Beauty News: See life from a new perspective with LACOSTE L!VE

The new fragrance from LACOSTE L!VE embodies an irrepressible energy. The energy to push boundaries, create its own path, its own style.
LACOSTE L!VE blends edgy style and authenticity. It attracts creative spirits, providing them with new possibilities to dress in a unique way. The addition of a fragrance to the LACOSTE L!VE universe was a natural step, but it had to embody the same creativity and uniqueness. The fragrance will make help you to see beyond the obvious. New Fragrance.New perspective.

Heighten the senses, discover new perspectives and inspire creativity.

Every component of LACOSTE L!VE can be found in this unique fragrance: energy, creativity and a cool edge. The ingredients are expertly blended, coming together as one dynamic scent, but each also stands out individually – capturing a feeling of constant motion with ever changing sides as each note reveals itself.


Scent Description

The dynamic burst of lime hits you first. This zesty touch reflects the unique nature of LACOSTE L!VE and is an unexpected and energetic top note – bright and sharp, to awaken your senses.

Green leaves and aquatic notes are at the heart and accentuate the lime to bring vibrancy and freshness. Time to move, time to create.

The smoky warmth of Guaiac Wood and dark liquorice build the base notes of the fragrance, adding depth and originality to the scent.



The Flacon

Edgy, strong and playful.

The creative inspiration is everywhere in this fragrance; in the juice, but the flacon as well.

LACOSTE Desert Pool Party in Coachella 2014

Edgy.This cube is a clean and modern shape. With its minimalistic aesthetic and contemporary colours, this unexpected object offers a smart and edgy container for thedynamic juice within. The primary colours on the bottle provide a base for creative minds to build upon as they visualise all the possibilities. From any perspective you look at it, the flacon’s lines are, above all, LACOSTE L!VE in style and design.

Strong. The unexpected and bold design of this flacon, with a subtle play of materials draws a unique and instantly recognizable envelope for this fragrance. Once you see it, you won’t forget it.

Playful. The six sides of the cube give the LACOSTE L!VE generation the opportunity to see things differently depending on the perspective. It pushes people to go and see beyond the obvious, to be surprised and energized, exactly as the fragrance does.


The Campaign

LACOSTE L!VE Creative Packshot
The LACOSTE L!VEfragrance campaign, “New Fragrance, New perspective,” inspires you to step aside, step back, and see life from a different angle.

Starting with the advertising, the idea of perspective is challenged through anamorphosis art created by renowned graffiti artist, Zoer. Directed by H5, this twenty-second clip will air in May, 2014. It features two young guys (including Zoer) energetically painting, colouring and taping the walls of a white loft. When their work is done, the camera pans to show a new perspective of the room, and the surprise result of their art is revealed. The seemingly random elements assemble to recreate a 3D LACOSTE L!VE flacon. This clip will also encourage consumers to reinterpret the idea of perspective, generate their own content about the fragrance and share it widely on social platforms.

LACOSTE Desert Pool Party in Coachella 2014
Digital and social are a major part of the new campaign. Launching in April at the LACOSTE Desert Pool Party in California, artists will be invited to design and exhibit installations inspired by the LACOSTE L!VE cube flacon. The artists will share their creations online and via social networks, introducing #newfragrance and #newperspective to the world.

These hashtags will be at the heart of a global digital campaign running from July to mid- September, inviting people to experience and capture their LACOSTE L!VE perspective and post it to Instagram. This showcases the artistic side of the product and encourages people to express themselves with the most innovative images selected to be displayed across the LACOSTE digital network. Through the idea of “new perspective” and global participation, this whole campaign aims at letting the LACOSTE L!VE generation speak for itself.


LACOSTE L!VE is now available at leading departmental stores and perfumeries nationwide.

+ LACOSTE L!VE Eau de Toilette 100ml – RM268
+ LACOSTE L!VE Eau de Toilette 40ml – RM161
+ LACOSTE L!VE Deo Stick 75ml – RM84
+ LACOSTE L!VE Shower Gel 150ml – RM84

For more information, please visit LACOSTE L!VE


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