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Review: Lip Balm Market Leader Mentholatum Now Comes With New Variant – Maxilip Anti-Ageing Caviar and Lip Pure Orange

There is practically no one I know that doesn’t use lip balm. Not all are into applying lipstick or lip gloss but lip balm? It’s easily accepted by all level of people. Regardless the ladies or the gents, everyone need or use lip balm. Why I say so? My guy friends shocked me sometimes by telling me that they want me to follow them to buy lip balm! Yes, even the gents are getting more and more conscious with their lips. Ladies…if you are lazy to even take care of your lips, you better start now. The gents are catching up. Real fast.

Mentholatum have a wide varieties of lip balm under their umbrella. That doesn’t stop them from coming out with new, better and improved version of lip balm to the market. The market and demand for lip balm is increasing day by day. With everyone’s different preference it is no doubt that each and every Mentholatum lip balm are catering to different people.

The new variant of Mentholatum lip balm is actually not new new but it’s new flavor additional to the current existing range. These two new variant that I’m talking about is Maxilip Anti-Ageing Lip Balm #Caviar and Lip Pure Lip Balm #Orange.



Lip Pure Lip Balm (Orange) – RM14.90 (Available in Fragrance Free as well)

Lip Pure was released with just offering Fragrance Free variant back then. Now new flavour – Lip Pure #Orange is added to the range. The lip balm has a light orange scent and fragrance that is said to help to lift up the senses. It is formulated with 100% food-grade ingredients that only uses the finest natural ingredients that is handpicked from South America, Africa, Italy, Australia and France. It also contain no preservative and colorant that even sensitive lips can use this lip balm as well.

Lip Pure casing comes with a dense lipstick-alike casing that the caps click on tightly. White tube is easier to accept for me as I like my skin care or in this case lip care to have a pure, white color casing. I can easily mistaken this tube with other lip balm if not because of the “Lip Pure” wording on the cap. Thank you for that!

The lip balm bullet is similar to a lipstick except for it’s yellowish shade. It comes in a decent size and weight of 4g each. At first glance it looks pretty emollient and moisturizing even from the bullet in the case. The orange scent dispenses out as soon as I removed the cap off which is quite refreshing. I have always like citrus scent for certain product. Some are okay while some not.

I was right. It is indeed very moisturizing and emollient as well as smooth. That’s because it contain Vitamin E which is one of an anti-oxidant ingredient that are able to fight free radicals. I have tried using Lip Pure Orange on it’s own as well as the base for lipstick. On it’s own it lasted quite a good few hours on my lips. Even after all the drinking from a mug my lips stay smooth and moisturized. What I like about this Lip Pure is that it’s none greasy or sticky. It just feels like a layer of water on my lips.

As the base for lipstick, this can sheer out your lipstick a bit. If you want to use this as base but wouldn’t want your lipstick to sheer out, just apply a thinner layer. I refuse to because I like to apply a generous layer of Lip Pure on my lips, especially on hot days like this.

The key ingredients of Lip Pure Orange are:-

Natural Beeswax (South America)
Highly concentrated handpicked beeswax from bees in the cell walls of honeycombs from South America. It is used for it’s emollient, soothing and softening properties as well as helping lips to retain moisture for prevention of dry and chapped lips.

Shea Butter (Africa)
Hydrates cells and help lips to regain its natural elasticity by preventing further moisture from escaping from the cells. It is extracted from African Shea Tree that help the lips to lock in moisture for longer hydration.

Olive Oil (Italy)
It has powerful skin soothing properties, sourced from Italy especially good for extra dry and sensitive skin. It helps to reduce fine lines as well as preventing dryness and chapped lips.

Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil (Australia)
Sourced from Australia, it is an excellent ingredient for moisture that effectively penetrates and hydrate the lips plus repair and provide nourishment.

Natural Phytosqualane (France)
Also an ingredient from France to create a natural shield for lip protection agains any forms of irritation. It also helps to hydrate lips, leaving the surface smooth without extra greasiness.



Maxilip Anti-Ageing Lip Balm (Caviar) – RM15.90 (Available in Original as well)

Maxilip on the other hand is an interesting one. The current one comes in Original only which is known for it’s double layer protection and multi-benefit function including anti-ageing and moisturizing. Now Maxilip have a sister which is the Caviar variant. Caviar has always been known as luxury delicies but not many of us know that it has beauty benefits due to Omega-3 fatty acids in it that helps to boost collagen production in the skin in order to brighten lackluster skin and reducing signs of aging.

It is made suitable even for the most sensitive skin type and lips as it doesn’t contain fragrance, preservatives and colorant.

Maxilip lip balm as mentioned is a dual layer lip balm. The outer layer (white) is infused with Ceramide to lock and give long lasting moisture to the lips and the inner layer (pink) is formulated with 3 key anti-ageing ingredients – Caviar, Olive Oil and Hyaluronic Acid.

The casing is the same as Lip Pure, white with “Maxilip” printed on the case, not the cap. It comes in 3.8g which is teeny weeny lesser than Lip Pure (0.2g to be exact) but nonetheless a good decent size for a lip balm.

Despite having caviar as one of the key ingredient rest assured this lip balm is scentless. There is absolutely no fishy scent which I’m glad to find out :).

The lip balm appears more sturdier as a bullet but absolutely no issue applying this on my lips. Unlike dual-layer lipstick with either one layer slightly more drier, this lip balm is totally different. Both layer is the same with the same sturdiness. On the first usage it takes me a few good stroke and layer to get the moisture that I prefer. After that it is much more easier to apply.

I applied this lip balm in 2 different way. As lip balm on its own and as a base for lipstick.  As lip balm it gave me sufficient hydration to my lips and that lasted half a day for me. My lips is looking natural without looking as if I had lip balm on. This is also great as lipstick base! It has a non-greasy texture that works wonderfully with lipstick. Even if you have extremely dry and chapped lips like mine below you will get a smooth lipstick on the lips. This lip balm will also sheer out lipstick a bit. Do put on a thinner layer if you are particular about it. It never bothers me at all.

Maxilips is also said to help to brighten dull looking lips which you can see from the “after” picture below. It’s not very obvious because that would make me look like a ghost. It gave me just the right hint of brightening needed.

Here is the key ingredient function and benefits:-

Excellent anti-ageing and brightening agent to help minimize fine lines and improves skin elasticity as well as brighten dull lips.

Olive Oil
Gives extra moisture to the lips minus the greasiness.

Hyaluronic Acid
Provide intense long lasting hydration for a smoother and supple lips.

I tried swatching both lip balm on the back of my hand to show you the different but both appears as moisturizing as it is. I still swatch it anyway just to show you how both lip balm looks like side by side.

Now you can have beautiful, natural, luscious looking pouty lips without the need to go under the knife or any other expensive salon for lip treatment. You just need to start taking care of the lips more with proper lip care products. All these doesn’t really cost a lot. Perhaps just a lip scrub and a lip balm will do the trick?



Mentholatum Lip Pure is available in 2 variants – Fragrance Free and Orange. It is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets nationwide.
Price: RM14.90 for 4g

Mentholatum Maxilip Anti-Ageing Lip Balm is available in 2 variants – Caviar that is exclusively at Watsons and Original is available at all major pharmacies and hypermarkets.
Price: RM15.90 for 3.8g


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


Comments (14)

  • I did use this before I tried Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm. It’s quite good. But my lips are quite sensitive to I-don’t-know-to-which-ingredient. But still after I’ve tired Clarins lip balm, I fall in love with it. My lips are moisture & soft. Important is my lips no more sensitive. 🙂

    • You’re sensitive to this lip blam oh nooo. For lip balm I’d say Mentholatum have really good decent one. I’m not picky on lip balm. As long as it’s not sticky and doesn’t give me the white line on the inner lips then I’m fine.
      I’ve heard about Clarins one too. Even helped a friend to buy it over the counter just before CNY.

      • Yea, I also don’t know why I am sensitive. That’s why I don’t simply purchase lip balms, but I’ve tried this Mentholatum before. But still, my lips some how is sensitive. Sometimes peeling too. So sad. I’ve even tried the Petroleum jelly, also no use. Ya, it will leave a white line on the inner lips, I got such problem before. But so far I don’t have all problems with Clarins lip balm, so I will continue re-purchase it. I’m on my 2nd Clarins lip balm now & still loving it. 😀

        • Peeling are quite normal. My lips peel 24/7 lol. Some lip balm which are drier will leave a white line. The new lip balm like these two doesn’t :). 2nd tube of Clarins? Whoa. That’s fast!

  • Thanks for sharing about this, Fiona!
    I will definitely give this a try!
    I have very dry, cracked and chapped lips and I’ve tried plenty of products in the market ranging from a few ringgit to tens of ringgit, fr Nivea, Cosway’s Bioglo, Mentholatum, Burt Bee’s, Jelly Pong Pong, Kiehl’s, Body Shop, WHO’s Aromist, etc etc etc…
    i was even trying Mentholatum’s Maxilip (with CoQ10)…
    I even apply lipbalm b4 i go to bed…
    yet, most don’t work or only work for a week or two for me, and then it’s back to square one… :'(
    My lips remain chapped, dry and cracked…

    Hopefully, these 2 new products will work for me… **keeping fingers crossed**

    • Your condition is same like mine! Everything dry and cracked, chapped lolz. Applying lip balm before sleep is highly recommended. I do that too. I use lip balm on everything. Sleep, without makeup, with makeup etc. These 2 new variant will keep your lips moist. But you also need to carry it in your bag for reapplying. Lip balm will not turn your lip condition 360 degree but it will “help” with the problem.

      • Yes, agreed with Fiona. It helps at least won’t get you licking your lips always. Haha… 😀
        I do that previously when my lips are dry, but now I don’t. ^^

        • Licking the lips when dry is bad. It gets even more dry 🙂
          I do that sometimes too hehe

  • Hehe, thanks for the sharing. Yes, you are so right that not everyone is a lipstick person but lip balm definitely won’t hurt 🙂 I am using the Maybelline baby lips one currently, both tinted and non tinted. I love the subtle colour and moisturising effect. Yes, on some days, I have a dry “ring” around my lips. So I try to increase my water intake and becareful not to apply skincare around my lips. I am clumsy when it comes to apply sunblock for example, close to my nose and laugh lines…

    • Lip balm is widely acceptable by all level of people :D. My skin care touches everywhere lol. You got to try Lip Pure. It’s like melted butter.

  • Oh, something new I have to try! Thanks for sharing Fiona 🙂

    • Yes something new to try. My personal favorite would be Lip Pure Orange…if you’re into citrus ;). This is more moisturizing.

  • Hehe, you are the beauty dictionary 🙂 Will bring one home the next time I am out to Guardian. Never have enough lip balm haha.

    • I want to introduce more affordable drugstore goodies because that is being requested all the time 🙂


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