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The Long-Awaited Wish to Own A Rainbow Highlighter Came True with Essence Prismatic Rainbow Glow Highlighter

Essence Exit To Explore Collection 1
I am not a fan of Essence Cosmetics. I once bought a dried up gel eyeliner from them, confronted them and they refuse to do anything with it and even pushed the blame to me. And so I brought my money elsewhere, over to Catrice. As you know, I AM A HUGE FAN OF CATRICE. Yeah I know the principal brands are from the same company. But not in Malaysia. I prefer to spend my money on something I know good and worth the money and that is definitely not Essence. I have been quite good with not buying anything from Essence until today. I saw someone posted a photo of the Exit To Explore collection AND the Prismatic Rainbow Glow Highlighter yesterday and that is how I broke my no-Essence shopping ban.

I have been wanting a rainbow highlighter for ages. I nearly ordered one from Wet n Wild a few months ago but they were out of stock 🙁 . Then I found out Tony Moly launched one too but I was too lazy to go over Tony Moly. I predict the price would not be cheap aka around RM60-ish for that highlighter and that makes me even more lazier. I prefer Wet n Wild. So I wait. I have known about Essence Prismatic Rainbow Glow Highlighter for quite some time, no thanks to Instagram. What I did not predict was that Malaysia will bring it in. Totally did not see that coming lol. I went to the nearest mall which I knew has a complete Essence display yesterday first thing in the morning.

This is the MAIN reason why I broke my no-Essence shopping ban. Prismatic Rainbow Glow Highlighter (RM18.90). Urrgghh! So pretty, I can’t.

Essence Exit To Explore Collection 2
I have been so curious about rainbow highlighter. People have been using it as it is aka a rainbow on the cheek as highlight. For Instagram yes you could get away with it but in real life? You will probably be deemed as lunatic! I was more intrigued with how it is when all colors are swirled together. Will it be blue? Or red? The answer is, a beautiful light gold shade. I even wanted to buy off every single one of it from the shelf after swatching them. Three times to be precise. I swatched the damn highlighter THREE TIMES to make sure I am not hallucinating. Plus the guard was not in yet so I took my sweet sweet time swatching and taking photos lol.

Essence Exit To Explore Collection 3


Exit To Explore Collection

The second reason why I wanted to check out Essence this time is this new Exit To Explore collection. The collection theme evolves around the exotic world of the Amazon. I was attracted to the blush packaging. Essence packaging are typically bland but this My Heart Is Beating Like A Jungle Drum (RM18.90) is one of its kind. I seriously cannot stop staring at it. And the Hornbill on the blush is so Malaysia. If you put plant and flower on the packaging, I can’t stop thinking about it. And if you add one exotic animal on the packaging, you have my money lol.

There was no tester for this blush but while I was at the store I could see that it may be an ombre blush. I was right. I quickly tore the tape off as soon as I was home and was glad to see it is indeed an ombre blush. I have posted everything on my Instagram so if you’re not following me, too bad 😛 . You’re missing out all the shopping deals, bargains, irresistible findings and many more 😀

Essence Exit To Explore Collection 4
There was supposed to be three single eyeshadow in the collection but there was only two at the store.

Essence Exit To Explore Collection 5
The lipstick was kinda meh. I would give this a pass.

Essence Exit To Explore Collection 6
Moving on, something new and it was interesting. BLUSHplay Sculpting Blush Palette (RM21.90). Essence website shows that there are two shades but I only spot one.

Essence Exit To Explore Collection 7
Another new product and it is a massive one. Single eyeshadows! Lots and lots of it. Each single eyeshadow pan is retailing for RM9.90. There are two empty palette for sale. Small one goes for RM9.90 while the big one RM10.90.

Essence Exit To Explore Collection 8

Essence Exit To Explore Collection 9
There are also three new brushes. I am holding two because I could not find the third one. Smokey Eyes Brush looks good!

Essence Exit To Explore Collection 10
Now, this one I cannot brain. Rock ‘n’ Doll Duo Stylist Eyeliner Pen. It has a ball-shaped felt tip. I don’t think you can do a feline flick at the end with the “ball” but according to Essence, the ball-shaped tip is supposed to make your life easier by dotting on to create a line. Let me warn you that the ball is big therefore the dot would be too. Unless you have huge eyes or eyelid space otherwise I would recommend a normal eyeliner.

Essence Exit To Explore Collection 11
This last product is something I was impressed with. 2-in-1 Eyeshadow & Liner is just RM15.90 each, can you believe it? The browns are beautiful and it sets almost immediately after I swatched it. I had a tough time scrubbing the swatches off with a tissue paper so I presumed the longevity of these would be good? I had enough browns at home so I did not get any despite the temptation was strong lol.

Essence Exit To Explore Collection 12

Essence Exit To Explore Collection 13
That is all from me today on Essence Cosmetics. If you have been following me on Instagram, you are already on a “shopping trip” with me yesterday morning. More shopping shenanigans on my Instagram stories! Until the next post…ciao!


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  • Although I had a massive make-up spree @ EveNBoy in Bangkok recently, you got me hooked, Fiona! Do tell which Watsons outlet you purchased these items!

    • It will be too far for you. All who asked which Watsons I went left (without saying thank you) and unfollowed me after I told them. So I would advise you to go to your nearest/most convenient Watsons which has Essence shelf. Most are already in stock and changed the display to the current one.

      • Gee, that’s not nice of them! Ok, shall continue searching for it. I know there’s none at the major malls shelves so far. Thanks anyway and enjoy using your items! 😀

        • Lol yes. It’s shocking how human behaves. If Kajang is not too far from you, you may find them at Watsons Plaza Metro Kajang

          • Hey L<3ve, after 5 Watsons visits, finally got mine + along other Essence stuff yesterday! :p Thanks a lot for the write up and keep on posting!:D

          • Oh my. I was told most Watsons have the new collections up already. That means Kajang for once is faster! LOL. I bet your haul is so much interesting 😉
            Thank you and you have a great week, aight!

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