Paul & Joe Review: Make Up

Review: Paul & Joe “Manhattan” Autumn 2011 Collection

Remember a 2 weeks ago I attended Paul & Joe Tea Party? Read here

As mentioned in the blog post above, I bought a set of Exclusive Manhattan It Girl Make Up Set at RM280. This set is valued at RM518. Here goes the detail pictures of the set that I’ve gotten. Everything in the set can be customized accordingly to our request.

Color Palette (003 CENTRAL PARK WEST)

Of all 3 palettes I decided to get 003 Central Park West although the BA advised me to get 002 Chelsea. The purple is too dark for day wear. Sigh. Wasted.

Paul & Joe new packaging.

Palette description, ingredients, contact info on the back of the box.

I was told this collection’s stock just arrived so I’m glad to see the manufacture date is Aug-11.

I like the fact that the palette is protected with a layer of padding inside the box.

Beautiful flowery motives on the palette! It’s different from their usual flowery palette whereas you could feel the flower with your fingers. I kinda like the old packaging though.

Palette description, contact info at the back of the palette.

Here’s how the palette looks like inside (with plastic cover on).

Here’s after I removed the plastic cover. Even the brush and applicator provided is also in a plastic.

Shimmering white highlighter, goldish eyeshadow, peachy blusher, pinkish eyeshadow and olive green eyeshadow.

Front view (without flash).
Face & Eye Color CS (073 42nd STREET)

Of all 3 colors, I like 42nd Street and Brooklyn Bridge. Not really into Empire State as the colour combination is not suitable for me. The BA gave me a good advise. Either I could get Brooklyn Bridge and use as blusher or 42nd Street as eyeshadow. I need eyeshadow more than blusher and my Color Palette is not dark colour so I decided to get 42nd Street.

I was happy to found out that the casing of this Face & Eye Color is same motive with the collection’s pouch!

Palette description, contact info at the back of the palette.

Same manufacture date with Color Palette; Aug-11.

Definitely the nicest casing among all 3 designs.

The one I choose is a colour combination of pink and blue. Dark blue to be exact 😉
Lipstick C (073 UPTOWN GIRL)

I was already sold during the makeup demo where the makeup artist; Bong use the colour Uptown Girl on the model. It is also the softest and easiest to wear colour of all 3 shades. The other 2 colours are bright red and nude brown. I’m also liking Lower East Side which is the nude brown but in the end I decided to get Uptown Girl which is a light peachy pink colour. This shade is suitable for all occasion.

Although I like the colour of the lipstick but not so much on the casing. I prefer SoHo casing though.

Palette description, contact info at the back of the palette.

Manufacture date of Aug-11.

The casing is Paul & Joe’s usual lipstick casing. It’s in hard paper which I heard will not scuffed or bent that easily.

Don’t you love the colour? I was excited upon returning from the tea party that I wanted to show my mum the flower print on the lipstick. I was holding the cover not knowing it’s that loose and the bottom fell hard to the floor. I prayed hard that the lipstick is not broken. It’s not but the lipstick hit hard to the inner casing that the flower print is smudged a little. Heart ache!
Nail Enamel (019 BIG APPLE)

Being on the safe side, I always choose soft colour for nail polish. Talking about being girly girl :). But I was tempted for a deep red nail polish and the BA strongly agree on Big Apple. And of course I got it and never regretted my decision. I wore the nail polish on the same night itself and the colour still in perfect condition on my toe nails till now. Haven’t have the time to do my hand 🙁

No preview like Lipstick or Face & Eye Color.

Descriptions, Contact Info & Description

Mfg Date; Aug-11.

Isn’t Big Apple gorgeous! The name suits well 🙂

It’s a huge bottle of nail polish. Will take some time to finish this since the nail polish is long lasting.
Pencil Eye Liner WP (001 UPPER EAST SIDE)

And of course as for eyeliner, I’d choose Black. This pencil eyeliner is with shimmers in it.

Pencil Eye Liner WP. What does WP stands for??

Same manufacturing batch with the rest of the collection.

Nice looking pencil eyeliner? Definitely yes!

Pencil Eyeliner with shimmers in it. Kinda cute though. Unlike the one in the market which is either metallic or matte.

Lastly, the set comes with a floral pouch. The pouch is very well-made and good quality.

Paul & Joe tag sewn at the outside of the pouch.

Gold Paul & Joe zipper pull.

Most of the stuff is still new as I wanted to take picture before using it. Only nail polish is used on the same night and today finally I took out Face & Eye Color and Lipstick out to use.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.

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