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Wonderbox October 2013 Edition Review. A Major Disappointment One

Before I start with my thoughts on the recent Wonderbox October 2013 edition, I want to share with you on what had happened to my box redemption a few months ago.

I have some points in my account and so I redeemed a box just before 14th August, which is before their window closing. At first the status in my account stated I’ve successfully redeemed an August box so I happily logged out and waited for my box. By the end of the month I login to my account and to my horror Wonderbox changed my August box to September box! So I dropped Wonderbox an email regarding this matter. I was told that I redeemed after the window was closed. When I confronted Wonderbox on this allegation, they quickly changed statement to “we have a sold out month”. Once again…how can it be possible if I still see the box balance on top of their website?? There’s still hundreds of boxes left!! I remember Wonderbox told me that the box balance on the website is pretty accurate. You know what? I am so lazy to argue with them that I let them off. I’m fed up of being taichi-ed all the time.

Before I even tell you the story of my supposed-to-receive September 2013 box, let me just show you the not-so-great October 2013 edition.

Wonderbox October 2013_1
Here’s the thing about September 2013 edition box. What I know is, Wonderbox decided to do a “bumper” box in October in conjunction with their anniversary hence they will be skipping September box. I’m not sure if the plan is a go or no go because there was no black and white on the bumper box except for this email that was sent to all subscribers.

In the email you will find that those that are expecting the September box will get additional two full size products namely Neutrogena Ageless Essence and Bloop’s new nail strip kit as a token of appreciation.

Wonderbox October 2013_6
With that email I would expect the usual numbers of sample PLUS the two additional full size products but here’s what I find in the box. Do you see what I see? There’s no excitement with the products in it, there’s no extra samples although I do see that two full size. These two “additional” had become a replacement of the existing samples, making the numbers of sample in the box exactly the same as usual box!

There goes the excitement after waiting for 2 months.

Wonderbox October 2013_2
I’m not going to elaborate on each product because I felt that it’s not necessary this time so I’m just going to list down the product name and ml of it.

Nail It! With Bloop (Sticker style unknown)

Neutrogena Ageless Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Essence 30g

Wonderbox October 2013_3
If it’s without those two “additional” products, the content would be just as pathetic as this.

Bio-Essence Nourishing Foamy Cleanser 30g, Bio-Essence Radiant Youth Essence 5ml, Bio-Essence Face Lifting Cream 10g.

Urrggghhhh!! I hate Bio-Essence so so much. You know these three will be ended up where right? I’m just going to bundle it in blog sale 😀

Wonderbox October 2013_4
Last but not least, RA8 Renewal Skin Creme (ml unknown).

Wonderbox October 2013_5
Whenever a beauty box sent out a bad box I will usually tell you girls to just give them some time to get better sponsors and so on. I notice that I’ve been saying the same thing every single month without fail on Wonderbox. I have come to a point where I couldn’t be bothered anymore. I don’t know what happen to the best box in town. Wonderbox is my first ever beauty box after Fabulous Finds ceased operation. I remember all the wonderful boxes that Wonderbox sent out. What happen to that box that I love so much? Recent boxes has been nothing but a repeat of Ginvera, Bio-Essence and Neutrogena. I know my box is redeemed using points so I shouldn’t complain much but seriously I would not pay for a box full with these repeat drug store brand unless I want to pay this type of minimal fee for a box full with drug store brand so that I won’t need to buy at retail price. Other than this reason I can’t find any better reason anymore.

I love the people behind Wonderbox very much but it is sad to admit that I finally gave up on Wonderbox. I also notice that it is the only beauty box that are getting lesser attention or mention nowadays and to my surprise they are okay with it. Whenever someone ask me to recommend a box I can only think of MIVVA, Vanity Trove or even Bag Of Love. Do bear in mind that this is merely just my own personal opinion on Wonderbox and you are to make your own judgement on it and yes, I am well aware that this review is kinda harsh to Wonderbox and that they might hate me after this.

Anyone managed to snag Wonderbox October 2013 Edition too? Tell me what you think 🙂


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  • Your blog title shocked me but I totally understand after reading it. I actually received Wonderbox only once from a giveaway. It was Valentine’s edition. Honestly, the contents were very good that time and so impressive. If we compare this edition with Valentine’s edition, it is a HUGE different! Hopefully they realize it and improve back like the Valentine’s edition that time.

    • Haha cause usually I’m nice :P. Oh Valentine one is a good one! Actually Wonderbox has changed their box subscription. It will no longer be monthly but it will be as and when they get enough sponsors.

  • Woah, major disappointment! I’m not too fond of more than 2 products from 1 brand in a box, and the amount for this box…. well *rolls eyes*

    • I know right? My disappointment is concluded after accumulating since a few months ago. Every month I said it’s okay, it’s going to be better. This will be the last time I’m saying that. I’m glad that there are still Wonderbox supporter. Unfortunately I’m not a fan of products from Ginvera company.

  • I guess most beauty boxes tend to disappoint one way or another, sooner or later.

    • I guess you are right Jojo. Sigh. I wouldn’t want to see the drop in beauty box world but that’s not the reality right now eh?

  • I saw your update on twitter (if i’m not mistaken) but was too busy at that time to respond. I have been seeing a lot of Neutrogena and Bio-Essence from Wonderbox and seeing what you received here shocked me. I remember you mentioned how you dont like receiving too much Bio-Essence repeatedly. I only subscribed a few times from Wonderbox and maybe I’m the unlucky one who got all those unsatisfactory boxes, lol. Now I too see that only MIVVA, Vanity Trove and Bag of Love are the reliable ones.

    • Yes you are right because I linked Twitter with new updates lol. It has been quite a few months that Wonderbox gave out Neutrogena and Bio-Essence. I personally feel that Neutrogena is much better in than Bio-Essence but not till the extend of repeating the brand again and again.
      Nah, you are not the unlucky one. Maybe a bit late with Wonderbox because their first few box are so good!

  • I couldn’t agree more with your review. I was waiting for the 2 full size products plus this months samples, while all i got was the exact same items as you (i actually thought it might have been a glitch for my box). I noticed we didn’t even get all the items in the list that came with the box. Have been disappointed with wonderbox too many times for me to even bother asking. My subscription has ended as well and have been redeeming points the past couple of months, I’m just taking it as a sign to simply move on, its been months of disappointments.

    • I actually thought there’s a glitch with my box too! But after checking Instagram etc I realized it’s not. Usually we don’t get all the items in the list. It’s a norm as they curate these boxes accordingly to your beauty profile. In this month’s list they did put a disclaimer at the bottom.
      I think I can still redeem one more box before I ran out of points. But since Wonderbox changed their mode of business…I’m not sure when to redeem.

  • Love your honest opinion about all your product reviews and it’s one of the factors that makes me read your blog because you’re just so honest – whether you like or dislike, very matter-of-factly and very straight-forward, unlike some bloggers who just apple-polish every brand they review (perhaps just to get more sponsored stuffs?)
    I think i subscribed to Wonderbox once, after I bought a box for a friend’s birthday. For almost similar price, I’d prefer Mivva or Lilac Box. And even ModBox (which was cheaper) 😛

    • Oh yes, not forgetting Cosmobox…

      • Cosmobox closed down already dear 😛

    • Thanks. I hope the brands don’t hate me LOL. Having said that, nowadays no matter how you apple-polish every brand product review….it doesn’t guarantee more free products. Brands are getting wiser and smarter ;). I’m lucky to have worked with people that are into quality content.
      It’s hard to catch Lilac Box release date. I still prefer something that are in schedule. Otherwise I’d rather choose Vanity Trove and like you said…Modbox which is cheaper 😉

  • Only subscribed to wonderbox once. The only one i have been continuous with is bag of love!

    • I can understand why! Bag of Love has been maintaining their reputation so far.

  • I agree!!!!! A disappointed box like you said ^^


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