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Wonderbox February 2013 CNY Edition Review

I mentioned before that I will be on beauty box break for the next following months as my room is getting way too congested with all the boxes and products. I even email Wonderbox to request for all complimentary box to be put on hold which they kindly comply to my weird request. A day before Chinese New Year I managed to store and arrange all products from various beauty boxes and I was a happy girl again. It felt as if all the pressure of being surround by beauty products has lifted from my shoulder. I’m also phobia thinking beauty products is scattering all over my room.

When I saw other girls receiving their February Wonderbox the day after the boxes was sent out, I felt sad and I was depressed. I miss beauty boxes! I miss the surprises, I miss the feeling of being overloaded with beauty products! On that same day when I reached home and walked into my room I saw 2 parcel on my bed. One is a press sample products for review and one huge square box is WONDERBOX!

Do you have 6th sense Wonderbox? Cause I wanna give you a hug 🙂

If you are following Wonderbox Facebook page then you can read that all their subscribers are happy with the content for February 2013 edition. Well…not really the same case for me.


As this box is CNY edition so the product description card is also CNY related. So far Wonderbox did a good job in providing product info, price and including ml of it. These info many seems small but it’s important for users as reference.

Wonderbox has been getting in full size products every month without fail. Honestly I was not keen seeing Clinelle again in the box. This is the 3rd time already from Wonderbox? If Clinelle must be in Wonderbox I strongly urge Clinelle to put in product that is with new manufacturing date instead of giving out product which is soon to be expired. This moisturizer is expiring January 2014!!

FULL SIZE Clinelle Moisture Booster 20ml – RM72.90 / 20ml

Provide your skin with excellent natural recovery properties and to maintain your skin hydration at an optimal level. This oil-free hydrating fluid helps promote instant moisture penetration to serve immediate soothing to skin while simultaneously reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Something new for me. I’ve only tried H2O+ foaming cleanser before but not other products. I couldn’t find the expiry or manufacturing date on either bottle. Only found two code but failed to check with

This H2O+ duo comes in a blue organza pouch. It was lovely. I was happy to get this set!

H2O+ Face Oasis™ Dual-Action Exfoliating Cleanser 30ml – RM99 / 120ml

Deeply cleanse and revitalize skin with this gentle refining, oil-free formula. Made with natural fruit enzymes, jojoba beads and moisturizing marine botanicals.

H2O+ Marine Toner 30ml – RM99 / 200ml

Revitalizing, alcohol-free toner that sweeps away impurities while improving moisture absorption. With Allantoin, Provitamin B and Hydrating Marine Blend.

Murad is not a stranger in Wonderbox too. Last month we received 2 Murad products too (read here). This month I find 2 Murad skin care in the box.

Murad Energizing Pomegranate Moisturizer SPF15 30ml – RM180 / 50ml

Lightweight, oil-free moisturizer infuses skin with hydration and protects against UVA/UVB rays.

I’m always happy to get something for the T-Zone or something for blackhead recently. I’ve always wanted to try Murad one but their product is so expensive even if I use the RM30 rebate voucher. Unless we can use multiple vouchers at the same time lol.

Murad T-Zone Pore Refining Gel 3.7ml – RM228 / 50ml

Clears pores while balancing oily and dry zones, visibly reduces pore size for a flawless complexion.

It’s good to know that Wonderbox is starting to think out of the box. In this case it’s about getting brands in from oversea as mentioned in this post before. Hmmm not so keen with nail polish. I had too many in the stash. However I like getting something that I never heard before. It trigger my curiosity 🙂

This brand is so cute. I went to their website and saw that it comes in 2 sizes – 15ml (SGD19) and a mini 5ml (SGD9) which is the one I received. So can I say this is also considered full size since it’s retail selling?

Jacqueline Burchell Singapore Nail Lacquer #Celestial 5ml – SGD9 (RM22) / 5ml

With over 250 nail lacquer colors to choose from, Jacqueline Burchell nail lacquer will bring out the color in your life. Certified to be free of Toluene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phthalate.

In this month’s box a RM30 Murad Gift Voucher is also included. So far this is my 3rd voucher on hand. Anyone want it let me know. I can’t be using all 3 since only one voucher per person per transaction is the requirement.

Wonderbox also include another info card this time round. Many still not aware about Wonderpoints and how it works. With this info card all subscribers can get to know more about the whole point system details and how to get rewarded in just one easy step. Not only that you can also redeem complimentary box with points accumulated. I love points system. It’s also another way to reward the loyal subscribers. This I can assure you that Wonderbox is the most generous one so far.

As much as I love Wonderbox I am not impressed with this CNY edition when I see pictures of the content surfacing on Wonderbox Facebook page. But when I took the pictures on Saturday and look at it, I don’t dislike it as much as when I received it. So weird.

I am not keen with receiving Clinelle again especially with near expiry date. Not many of us will use the product immediately. I think that is the main reason. Another thing is that I may not like nail polish but I’m glad that it’s not something we can get locally. So yes this is new discovery for me. This month box is more to skin care just in case you haven’t notice yet. I’m okay with the theme because H2O+ and Murad is something that I haven’t tried yet. Murad interest me very much but was taken a step back due to the price.

Will I still recommend Wonderbox to my friends? Hell yes! I still think it’s one of the best.

Wonderbox Monthly Beauty Box subscription is available for subscription at
Fee: RM39.90 for 1 Month, RM119.70 for 3 Months with 500 WonderPoints, RM239.40 for 6 Months with 1250 WonderPoints, RM478.80 for 1 Year with 2600 WonderPoints


Disclaimer: The box was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • I subscribed for this box. I like it very much. I get 3 nail polish instead of the Clinelle moisturizer. I prefer that over yours ^^

    • Ahhh good for you. I don’t like nail polish 😛

  • Lovely items and glad that you received the wonderful surprise 🙂 Heard of Murad but not sure how the products fare. Looking forward to your reviews.

    • Yes it was a surprise indeed since I wasn’t expecting any box this month :). I’ll see if I want to review the deluxe size moisturizer 😉

  • Love the nail polish. I received 3 bottles. All dark colors, and I think I got 2 with glitters in it. My favorite. Hahaha. I like the Murad moisturizer because of the SPF. The scent is bearable. The cleanser and toner is going into my travelling kit. Much love for this month’s box.

    • Despite everyone loving Feb edition, it’s not my favorite box. Sorry!

  • Much love because for the 1st time, this box has stuff that I actually use. I am kinda glad I didn’t get the Clinelle serum. It’s decent but it doesn’t work for me.

    • Beauty boxes are suppose to be this way. They cannot satisfied everyone :). I can see Wonderbox’s effort every month with the boxes they compile. Much passion. I still don’t like Clinelle LOL.

  • This is the one and ONLY Wonderbox that I have subscribed for and i’m glad I did cos all those goodies are so worth it.

    • I can understand why. Usually Christmas, Valentine and CNY is the worthy one 😉


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