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SK-II Unveil The New STEMPOWER Essence With Revolutionary Discovery of “Master Switch”, A Key To Activate Skin’s Youth Activity

In today’s society, age is nothing but just a number to some, and a state of mind to some. For the past 25 years, there has been various breakthrough research in the revolutionary field of epidermal stem cells that takes the anti-ageing world by storm. Today, in honour of over 25 years of epidermal stem cell research from the global scientific community, SK-II collaborates with top minds in the latest epidermal stem cell discoveries and unveiled it to the world on the latest revolutionary discover in its latest product – STEMPOWER ESSENCE.

The function of the skin cell’s very own “Master Switch” is the key to activate youth activity in our skin. This discovery is the first-in-the-world discovery. It is the key for women to overcome skin ageing by boosting the inner skin resilience through activating our skin’s “Master Switch”. SK-II also unleashes the power of our skin’s youthful activity with its revolutionary STEMPOWER technology, a technology that are found in the new SK-II STEMPOWER Essence. This essence also contain the power of Pitera™, an ingredient that is not a stranger in SK-II. Scientist had leverage over 7,900⁵ hours of epidermal skin research and proved that SK-II’s STEMPOWER Technology has successfully proven that age does not matter, now with new discovery pathways in transforming the source of our skin’s youth activity.

Denise Loong, SK-II Training Manager giving us the in-depth view on the new STEMPOWER Essence and it’s technology behind it

Let’s go deep into “Master Switch” shall we? 😀

Boosting skin’s inner resilience for a new standard in youthful beauty

Skin Inner Resilience
SK-II collaborates with Dr. Ruby Ghadially, one of the world’s leading experts in epidermal stem cell science, to reform skin ageing approaches with key insights to epidermal stem cell function. SK-II scientists has been doing non-stop research in the quest for ideal solution to youthful beauty. Then these scientists discovered that the source of our skin’s youth activity lies within our epidermal stem cells. A research collaboration between SK-II scientists and the world’s foremost authorities in the field has been conducted and it has revealed that our skin’s “Master Switch” activation enables the protection of epidermal stem cells by optimising its environment, thus restoring skin’s youth activity to give poreless-looking, bouncy skin.


Activating your skin’s “Master Switch”

Activating Master Switch
A few signs of skin ageing surface more evidently as we reached the big Three-O, causing our skin to lose its firmness, our pores to enlarge and fine lines to appear. All these signs can be defeated by activating the skin’s “Master Switch”. “Master Switch” is scientifically known as Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (AhR). Our skin’s ‘Master Switch’ is like the catalyst which enhances our skin’s regenerative system. Once the “Master Switch” is triggered, it causes the generation of anti-oxidants and activation of the longevity gene; enhancing both protective and regeneration of cell action. This enhances both protective and regenerative cell action. If this activation declines, our skin cell regeneration process will start to slow down, causing a decrease in our skin’s inner cell density. By turning on our skin’s “Master Switch” will also regulates cell environment resulting in protein production to increase and enhance inner cell density. Stronger inner skin resilience is a result of higher inner cell density, and that’s why skin appearance is poreless-looking and bouncier.

So where is this switch anyway? Well, the “Master Switch” lies within our epidermal stem cells and is triggered when external or internal factors act on our skin.

The question now is how do you incorporate STEMPOWER Essence into your daily beauty regimen? Denise Loong (SK-II Training Manager) along with two Beauty Consultant conducted a demonstration on how to apply SK-II’s anti-aging Stempower regimen and also how or when to incorporate STEMPOWER Essence into our existing daily regimen.

Denise Loong (left) SK-II Training Manager explaining Stempower regimen


(1) After cleanse and tone, apply Facial Treatment Essence with a cotton pad all over the face. The amount of FTE to use is the size of the bottle cap.
(2) Drop an appropriate amount (1-2 droppers) of STEMPOWER Essence onto the palm and smooth onto the entire face.
(3) Follow by STEMPOWER. Preferably massage in using SK-II Facial Massage Technique.
(4) Apply a small pearl size of Skin Signature Eye Cream onto the eye area using ring finger. Massage in circular movement until it’s fully absorbed. Do not continue massaging when the cream has fully absorbed otherwise you will create wrinkles and fine lines on the eye area.
(5) If your skin is the dry type and STEMPOWER is not enough for you, top up with STEMPOWER Rich Cream. Dot onto forehead, cheeks and chin and gently massage until fully absorbed. Preferably massage in using SK-II Facial Massage Technique.
(6) Lastly, end with STEMPOWER Cream Compact Foundation all over the face.

Besides the demo I also learnt the SK-II Facial Massage Technique. It’s pretty simple. Everyone can do this at home :). My explanation could be a bit unclear so do refer to the diagram below for better understanding ya.

(1) Make a triangle shape using both hands. Place on the inner of your face.
(2) Using medium strength, pull up until the temple area. Repeat 3 times.
(3) & (4) Then, from your forehead massage from the center of the forehead to the outer corner (temple) and down until the nose area.
(5) & (6) From the nose, continue massage using up movement till you reach forehead again, then to the temple and end with down movement till your neck.

Remember to always end the massage technique by pulling all the toxin down to the neck.

We also get the rare opportunity to meet four special guests on sharing their idea of what Age Does Not Matter means to them during the launch.

From left to right: Datuk Yasmin Yusuff, the evergreen radio presenter; award-winning Internet marketing entrepreneur Fione Tan; 70 year old dance instructor Marguerite Brodie; and the world’s youngest pilot to fly solo to all 4 continents of the world, Captain James Anthony Tan.
Goh Seng Jone, SK-II Communications Manager (centre) with VIP guests at the launch of the new SK-II Stempower Essence


STEMPOWER Essence concocted with a new and powerful Stem-Acanax ES Complex, targets and transforms the regenerative functions of the skin’s youth activity. The ingredients in the new Stem-Acanax ES Complex consist of Stem-Acanax, Pitera™, Artichoke Extract and new Kinren Extract that are carefully researched and handpicked. The key ingredient is Artichoke Extract which has been proven to activate our skin’s “Master Switch” to enhance the overall cell functions of anti-oxidation, regeneration and longevity, hence promoting inner cell density and increasing skin’s inner resilience.

In the celebration of the new SK-II STEMPOWER Essence launch, SK-II is currently running a “Timeless Classic” consumer contest from 1st August 2013 to 15th September 2013. Want to participate in this contest? Simple. All you need to do is purchase any SK-II anti-aging product and stand a chance to win a cheongsam worth RM3,880 specially designed by renowned Malaysian fashion designer, Khoon Hooi. Besides the grand prize, there will also be 8 first prizes of a cheongsam worth RM2,000 each from Khoon Hooi’s ready-to-wear line. For more info on the said contest, please visit SK-II’s Official Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/skii.malaysia.

Why cheongsam you asked? Goh Seng Jone, SK-II’s PR Manager said that “Like our SK-II STEMPOWER technology that unleashes our skin’s youthful activity so that age does not matter, a cheongsam is also something that defies age in terms of its design over the years and also both the young and old can still wear it and be fashionable.”



The new SK-II STEMPOWER Essence will be available from 18th August 2013 onwards at all SK-II counters nationwide.

SK-II STEMPOWER Essence 30ml – RM395
SK-II STEMPOWER Essence 50ml – RM572

For more info, visit SK-II’s Official Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/skii.malaysia
Website: http://www.sk-ii.com.my/


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    • That’s what I thought of too Susan! It’s actually as easy as a flick of a switch :). The only difference is that it happen underneath our skin 😉

  • Wow this looks promising with the theory and all..
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    • Not bad. I’m using since a few months ago with Stempower 😉

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    • Hope you’ve tried it too

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