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Beauty Box Review Wonderbox

Wonderbox November 2013 Edition Review. The Last Monthly Subscription Box

Oh Lord. Here we go again.

What’s funny is that whenever I posted a picture of the content of a beauty box in the Facebook, usually there is some respond but when I posted the latest Wonderbox November 2013 Edition, everyone kept quiet. I’m just going to assume you girls are speechless lol 😀

Well to be frank I was speechless too. I mean I’m not even liking the October 2013 edition, so you bet I don’t really like this one either. Just my personal individual opinion ya :D.

Wonderbox November 2013 1
One thing that I do give credit to Wonderbox team is the effort. I know they are trying. For this year’s Christmas edition they included a Santa Claus hat. Not sure what will I do with it but it’s a small gesture by Wonderbox.

Beauty Box Review Wonderbox

Wonderbox October 2013 Edition Review. A Major Disappointment One

Before I start with my thoughts on the recent Wonderbox October 2013 edition, I want to share with you on what had happened to my box redemption a few months ago.

I have some points in my account and so I redeemed a box just before 14th August, which is before their window closing. At first the status in my account stated I’ve successfully redeemed an August box so I happily logged out and waited for my box. By the end of the month I login to my account and to my horror Wonderbox changed my August box to September box! So I dropped Wonderbox an email regarding this matter. I was told that I redeemed after the window was closed. When I confronted Wonderbox on this allegation, they quickly changed statement to “we have a sold out month”. Once again…how can it be possible if I still see the box balance on top of their website?? There’s still hundreds of boxes left!! I remember Wonderbox told me that the box balance on the website is pretty accurate. You know what? I am so lazy to argue with them that I let them off. I’m fed up of being taichi-ed all the time.

Before I even tell you the story of my supposed-to-receive September 2013 box, let me just show you the not-so-great October 2013 edition.

Wonderbox October 2013_1
Here’s the thing about September 2013 edition box. What I know is, Wonderbox decided to do a “bumper” box in October in conjunction with their anniversary hence they will be skipping September box. I’m not sure if the plan is a go or no go because there was no black and white on the bumper box except for this email that was sent to all subscribers.

Beauty Box Review Wonderbox

Wonderbox July 2013 Edition Review

Ahh Wonderbox. It has been quite some time since I last talk about Wonderbox. It is a beauty box that I seldom review or talk about nowadays. I find them not interesting lately which is a surprise because they started off on the right foot and keeps getting better until they fell off the bandwagon. Up till now.

As for me…I fell off Wonderbox bandwagon since the February 2013 edition. I don’t know. The box is not the worse but the oomph is not there. The worse box should be the Murad box which is the March 2013 edition. Follow by the May 2013 edition which is the Ginvera box that I hated very much. See the drill? It just keep going downhill for me.

I heard that July 2013 box is good and I do have lots of points in my account therefore I redeemed a box. Well, let’s just say I imagine the good, told the worse but in real it was ok-ok. Here’s July 2013 edition.


Beauty Box Review Wonderbox

Wonderbox May 2013 Edition Review

I’m backkkkkk (to beauty box)! 😀

I knew I couldn’t stay far for too long. Yes my room is still that congested with beauty products here and there and I’m using as fast as I can. Now that I’m back, let’s start with Wonderbox shall we?

I didn’t tell Wonderbox that I wanted to review their May 2013 edition so I still don’t get boxes from them. It’s a good thing that I have Wonderpoints. Earlier in May I had a chat in whatsapp with the owner of Wonderbox. I ask him what is the theme for May box and he said Mother’s Day. So I assume it’s going to be older brands that existed during our mother’s time? Or maybe brands that are long in the market? Here is the box that I was randomly sent.

Errmm. If previously we have 80% Murad this time we have 90% Ginvera. I hate Ginvera. I couldn’t stress enough how much I hated every brand under that company. Hate hate hate.


Beauty Box Review Wonderbox

Wonderbox March 2013 Edition Review

It is the time of the month again where all beauty boxes are busy with packing and couriering out their respective boxes. The first to arrive this month is Wonderbox.

I must say when I took up the box, it was lighter than usual. Here is the content for March edition. It is not quite the usual Wonderbox. I used to have complication arranging all the products in the box for photograph but not this box.

Before I get to the good, bad and what I think about the box…let’s go through the products included shall we?

Beauty Box Review Wonderbox

Wonderbox February 2013 CNY Edition Review

I mentioned before that I will be on beauty box break for the next following months as my room is getting way too congested with all the boxes and products. I even email Wonderbox to request for all complimentary box to be put on hold which they kindly comply to my weird request. A day before Chinese New Year I managed to store and arrange all products from various beauty boxes and I was a happy girl again. It felt as if all the pressure of being surround by beauty products has lifted from my shoulder. I’m also phobia thinking beauty products is scattering all over my room.

When I saw other girls receiving their February Wonderbox the day after the boxes was sent out, I felt sad and I was depressed. I miss beauty boxes! I miss the surprises, I miss the feeling of being overloaded with beauty products! On that same day when I reached home and walked into my room I saw 2 parcel on my bed. One is a press sample products for review and one huge square box is WONDERBOX!

Do you have 6th sense Wonderbox? Cause I wanna give you a hug 🙂

If you are following Wonderbox Facebook page then you can read that all their subscribers are happy with the content for February 2013 edition. Well…not really the same case for me.