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Hugo Boss BOSS THE SCENT For Her: Seductively Light Sweet Scent and I Like It!

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Just when I started to get bored rotating between perfumes I had on my vanity table, this Hugo Boss BOSS THE SCENT For Her arrived my doorstep unexpectedly. Boy am I happy to see a new fragrance made available to our market. I have always love perfume and even reviewing perfume. You know what they say, the most difficult product to review is perfume. I like it because I like the challenge 😉

One year ago, HUGO BOSS launched THE SCENT For Men. I wore the perfume for quite a bit before passing it over to my brother. It is one of his favourite perfume and the last I check, he is about to finish the whole big bottle! HUGO BOSS make really good fragrances. If you think they are good with just the men fragrance, then you are wrong. Their women fragrances are equally good.

Hugo Boss BOSS THE SCENT For Her 2
Hugo Boss BOSS THE SCENT For Her is marketed as a seductive fragrance for women. I have to agree with the seductive part but all-in-one, this perfume is a sweet scent. My acceptance towards fruity perfume is not receptive as I am more leaning towards floral fragrances. However I find myself needing to wear this everyday since I got it. Now, this is a good fruity fragrance. Seductively fruity (and sweet)! In a good way 😀


Scent Description

The fruity and floral Honeyed Peach and Freesia meet in an exquisite, head-turning combination that creates an irresistible attraction.

Warm and voluptuous heart notes of the oriental flower Osmanthus connect the top and base notes in an initially light and delicate allure that evolves into a darker, heady quality.

Locked together and powerless to resist, the fragrance unleashes an irresistibly rich base note of Roasted Cocoa. An enigmatic element with strong hidden qualities, it offers an addictive boost that arouses the senses, making the protagonists relinquish control in the moment.

Hugo Boss BOSS THE SCENT For Her 3
The scent however is pretty light, crisp and fresh. For an Eau de Parfum, that is unusual. It is so light that I have to shower myself with mists and mists just to be confirmed that I can smell the fragrance on myself. I say about six mists that I started to smell the scent on myself?

Let’s talk about the bottle. I love love loveeeee the champagne rose colour of the fragrance juice inside the glass bottle but the bottle flacon itself I am not a fan. It looked slightly manly for my liking. It took me a few days to accept the bottle as it is but then again, it is the fragrance itself that I love so I am going to look past the bottle lol. The bottle is actually designed by Jason Wu. Jason wanted to capture the juxtaposition of male and female elements hence you see a mixture of both gender on the design. No doubt it is somewhat sleek looking with sophisticated lines of the flacon that flow upwards and culminate in a precious cufflink-inspired jewel at the top – a feminine twist on the iconic BOSS cufflink. The idea is to implement the iconic BOSS cufflink design with a twist to get both male and female, fashion and fragrance identity merging as one. The cap however does not close down all the way tightly so grabbing the bottle by the cap is a definite no-no.

Hugo Boss BOSS THE SCENT For Her 4
If you are into sexy, fruity, womanly, seductive scent, this is what you are looking for. I am not into sweet fruity scent but the sexiness in the note balance it out and transformed the fragrance into something else. It is seductive alright. A womanly sweet scent that is rare. Most womanly scent are more into confidence. This one? Sexy!

Hugo Boss BOSS THE SCENT For Her Eau de Parfum is available at all major department stores and perfumeries nationwide.

+ BOSS THE SCENT For Her Eau de Parfum 30ml – RM214
+ BOSST HE SCENT For Her Eau de Parfum 50ml – RM311
+ BOSS THE SCENT For Her Eau de Parfum 100ml – RM427
+ BOSS THE SCENT For Her Shower Gel 200ml – RM128
+ BOSS THE SCENT For Her Body Lotion 200ml – RM139

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Disclaimer: Press sample. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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