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Wonderbox March 2013 Edition Review

It is the time of the month again where all beauty boxes are busy with packing and couriering out their respective boxes. The first to arrive this month is Wonderbox.

I must say when I took up the box, it was lighter than usual. Here is the content for March edition. It is not quite the usual Wonderbox. I used to have complication arranging all the products in the box for photograph but not this box.

Before I get to the good, bad and what I think about the box…let’s go through the products included shall we?

I think my readers and friends already know I’m overdosed by Murad thanks to other beauty boxes last month.Because of Murad appearing everywhere with everything, I cannot bare to see another Murad anymore. I think Murad heard me so they overdose me once more LOL! Of all 5 items in the box, 3 of it belongs to Murad. Honestly Murad should just do a Murad exclusive box with Wonderbox and include larger deluxe sizes. That way those subscribers with beauty profile leaning more to skin care would get to try Murad properly in a longer duration rather than this neither here or there samples.

From left to right:
(1) Murad Oil-Free Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 PA+++ 10ml (Retail Price: RM170/50ml)

Is a patented, antioxidant-rich formula that prevents signs of premature aging caused by environmental exposure. It’s lightweigh, shine-free formula provides high UVA/UVB protection while micro-minerals leave an oil-free matte finish

I like sunscreen a lot. I can never say no to sunscreen so this is definitely a keeper. I saw this item appearing in other box before a few months ago and I thought I would like it if I get it in my beauty box. This is a wish come true. But 10ml is alright. Wish it came in a larger size though. I like that it came in a box so that it doesn’t look that cheapo.


(2) Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture 7.5ml (Retail Price: RM298/50ml)

Features an extraordinarily luxurious blend of super-hydrating ingredients that quench skin and restore youthful resiliency and tone, making it the most opulent moisturizer ever to appear in the Murad Line.

This also came in a box but 7.5ml is sooo little :(. I’ve read elsewhere that their moisturizer vaporized and with different color. I’m happy to find that mine is in superb condition! I ran out of moisturizer lately which I don’t intend to buy. This is said to locks in optimal moisture for 8 hours which I suppose it will be slightly too rich for my oily face. I think a pea size of this will do for my face.


(3) Murad Active Radiance Serum Featuring Resilient-C Complex 3.7ml (Retail Price: RM398/30ml)

Restores skin’s natural radiance, resilience and clarity with Resilient-C Complex, a new stable Vitamin C technology that delivers 50 times the collagen building, skin brightening and cell protecting power of ordinary topical Vitamin C.

Did you saw the retail price? Wow that’s really pricey for 30ml. Never realize Vitamin C is that expensive. I heard Vitamin C is actually beneficial for the skin. I do hope I can see some result with this little 3.7ml sample though.

Look! Here’s a brand which is not a stranger in Street Love. If you remember I’ve featured before an introduction on theSkintopic before. Wild Ferns is one of the brand carried by theSkintopic.

Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Rejuvenating Hand Creme 30ml (Retail Price: Unknown)

An intensive hand creme which contains the beneficial properties of Kiwifruit and Vitamin E, blended with Prosina a hydrolysed Keratin derived from New Zealand sheeps’ wood.

I love this one. It smells quite good. The size is quite handy for the handbag. I’ve heard that the brand is quite well-known in New Zealand. It is paraben free, mineral oil free and they don’t do testing on animals. It’s good to see new brands appearing in beauty box.

FULL SIZE Elianto Fionatto Blush 4.5g (Retail Price: RM19)

Is an ultra-fine powder that provides a smooth and fine finishing. Enhanced with rose extract and ginkgo biloba for emollient and anti-oxidant properties.

The description at the back of the blusher said “enrich with dog rose…”. What is dog rose eh? Creepy haha.

I love my luxury cosmetic so much. Elianto is not a brand that I would normally buy. However for some reason I’m happy to see this in my box! I would rather have a blusher this time round. Why? Cause I finished my current blusher and I could use another blusher lol. I’m a blusher addict by the way. There’s no such thing as ” too many blusher” for me. Some subscribers get a lip gloss. THANK GOD I didn’t get lip gloss hehe.

What I like
This month’s box I get to see a new brand being introduced – Wild Fern. I think putting a hand cream rather than a moisturizer (their moisturizer is quite famous you know) is a smart choice. That’s because we already get quite a few skin care products in the same box. This hand cream completes the box in terms of variety. There’s no problem this time with GDex as well. I redeemed a box too with my points and both boxes are delivered at the same time without and dents. Although it seems that the box is lack of the wow-factor this time around, however there’s a full size included i.e. Elianto blusher.

What I Don’t Like
As I mentioned earlier, I’m not keen to see 3 Murad product in the same box. And they come in such a small size too. It would be good if Murad were to buy-in the whole box. Make it a Murad box instead, sponsor larger deluxe size in. By this way subscribers get to try Murad product properly and in longer duration. But then that means Wonderbox would need to get a sole sponsor for a makeup box 😛

Wonderbox team might have mislook the fact that most of the subscribers don’t like to see 3 out of 5 products are from the same brand. Despite sending out a not so impressive box this month, I still think they deserve another chance. Afterall they had been pampering us with filled to the brim impressive box all these while so a small hiccup like this shouldn’t be a death sentence to them. Although Wonderbox apologized and even offered refund for their March box, I wouldn’t want to ask for refund + keeping the box even if I paid for the subscription. I think Wonderbox had taking a big step with the refunding effort. This I got to give kudos to them.

There’s an ups and downs in beauty box recently because the supply is more than demand. But please no more Murad or Clinelle ok? 🙂

Hope to see another impressive box in April!


Wonderbox Monthly Beauty Box subscription is available for subscription at
Fee: RM39.90 for 1 Month, RM119.70 for 3 Months with 500 WonderPoints, RM239.40 for 6 Months with 1250 WonderPoints, RM478.80 for 1 Year with 2600 WonderPoints


Disclaimer: The box was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Wow there are tons of goodies in this box. I wish it is available here in the U.S.

    • There’s beauty boxes in U.S. right? Here in Malaysia we have like 7 or 8 subscription available :). Choices, choices!

  • You only have the oh, WB took a big step in the so called refunding effort. How about the part where they deactivated accounts WITHOUT the subscriber’s permission, and forfeiting the points? Yes, they did refund the subscription fee. But deactivating the subscriber’s account just because they CANNOT accept criticisms, it is unacceptable. We paid for the beauty box; NOT getting it FOC. Even the beauty box who just made their debut is better than WB is every sense. At the very least, the customer service is BETTER than WB. Let’s NOT forget the fact that WB chose to overlook product leakage problem – NO apology and NO replacement at all. Is that how one run a business, by IGNORING the problem and sweeping it under the carpet?

    • Angelina, that’s because I didn’t encounter all those. My review will and are based on my personal experience and not based on other people. I know you had a bad experience in a few ways but I cannot just put those in my review unless I had that personally. I can only talk to WB on this for you. Hope you understand.

      • Babe, thank you but no thanks. Don’t waste time on a tree. You should check out Lilac Box team with their damage control. Being humble goes a long long way in life, be it personal or business.

        • Well, that’s the one thing I can do for you. I know about Lilac Box. I monitor all beauty boxes so yes I knew.

  • This is not the best Wonderbox so far but you are right. There is no need to put death sentence to them based on one low expectation box.

    • Yeap. If I’m going to give another chance to other beauty box, I’m going to give WB another chance too.

  • Murad again…

    • Hmmm yeap :(. But there’s sunscreen in it hehe

  • Box filled to the brim is a good impression at least until you begin to go through the items. Thanks for the reviews nonetheless. I have not jumped on board beauty box wagon but watching from the sideline is interesting too 🙂

    • Although the box is not as what we expect but at least WB would be gearing up to came out with a better box in April.

      I couldn’t watch from sideline. I’d subscribe eventually hehe.


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