Essence SPF50 PA++++: First anti-aging sunscreen that is light on the skin with superior protection

Nobody like a higher SPF sunscreen that feels sticky on the skin. I certainly don’t. I stopped using sunscreen that are anything higher than SPF35 a few months ago where my face is relatively much more oilier than it was before. I’m very much into applying sunscreen on my face no matter what therefore to completely stop using sunscreen just because it’s sticky is not an option for me. I can live without cream base moisturizer but not sunscreen.

Nothing makes me happier than receiving sunscreen product. For some reason I’m obsessed with trying out all the sunscreen products available. I think we should all gift everyone sunscreen for all occassion lol. Enough of the rambling. Let’s see if SENKA Mineral UV Essence SPF50 PA++++ fits the bill for me shall we?

Senka Mineral UV Essence
SENKA together with it’s philosophy “The Skincare Made With You” is developed by Shiseido that aims to fulfill customer’s skincare needs that are gathered through a survey. Although it is made available to consumers through retailing at drugstores nationwide, do no underestimate its quality and efficacy. You get the same if not better quality as any premium or counter brands. I always said it and I’m going to say it again. Japanese made the best skincare products. Don’t you agree? 😉

Now. SENKA Mineral UV Essence SPF50 PA++++ came in the simplest packaging but this time round it came in a bright orange tube! This sunscreen was developed after Shiseido Japan did a survey of 100 people and through the survey, they found out that women are concern about dehydration, aging and sagging besides dark spots and freckles. Basically its the signs of aging that we women are afraid of 😀 . I know how confusing it is with all the UVA, UVB and so on so to make your life easier, just remember this. UV rays is the skin’s worst enemy because:

  1. UVB cause sunburn to the skin if you’re exposed under the sun for too long.
  2. UVA is able to penetrate deep into the layer of the skin AND it accelerates the process of aging.

Senka Mineral UV Essence Tube
At first when I received SENKA Mineral UV Essence, I thought it’s an essence aka skincare. The name is in such way instead of the more obvious is because it is made from 100% Mount Fuji Mineral Water. I’m half right on this product being an essence as it is indeed an anti-aging sunscreen serum that blocks out UV rays and at the same time help in preventing any premature skin aging that as you know are caused by being under the sunlight for a long time, hectic lifestyle, stress and environmental aggressors.

Senka Mineral UV Essence What it Does
The tube is pretty handy. It is soft and mushy to touch, unlike other similar packaging. Feels odd at first. The slim nozzle opening makes it easier for me to control the amount I need. I know some people give a big hoo haa on shaking the tube before opening. I on the other hand would prefer to shake the tube before opening the cap. I like how everything printed on the tube is in Japanese but its definitely frustrating not to be able to read what’s on the tube especially if I accidentally threw away the card that came with the product. Anyhow it doesn’t really bothers me since I keep the original packaging until I finish the whole product.

Senka Mineral UV Essence Nozzle
Let’s talk about the texture. This is the crucial part for anyone who is fussy with sunscreen. The consistency is thick. It stays put on the back of my hand without budging. It is not in creamy white color but it has a yellowish tint to it. If I spread it out a little bit I can see a yellowish shadow sitting on top of the skin. Just a tiny bit. However it doesn’t seems to leave a tint when I really spread it onto the skin evenly. It doesn’t have a distinctive scent to it, only the typical sunscreen scent. So this would be perfect for those that are sensitive towards scented products.

For a SPF50 PA++++, I’m surprised that SENKA Mineral UV Essence is not even a bit oily. I usually dispense some product onto my palm, spread evenly on both palm before applying onto my face. The product immediately turned into velvety satin on my palm even before touching my face. I do find that it would be oilier if I dispense too much on my palm. So it’s the matter of how much I apply. On the face without makeup on, it gives my skin a soft and velvety smooth finishing. It does feels like powder to touch even until mid day. When my T-zone starts to oil up, it doesn’t feel oily or tacky to touch. Its weird though. Somehow the sunscreen change the oil texture into something else, as if I have a translucent powder on.

What about with makeup on? You know how much I hate higher SPF sunscreen that feels heavy and makes the skin oilier on faster rate. This one? It doesn’t do any of that. I have to give credit to the 100% Mount Fuji Mineral Water that gives the sunscreen a light texture. Of all SPF50 PA++++ sunscreen that I’ve tried before, this one feels like as if I’m wearing a SPF30 sunscreen. It is not oily, doesn’t make my makeup slip by the end of the day and it makes a good makeup base as well 😀

Senka Mineral UV Essence Swatch
SENKA Mineral UV Essence contain Coenzyme Q10. This particular ingredient is a moisturizing ingredient that is able to uphold elasticity of the skin while providing a superb protection and repairing to the skin. Sodium Hyaluronate is also added in to further infuse the skin with sufficient moisture. It is mineral oil free, fragrance-free and artificial coloring free 😀

Senka Mineral UV Essence Ingredients
SENKA Mineral UV Essence is suitable to be used on the face as well as on the body. Although SENKA said that you can remove this sunscreen with just cleansing form, I would suggest removing it properly if you do have acne-prone skin, sensitive or oily skin. You know, just to be extra careful 😀 . But of course you can always remove it with cleansing foam especially if it has always been your usual routine and it doesn’t cause any harm to you.

So what are you waiting for not putting on sunscreen? Stickiness is no longer an excuse now that you have a superior SPF50 PA++++ protection sunscreen that not only has lighter texture but also helps in preventing premature skin aging.


SENKA Mineral UV Essence SPF50 PA++++ is available at selected Watson’s stores nationwide.

Price: RM39.90 for 50g

Please visit SENKA Malaysia Facebook Page for more info, news, promotions and many more at https://www.facebook.com/SenkaMalaysia


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Excitement galore in this sunscreen post haha. I am happy with Japanese sunscreen so far. Wanted to try the HL Air one but I’ve some stash. Will look out for Senka too. Have been reading great reviews online on this brand.

    • Haha yes! This Senka one reminds me of HL Air but less oilier. Japs make the best sunscreen 😀

  • as usual Fiona, your posts are the biggest influence for me to buy new things XD this Senka sunscreen sounds like the next HG sunscreen to me. The price is affordable too, I’m definitely gonna try this soon coz the last sunscreen I bought coz someone said it is excellent as a base and never made skin look oily worked the other way round on me =_=” hopefully this one will be just as you mentioned ^_^

    • Definitely loving the price hehe. The tricky thing is everyone’s skin is different and reacted to the same product differently too. It may work for them but may not work for you or me. So it’s a constant trial and error 🙂 . I still haven’t found my HG sunscreen. I dare not put the HG title on anything just in case I jinx it lol. But I do have one drugstore brand which I bought last year that I really like. Anything that has powder element in it works in controlling sebum for me. I still haven’t review it yet even after a year 😛

      If you want to try this Senka one, I can squeeze some out for you heeee 😀

      • thank you so much for the offer Fiona ^_^ guess what? I just knew that I won the Senka hamper giveaway from Seventeen magazine (August edition), hehe!

        • Well, congratulations! 🙂

  • In your opinion what is the different between this and Shiseido Perfect UV Protector? Both is SPF50 PA++++^^

    • Yes both is SPF50 PA++++. Shiseido is, you know on the branded side. It’s more watery consistency and it’s water-resistant. It feels more cooling when you applied it, dries down light and in velvety finish. I like Shiseido consistency but prefer the finishing of Senka 😀

  • I am sunscreen shopping at the moment because prevention is better than cure but it’s so hard to find one I like. I am still using my Banana Boat during intensely outdoor activities but it’s so heavy and greasy. I need one that I can wear under my makeup comfortably.

    This is going on my list…and I like your idea of gifting sunscreen! Not very romantic lol but oh-so-practical. I like practical gifts.

    • Wow Banana Boat is like the first ever sunscreen I’ve used. It’s an oldie but like you said, it’s greasy and I used to hate the scent. I heard they’ve improved the scent. Have you try Shiseido? Many said it’s their HG. I dare not put HG on any sunscreen. I kinda like the few that I’m currently using. This Senka one is higher SPF but feels like lower SPF on my face.
      LOL. Don’t gift sunscreen to the hubby ya. Friend and family is alright. Too many people skip sunscreen which they shouldn’t.

  • SENKA is giving away free Mineral UV Essence this Sunday^^ Are you going Fiona? I’m in JB =(

    • I’m around. If the queue is not long, I might stand in!

  • Thank you very very much for this detailed review. I’m so excited with the Senka Perfect Line and as recognized my skin subsides dramatically in the last half year (56 years old) i desperately tried to find a payable asian anti aging product/serum to stop resp. repair the current process.

    As i’m living in Germany it’s not so easy to find but i’m sure i will get it by ebay or amazon.

    Thanks again and i hope reading from you soon 🙂

    Best regards from Germany


    • Hi Petra, my pleasure! I’m glad you find the review useful. I’m sure you will be able to find it from eBay or Amazon 🙂

  • I hv used both senka and shiseido sunscreens. At first they seem similar bt i hv soon found out shiseido is superior. Senka oxidizes after several hours leaving an unflattering much-darker appearance. Shiseido doesn’t. You get what you pay for.

    • Hi Diyan,

      Interesting! I have never encounter oxidization with Senka sunscreen before. Undeniably it can happen as product reacts differently with each individual. I’m glad to hear Shiseido on works for you 🙂

  • Hi! Thank you for your review. This sounds really amazing. I’ve been doing lots of research on sunscreens lately, and I’m finding that it is recommended for people who are dealing with sun spots (such as myself) opt for a mineral/physical sunscreen because chemical sunscreens can worsen pigmentation. Even though this sunscreen sounds great, I love the anti-aging aspects, can you recommend a high coverage (PA++++++++++ lol) mineral/physical sunscreen? Thanks for your review!

    • Hi Jamie, yes you are right. People who are dealing with sun spots or acne are recommend to use products that contain mineral. Lol. The max + is only PA++++ haha!!
      My favourite and the best mineral sunscreen I’ve tried is Clarins Day Screen Multi-Protection (previously known as UV Plus HP). It is said to be 100% mineral sunscreen 🙂


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