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MAKE UP FOR EVER Ink Liner: Intensely matte black liquid eyeliner with fast-drying, long-lasting formula and easy removal

The thing about me with eyeliner is that I’m so used to liquid pen liner and I’m almost handicap with the rest of the format available. I spend most of my makeup time on perfecting the eyeshadow look so by the time I reached the eye lining step, I’m too tired and lazy to spend even more time on the eyes. All I want to do is to just quickly finish off the eye-do and carry on with the rest of the face! Any eyeliner product that requires a brush or the messiest to work with is most likely the one that I reach out the least. So when I saw this newly launched MAKE UP FOR EVER Ink Liner in my press kit, I doubted it for a second but you know me, I always like to try something new and anything that challenge me, excites me even more.

Make Up For Ever Ink Liner
For the Fall 2014 collection, MAKE UP FOR EVER introduces three new Black Liners. These three new products namely Artist Liner; a kohl pencil liner, Ink Liner; an ink liner and Graphic Liner; a felt-tip pen liner carries three different professional styles of application with three different effects of blacker than ever. You can definitely find an eyeliner that is suitable for your preference, creating a look from the subtlest to the boldest. All three different style of liner are also high in pigment concentration and carbon black in color. Dany Sanz created these liners that is able to give an instant intense, deep, dark black result with the first stroke that stick to the skin once it dries.

I’m not going to review all three liners unfortunately but instead I’m going to just concentrate on the Ink Liner. THE type of liner that I’m not used to use on daily basis regardless the format, the brush or the consistency. In another word, it’s something new to me 🙂

Make Up For Ever Ink Liner 2
The first time I used this MAKE UP FOR EVER Ink Liner is the next day after I got it. I must admit, I was feeling extremely nervous because I was about to go out and if I mess up, I’ll need to redo my eye makeup again and let’s not forget that I’ll be late to where I was heading to. That is something that I’m not keen with. Usually these type of felt-tip applicator and bottle format is not my favourite because majority of them comes with extremely long stem. Longer stem for me means I couldn’t get close and steady at the same time. Boy oh boy I was so happy that this Ink Liner comes with a super short stem and applicator. Right there and then I knew I’ll like this one.

Now that I’ve passed the first challenge i.e. the shorter stem, the next challenge would be the felt-tip applicator itself. I am still getting the hang of stiff applicator tip of MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Liner but I was surprised that this Ink Liner is totally different from Aqua Liner. The felt-tip feels like a brush itself thanks to it’s flexible tip. This genius tip moves and bends like a brush. I was so certainly sure that this is a brush in disguise when I first used it 😀 . However not the whole applicator is able bend or so. It’s only the last 2mm of the tip that is able to bend flexibly, which is just the way I like it. It’s absolutely mind-boggling how much difference it makes. I also like the shorter ergonomically-designed cap as I’m able to grip onto it without bumping onto the mirror.

Make Up For Ever Ink Liner Flexible Tip
The consistency is the very main factor on why I like this Ink Liner. It’s matte. Me and anything matte is #bff 🙂 . The color payoff is out of this world. It is the most intense, opaque matte black I’ve ever put on my eyes. MAKE UP FOR EVER used optimized dose of black iron oxide in the formula in order for the ink to be this intense. Well, not everything comes with the good without the bad. There is just one downside that I would like to note down but it’s nothing severe or bad. Just something that you should too take note when using this Ink Liner. If you take a look at the hand swatch on the below photo, you will notice that I drew on two different line swatch. On the left is drew on with light hand stroke. This will create an opaque line. On the right is drew on with a little bit of pressure. I notice that when the felt-tip presses onto the skin too much, it actually drags the color away a little bit. That’s the area where it’s slightly clear on the thick swatch. So girls, be light-handed 😀

Make Up For Ever Ink Liner Hand Swatch
Oh hey, doesn’t these look familiar 😀 . Oh yes, below is a few photos from the MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow tutorial that I did earlier. I planned to lump this review into that post but it’s already quite lengthy so in order to not make you fall asleep, a separate post seems more feasible 😉

As the ink is all in the small bottle, the felt-tip applicator is picking up more than enough product on the tip. So what I like to do is to run the brush over the neck of the bottle to get rid of excess product before applying. The wet consistency could take a bit of getting used to at first but there’s nothing to be worry about as this dries down before you could even finish saying “Ink Liner”. But for hooded eyes like mine, I would strongly suggest you to keep looking down for a few seconds before looking up or blink because the ink will definitely transfer onto your upper lid if it’s still wet. I accidentally look up and the eyeliner is all over my lid #typicalasianhoodedeyes. But once it’s dry, it last the whole day. That is because biotechnological polysacchrides in the formula helps in this matter. However if you are sensitive towards Alcohol, do take note that this Ink Liner contain Alcohol to help the liner to dry fast but it also contain Glycerin to give comfort to the skin.

Make Up For Ever Ink Liner on the eye
I like to have a rather thick eyeliner on and the brush is able to give me the type of thickness in one stroke only. The size of the applicator is just nice for the purpose. I can create a fine line or a thick dramatic line, all with the brush. With such long-lasting formula, I expect that removal would be a pain. Surprisingly it’s very easy to be removed. In fact it’s much easier than every other eyeliner I have in my possession. The ink just melts away when in contact with remover.

Overall, I think this is a good intense black matte eyeliner to have. It does take some time to get used to the whole concept and the wetter ink consistency. I do like that it dries down fast but it still that doesn’t prevent the link from transferring onto my lid. Nonetheless I am glad I took the challenge to try something totally out of my comfort zone and it works out good for me and my hooded eyes 😀


MAKE UP FOR EVER Ink Liner is available at all Sephora outlets nationwide as well as pro boutiques.

Pro Boutique – Sephora Starhill Level 2
Boutique – Penang Gurney Plaza

Price: TBC


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Disclaimer: Press sample.


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  • Hey, you line your eyes very well! I’m such a noob and haven’t used liquid liners in a long time. I can only deal with pencil and gel liners for now 🙂

    • Really? Oh man I still mess up day to day basis. My eyes is so hard to line due to the creasing. The end of my crease are way too long making it hard to do a wing. I have so much wrinkle on the lash line that I can’t get a smooth line. And I can’t do thin line. It will be buried into the lash line lol. Because of this, I can’t use pencil at all. I can still use gel but depending on the formula 🙂

  • The eyeliner you draw on is so nice. So far I haven’t try liquid one. Pencil type if the easiest for me and I have tried Maybelline gel type which need some practice and I am ok after that.

    • Thanks dear 🙂 . I only use pencil when I’m lazy to draw on a perfect line. Then I’d smudge the line out using a smaller eye brush. And then, apply 1-shade eyeshadow over the lid. My fav look to do with pencil. I have the Maybelline gel pen. The one like Benefit.

  • Cantik Fiona. I’m fascinated by your brow and now your eyeliner too! :). Do you need 2 coats to get that kind of black? Some brand claim that their eyeliner is the blackest and it’s only true when you need to layer on. This looks promising!

    • Thanks Diana *blush*
      Nope you don’t need 2 coats as the eyeliner itself is already this black. However you can still layer on according to your preference. I know I do! Picture speaks louder than words 😀 . The swatch itself answers your questions on behalf of me already haha!

      • Notes taken Fiona 😀

  • Man, you’re precise – I agree with everyone else. You got that line drawing down to pat. Pat on the back for you.
    I kind of wish I had a monolid given the need for drying down time with hooded lids.
    I haven’t cracked this MUFE liner open yet but I like the black-black look I see on you.

    • Hehe thanks Jude. I wish my crease is on the eye socket itself so that I have a wider space to work with eyeshadow. Really envy those with big deep set of eyes. I believe eyeshadow finishes fast too LOL.
      I took the risk of using and photographing this eyeliner on the first use because I want to shock myself and to get that first impression kinda feeling, then only use it continuously for a short period of time before putting up the review. Remember the Tarte trick – let it dry with closed eyes? The same applies for this eyeliner otherwise you’d get it all over the lid.

  • Lovely eye make up there. As always, salute your precision and neatness! If it was me…I think I am better off drawing panda around my eyes. I guess wet formula gives noobs some time to try to draw properly but it will take some time to dry as well.

    • Thanks dear. I’m not always precise lol. The more concentrated I am, the more mess I did. It doesn’t take very long to dry. Just don’t draw with an overly wet brush will do. It is almost dry as soon as the line is created. For me, I prefer to keep looking down for a few seconds 😀


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