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MAKE UP FOR EVER Flat Steel Palette: You don’t need to be a pro to buy this mixing palette

One thing for sure is that I get foundation or any other makeup on my dress every single morning. I kinda forget that I have it on the back of my hand. Foundation is one of the most stubborn stain to get rid of dress due to the fact that I don’t hard scrub my work dresses or it could be that my mum wasn’t paying attention to makeup stain on my dress? Long story cut short, I wanted to get a mixing palette badly. I kinda like MAKE UP FOR EVER one but knowing it’s MUFE, it means it will be expensive. I’m not going to spend a lot on a mixing palette. I knew Inglot had it too so the choices now is to either bite the bullet or don’t get it at all. One day I decided to email MAKE UP FOR EVER awesome PR and Marketing girl to enquire on the prices and let’s just say I literally dash over to MAKE UP FOR EVER Starhill boutique the next day and purchased it.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Flat Steel Palette Large Size
MAKE UP FOR EVER Flat Steel Palette comes in two sizes – a Small size 126mm x 75mm and a Large size 163mm x 106mm. The price differences is only RM5 apart so you bet I got the Large size for RM25. I have no idea why I was stressing myself thinking it would be expensive. It was surprisingly not. That explains the dashing to the store 😀

Now the palette. It is made from lightweight aluminium. It fits nicely on my palm. It’s not finger print-proof and I’m particular with finger prints so most of the time I hold my palette like this.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Flat Steel Palette Size on Palm
On days where I was rushing, I sometimes hold it like this.

Despite being a steel palette, it is not scratch-proof as well. I’m one clumsy girl so I do bump and drop this palette on the table most of the time. I spend a great amount of time to beware of what I was doing so that I can avoid dropping it 😀

MAKE UP FOR EVER Flat Steel Palette Holding
Why large and not the small palette? First it’s the price. Why get the small one when I can get the large palette with just RM5 extra. Second of all is because I knew I need lots of space to swirl my foundation flat top kabuki brush on the palette. Turns out I was right. Foundation alone already occupied top half of the palette. Besides foundation, I used it for everything you can think of i.e. concealer, eyebrow gel, eyeshadow, lipstick and so on.

As for cleaning, it used to be a hard task for me. I was using dry tissue until one day I took a look at my miceller cleansing water sitting on the table top next to me. And if you know me well you will know that I seldom use cleansing water to remove my makeup. So I would pump some onto a piece of tissue (sometimes cotton pad) and wipe down all product residue off the palette. It works so well in removing the oil substance from the foundation and so on. Of course you could also use wet wipes to clean the palette. The choice is up to you 🙂

MAKE UP FOR EVER Flat Steel Palette Mixing Medium v2
I wouldn’t say everyone need this mixing palette. This MAKE UP FOR EVER Flat Steel Palette is listed under the PRO category. It make sense afterall makeup artists are the one who would probably use this the most. I chose to use this due to various reasons especially the hygiene purpose. I really don’t like to get my hands dirty when I do makeup. You’ll never know where I’ll accidentally wipe it to. I’m serious.

This palette is also great for those who are into mixing shades. There are people who have difficulty in getting the right foundation shade for the skin tone so shade mixing is the only choice for them. Alternatively, you can also use a clean CD to do all the mixing if you prefer not to get a PRO palette like this one 🙂

MAKE UP FOR EVER Flat Steel Palette is available at MAKE UP FOR EVER boutique only.

Price (the price I know before GST):
+ Small (126mm x 75mm) – RM20
+ Large (163mm x 106mm) – RM25

For more information, please visit or you can follow MAKE UP FOR EVER Malaysia official Facebook page at


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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  • When i was in KL, i walked from KLCC to Starhill just to get this. But they are out of stock, so bummed

    • I think the stocks are quite limited and when people found out it is as cheap as this, it was snatched right away in no time 🙂 . It’s funny how all of the sudden everyone is buying this.

      • I mix my foundation on top of my hands all the time so this is a good alternative. Wish someone in KL can help me get one since its only available in MUFE Starhill

        • Yeap. It is. That’s the reason why I bought this too. I’ve never been any happier 🙂

  • I never realied there was such a thing, or rather, a need for such a thing! I just pump my foundation on the back of my hand. And I just realised that the shape and size of this palette is pretty much the same as the steel laminate samples I have at work. The only difference is that the samples come with a ply base. I suppose I could actually use one of them but I’d have to switch a new one every week since I can’t wash them (because of the base).

    By the way, the size for small and large are listed as the same!

    • Hehehe. There’s a lot more tools for the pros than you could imagine. Almost like school kids colouring utensils 🙂
      Oh the details at the bottom was wrong and I’ve edited that. Thanks. The sizes on the top are correct 🙂

  • Yeah, love this! You know I bought it because you shared about it. Thanks for that!
    I actually prefer the smaller size because it fits into my makeup pouch more easily but I have both.

    • Yes I know 🙂 I went back for the smaller size and it was out of stock. One day I’ll go back Starhill again to look for it 😉 Interested to try the primer as well. It’s very costly eh.

  • I just use the back of my hand :). I’ve seen youtuber using a round transparent disc. Do you know where can we get that here? And CD?

    • No idea dear. I haven’t seen the round transparent disc around. Yes CD 🙂

  • I seldom wear foundation or mix any makeup product on the back of my hand so no, will not be needing this. Good price point though^^


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