Holiday Collection 2014 Make Up For Ever

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: MAKE UP FOR EVER 2014 Holiday Kit

Inevitably, MAKE UP FOR EVER is one of my favourite brand. I find myself lusting over every single thing the brand came out with. I’ve tried quite a number of their products and so far, I have nothing but love for them. Major love crush 😛

Putting aside cuteness or uniqueness that other holiday collection have, MAKE UP FOR EVER 2014 Holiday Kit is worth to keep an eye on. They are simply elegant, classy and let’s face it. The quality is absolutely the toppest notch that you can ever get.

Make Up For Ever 2014 Holiday Kit
I like that MAKE UP FOR EVER only came out with four holiday kit internationally and a Sephora Malaysia exclusive set consisting of two Aqua Eyes in 2L Pearly Brown (if I’m not mistaken on the shade). Unfortunately I don’t have a photo with me and there’s no such set on Google search but you can find it at Sephora Starhill store. I’m sure other Sephora store have it too. I just happen to bump into the set at Sephora Starhill.


Makeup Station (RM1,050 / USD300 with product value of USD662)

This ultimate Makeup Artist’s collection lets you create infinite looks for the holidays—and beyond. Featuring 30 professional must-haves for the makeup love, this set lets any artist explore and indulge in all the backstage essentials. Housed in a reusable, professional backstage Makeup Artist’s Case, this set includes primers, powders, eye, cheek and lip favorites, and Artisan Brushes.

Make Up For Ever Makeup Station
This set contains:

  • 1 HD Primer : 0 neutral
  • 1 HD Blush : 210 cool pink
  • 1 HD Pressed Powder
  • 1 Mist & Fix
  • 10 Artist Shadow eye shadows: ME-108 steel, I-544 pink granite, M-500 ivory, M-100 black, D-320 golden khaki, I-414 yellow ivory, ME-216 electric blue, D-236 lagoon blue, M-630 sweet chestnut, ME-728 copper red
  • 2 Artist Shadow blushes: S-748 coral, I-922 electric purple
  • 1 Graphic Liner : vinyl black
  • 2 Aqua Eyes : 21L dark grey, 25L matte brown
  • 1 Smoky Extravagant mascara : black
  • 1 Star Powder : 926 iridescent beige
  • Glitter : 3 iridescent white
  • 1 Aqua Seal
  • 1 Eyelashes : 156 Nude
  • 2 Aqua Lip : 8C true red, 14C muted dusty rose
  • 1 Rouge Artist Intense : 43 vibrant red
  • 1 Aqua Rouge : 14 light rosewood
  • 1 Precision Blush Brush 150
  • 1 Precision Blender Brush 216
  • Reusable case that stores these 30 must-have products. Large mirror included


Studio Case (RM250 / USD59.50 with product value of USD93)

Amp up your holiday look when you add drama with this Studio Case’s vivid color. This limited-edition palette features 12 Artists Shadows, infused with an innovative formula that provides both superior color pay-off and smooth blendability. The shadows are arranged in complementary trios as a guide for creating four specific eye looks: The everyday Natural, sultry Smoky, daring Bold, and sophisticated Chic. Top off your eye look with the rich black Artist Liner, perfect for precisely lining and defining, and the step-by-step guide helps you to create each signature look—all housed in a reusable signature makeup kit.

Make Up For Ever Studio Case
This set contains:

  • “NATURAL” for an everyday look
  • “SMOKY” for an edgy look
  • “BOLD” for a daring look
  • “CHIC” for a sophisticated look
  • Get the look tutorial included to create each look.
  • Reusable case with space to store your favorite products. Mirror included


Beauty Kit (RM135 / USD39 with product value of USD66)

Get a festive glow with this ultimate holiday Beauty Kit from MAKE UP FOR EVER. This limited-edition collection offers backstage must-haves for any makeup artist. The HD Primer achieves seamless makeup application, and eyes can get sultry, long-wear looks with deep black Aqua Eyes and Smoky Extravagant Mascara. Add a flash of holiday red with the bold Rouge Artist Intense lip color and Aqua Lip Liner. Top off the look with HD Powder Loose—all stowed away in a reusable signature makeup kit.

Make Up For Ever Beauty Kit
This set contains:

  • 0.16 oz HD Primer
  • 0.035 oz HD Powder
  • 0.018 oz Aqua Eyes in Matte Black
  • 0.13 oz Smoky Extravagant Mascara in Black
  • 0.018 oz Aqua lip color in Red
  • 0.12 oz Rouge Artist Intense lip color in 43 Moulin Rouge


Brush Set (RM275 / USD66 with product value of USD111)

This professional-quality brush set includes four must-have eye and cheek brushes for the most flawless, professional application. Perfectly portable, they’re handcrafted to give you extraordinary professional makeup application. Featuring the #150 Precision Blush Brush, #216 Precision Eye Blender Brush, #228 Precision Shader Brush and #172 Precision Corrector Brush, they are packaged in the MAKE UP FOR EVER signature pouch so you can be your own makeup artist.

Make Up For Ever Brush Set
This set contains:

  • Travel-size Artisan brush #150
  • Travel-size Artisan brush #172
  • Travel-size Artisan brush #216
  • Travel-size Artisan brush #228

Just in case you’re wondering, Makeup Station is very limited and there are only 10 sets available at MAKE UP FOR EVER Starhill boutique. Although that is what I’m drooling for, Studio Case is in my top wish list. What about you? Do you like any of the holiday kit? Beauty Kit is quite worthy too 🙂


+ Makeup Station – RM1,050 / USD300 with product value of USD662
+ Studio Case – RM250 / USD59.50 with product value of USD93
+ Beauty Kit – RM135 / USD39 with product value of USD66
+ Brush Set – RM275 / USD66 with product value of USD111

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  • Hi Fiona^^ I bought Beauty Kit. My first red lipstick! I love it…the mascara too^^

    • Oh wow. Yay! My red lippie usually doesn’t finish so I’m still contemplating if I should get the set 🙁

  • I think these sets are the best way to pick up some really great MUFE products for a very reasonable price. I mean, buying it all individually costs much more so I understand why you’re excited. I am thinking about the brush set and the beauty kit. In my fantasy shopping spree, the RM1000+ kit is my dream set but sadly, still more than I want to spend on Christmas for myself.

    • I notice that MUFE ones are more discounted comparing to retail price. For example the duo Aqua Eyes set that I saw is retailing for RM109. Each pencil already cost RM85 retail. If only we can use our Tribe card for holiday set. I’d pick it up right away. The 1k kit is really worth it. But I’d be happy with just the Studio Case kit haha 😀

  • This is awesome… keep up the good work guys!!


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