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“I only need this highlighter in my life” – NOT!

Everytime a brand released a new highlighter, you went crazy and swear THIS IS your highlighter and IT IS THE ONLY highlighter you need. You hunt for it, you bought it and then, another brand also released a new highlighter, you find yourself repeating the same reaction or process. And another brand, and another. The story goes on. “I only need this highlighter in my life”. How often have you said that or heard your friend said that? Too often 🙂 . “I only need this highlighter in my life” – NOT!

As much as I still go gaga or ooohhhs and ahhhhs over new highlighter releases, I don’t find myself wanting to purchase them. It’s getting stale. I find that everybody in the whole wide world is forever never ending releasing a new highlighter. It’s getting too repetition that I got bored and stopped buying highlighters. Let’s be honest here. Highlighter never finishes! I piled them up on my face every day and I don’t see that I’ll hit pan anytime soon. Let me show you my small little highlighter in my collection, which are my favourite and why I don’t purchase anymore highlighters.

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The Long-Awaited Wish to Own A Rainbow Highlighter Came True with Essence Prismatic Rainbow Glow Highlighter

Essence Exit To Explore Collection 1
I am not a fan of Essence Cosmetics. I once bought a dried up gel eyeliner from them, confronted them and they refuse to do anything with it and even pushed the blame to me. And so I brought my money elsewhere, over to Catrice. As you know, I AM A HUGE FAN OF CATRICE. Yeah I know the principal brands are from the same company. But not in Malaysia. I prefer to spend my money on something I know good and worth the money and that is definitely not Essence. I have been quite good with not buying anything from Essence until today. I saw someone posted a photo of the Exit To Explore collection AND the Prismatic Rainbow Glow Highlighter yesterday and that is how I broke my no-Essence shopping ban.

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Essence Longlasting Lipliner: Who would have thought a lipliner that cost less than 10 bucks is this good

Essence and I, we don’t get along. I used to like the brand until they screwed up customer service on their social media. Then came a nut case going after me on Facebook because the eyeliner pot I bought was all dried up and Essence did not want to take responsibility. It’s either this nut case is a hard core fan of Essence cosmetics Malaysia or she is someone working in Essence Malaysia lol. Anyway…

So. I’ve been hearing about the Essence Longlasting Lipliner for quite some time. I am on the lip liner kick a few months ago and it never crossed my mind to even check out Essence. Why spend on a brand that doesn’t care about their customer and customer service right? That’s what I had in mind for years. One crazy afternoon swatching at Watsons without any supervision and that’s it. I went home with these lip liners.

Essence Longlasting Lipliner
Despite the brand having a permanent placement in selective Watsons stores and they are quite easy to bump into, I always find that their products are either out of stock or they are not fully displayed. I absolutely hate shelves that are neither here or there. The Longlasting Lipliner are quite a new range in Essence and they are a pain to search for. It is always out of stocks. I finally found tons of it at Watsons Damansara Uptown. That afternoon, I bought just 2 lipliner – 08 Girl Next Door and 07 Plum Case. A week later, I took a casual morning stroll at Watsons Kajang and bought another 2 lipliner – 05 Lovely Frappucino and 06 A Girl’s Dream.