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Wonderbox November 2013 Edition Review. The Last Monthly Subscription Box

Oh Lord. Here we go again.

What’s funny is that whenever I posted a picture of the content of a beauty box in the Facebook, usually there is some respond but when I posted the latest Wonderbox November 2013 Edition, everyone kept quiet. I’m just going to assume you girls are speechless lol 😀

Well to be frank I was speechless too. I mean I’m not even liking the October 2013 edition, so you bet I don’t really like this one either. Just my personal individual opinion ya :D.

Wonderbox November 2013 1
One thing that I do give credit to Wonderbox team is the effort. I know they are trying. For this year’s Christmas edition they included a Santa Claus hat. Not sure what will I do with it but it’s a small gesture by Wonderbox.

Another credit from me goes to the more than usual product quantity in the box as well as their capability to include a few full size in the Christmas edition.

Wonderbox November 2013 2
In total there are five full size with three deluxe sample.

Full Size

(1) L’Oreal Professionnel Mademoiselle Infinium By Charlie Le Mindu
(2) Eversoft Whitening and Hydrating Facial Cleanser
(3) Essence Black Mania Carbon Black Volume Mascara
(4) Beautymate Black Pearl & Calendula Officinalis Whitening Nano Mask – 2 pieces

So so sooooo not excited to see these three same product from Bio-Essence that already make an appearance in last month’s box. A repeated brand continuously is not a good idea, what more repeated product for two months in a row.

Deluxe Sample

(1) Bio-Essence Nourishing Foamy Cleanser 30g
(2) Bio-Essence Face Lifting Cream 10g
(3) Bio-Essence Radiant Youth Essence 5ml


This will be Wonderbox’s last monthly beauty box. The company recently announced that they will no longer continue with sending out boxes on monthly basis but instead they will only send out the box as and when they have enough brand sponsor on board. Sounds familiar? Yeap, it’s quite similar to the arrogant one. I think this is not a bad change after all. The market is slowing down with more and more beauty box ceasing operation and focus on other business instead. Each beauty box should have their own identity. I’m quite glad Wonderbox took this step instead because they are going no where. The content quality is dropping month by month, the hype on their box is no longer there and brand sponsor is getting lesser by day. You will love the box if you are a new subscriber to Wonderbox. It’s not my cup of tea sad to say.

On a side note, Wonderbox at the same time launched another box and it’s Malaysia’s first fashion subscription box – Little Black Box. Subscription fee is RM59.90 per box and you will get around 5 – 6 items in this month’s box, depending which style theme you subscribe to. More info and sneak peek soon.


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  • Oh dear, no comments so far? 😛

    I don’t subscribe to Wonderbox obviously but even I have noticed the repeat of brands again and again. Personally, I would not mind a brand repeat if they products are vastly different. Like Mivva and Unico, first it was an eye cream, after it was a scar cream. Really different products and purposes. But for the Bio-Essense, things like serums and creams, they are rather interchangeable I feel. I am not against Bio-Essense or nothing. Actually, I am using their bio-water now and it might be better than Avene I feel?!

    After by Mivva subscriptions ends (after the December box, I’ll still have 3 more boxes), I don’t think I’ll be subscribing for any more new ones. Maybe occasionally BOL or Modbox. I thought Modbox was really smart about their revamp. With their lower price and no commitment, it’s easier to entice people to buy. I think their market is with students , etc, who can’t make a one off financial commitment.

    • Nope. Not interesting 😛 Oppss oppss

      I too would not mind repeated brand but provided with different product. I do see some subscriber detest on repeated brands. But really how many brands are out there? A lot yes but how many are willing to sponsor or believe in this way of advertising right? If Bio-Essence really need to be in November box, they should put in other than the same three items from October box.

      December box will be the last one for MIVVA. They are ceasing the beauty box business and concentrate on their online store. So no worries lol :D. I do have to agree with you on Modbox. But so far none of the products intrigue me 😛

      • I was sad at first the Mivva was stopping the box. But now think about it, I already feel quite ‘fulfilled’ from my beauty box experience so far and I’ve learned a lot and I think I have enough to go on. 🙂 Also, wayyy too much beauty stuff to use up. I know last I emailed you, I said I was finishing up my moisturisers but so wrong. I found another stash of samples while spring cleaning. O.o

        My thought on Modbox, if there is even just 1 out of the 3 samples I am interested in, I would get it. It certainly helps that there are always full sized products. 😛 I think I’ve bought twice so far. I remember the first box had the C&E hand therapy and then another box had a full sized body peeling spray. I thought their Christmas sets are also very worthy if it’s the sort of thing you’re interested in.

        Sadly, I already have wayyy to much of everything. I’ve warned just about everyone, my mom, my friends, my colleagues to NOT let me buy any more beauty stuff. I think the only thing I don’t have abundant supply of is shampoo. 😀

        • Me too but I’m still sad :(. My way of using samples fast is….squeeze more! 😀

          I was soooooo closed in getting the first Modbox due to Crabtree & Evelyn. But when I think of it, I don’t like C&E hand therapy. I’d prefer Hada Labo, Clarins or L’Occitane anytime. So I refrain myself. I actually have quite a good self control on spending ;). I must admit those Christmas set are so tempting. Then I knew I won’t use even after I buy because my unused stash is like a mini mountain. I’d want to spend at coming Estee Lauder staff sales *wink*

          • I like Crabtree & Evelyn mostly for the heavenly smells. I’ve never tried L’Occitane hand cream before but I usually prefer L’Occitane’s scents to Crabtree & Evelyn so it’s probably something I should look into! The most effective hand cream I’ve used is still Mark & Spencer oddly enough.

          • Oh yeah, L’Occitane scent is much more heavenly! It can also burn a hole in your pocket hehe. M&S eh? Not odd at all. I’ve always been wondering also Cath Kidston hand cream at Parkson though.

  • I don’t like it. I don’t like same product. So sad.

    • Me too. Maybe because we are not new recipient 😛

  • Opps, lotsa Bio-Essence there which is not your fondest brand…Anyway since it is the last box, I thought they might make a grand exit with a great box. But another box has make its way out.

    • If they give some other thing then maybe I won’t complain that much. But same 3 items from October?? That’s it.
      I thought Christmas box should be more exciting like last year but nope. Disappointed once again.

      • Oh well, tak apalah babe. Swan song box already 🙂 There are more exciting boxes and bags coming up I guess. To sustain the momentum of variety and capture the element of surprise are really tall orders. I salute all these entrepreneurs. They have pampered our girls and this year has got to be one of the most exciting years in terms of beauty box frontier.

        • Yeap. I’m in the midst of upkeeping the beauty box summary list now since a few boxes ceased operation 🙂


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