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Beauty Box Review Wonderbox

IMPRESSIVE Wonderbox January 2013 Valentine’s Day Edition Review

This post was meant to be up earlier but I was down with fever for the whole of last week. In fact the January Wonderbox reached me when I was having high fever. I woke up 3 days later to find a parcel placed beside my bed side. I finally had the strength to open it end of last week. A day or two before I unbox mine, I took a few sneak peek at other blogs on the content. And I was happy with the Valentine’s theme box!

Wonderbox never fail to present a perfectly “ribboned” box. If there’s such word :). As January box theme is Valentine’s Day the ribbon this time is in red. Love it. Gets me into the mood.

Based on what I’ve read before unboxing my box I think this month’s box is the same across all. I believe all of us received the same box with the same content for January.

And here’s the content! I must admit. Wonderbox is making me more and more anticipated for their monthly box as they had improved so much since their debut box. I love this month’s box because it’s mostly makeup and not skin care. I don’t need anymore skin care lol. I’m particularly happy with one specific item which I’ll tell you what later on 🙂

Beauty Box Review Wonderbox

Wonderbox December 2012 Christmas Edition Review


Yesterday I was handed by hand my December 2012 Wonderbox which I subscribed earlier. I’m among the FIRST to get it so you can imagine how excited I am. I don’t think so I can make it pass the waiting period and the courier because Christmas boxes are presumed the best box or month and partly because I’m impatient hah!

From far I can see striking red ribbon. As you know or might not know…one of Wonderbox signature is the ribbon decoration on the outside of the box. You can read about my October 2012 box review here. The theme of the ribbon this time is of course Christmassy! I’m liking what I see.

Let me tease you again with the ribbon :). I think this personal touch for Christmas is lovely. I like the fact that Wonderbox team put on their thinking hat to make this December box something different.

Beauty Box Review Wonderbox

Unboxing Wonderbox October 2012 Debut Box

Just in case you are still unaware, there’s another beauty box in town. Wonderbox is the name. They had the website and Facebook page up a few months before the actual subscription started. Initially I was too lazy to re-subscribe myself (yes we need to do it twice) when they started to accept payment. But I was so curious about what it has to offer and their debut box is only RM29.90. Which explains why the box is on my hand now.

Wonderbox posted the box out on Monday 22nd October using GDex and I received the box the next day. Not bad! The box was heavily wrapped in bubble wrap and to my surprise the box has no dent at all. Another plus point!

Wonderbox website URL is printed on both horizontal side of the box.