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Wonderbox May 2013 Edition Review

I’m backkkkkk (to beauty box)! 😀

I knew I couldn’t stay far for too long. Yes my room is still that congested with beauty products here and there and I’m using as fast as I can. Now that I’m back, let’s start with Wonderbox shall we?

I didn’t tell Wonderbox that I wanted to review their May 2013 edition so I still don’t get boxes from them. It’s a good thing that I have Wonderpoints. Earlier in May I had a chat in whatsapp with the owner of Wonderbox. I ask him what is the theme for May box and he said Mother’s Day. So I assume it’s going to be older brands that existed during our mother’s time? Or maybe brands that are long in the market? Here is the box that I was randomly sent.

Errmm. If previously we have 80% Murad this time we have 90% Ginvera. I hate Ginvera. I couldn’t stress enough how much I hated every brand under that company. Hate hate hate.


The one and only product that I absolutely are happy to see in my box is the FULL SIZE Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Concentrate Sleeping Pack 50g (RM59.88). Normally I don’t use anything until I photograph everything. This one is exceptional. I’ve already used it earlier last week.

As skin cell renew at night, this product is formulated with “Progressive Release System” to continuously release intensive moisture throughout the night. Contains purified Hyaluronic acid, Olive extract and Ionic Mineral complex that helps enhance skin translucency, firms up skin and reduces fine lines so that you wake up to amazingly hydrated, soft and supple skin in the morning.

– Dermatologist tested
– Allergy tested
– Oil-free
– Non-comedogenic

The second full size product included is Bio-Essence Radiant Youth Essence with ATP 20g (RM55.88). This is going to my auntie who is a big fan of Bio-Essence. Initially this is for mum but mum wanted the goodies in my drawer. Mum sure know how to choose eh?

Contains 95% pure Green Tea extract, which carries strong anti-oxidant properties, to reduce free radical damage to skin cells that are responsible for skin aging.Nourishes skin with precious herbal ingredients and minerals to achieve more refined and radiant skint. Fine molecules penetrate deep into skin to allow quick absorption of essence without any feeling of oiliness, this locks in moisture, keeps skin hydrated and soft.

And the third last (yes last) item in the box is a trial size of Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel 8ml.

Zero Blackhead in 1 Step!

10 Amazing Efficacies 
1) Rubs away deep layers of dead skin cells
2) Rubs away blackheads painlessly
3) Contracts pores for refined skin (As dead skin cells have been cleared from pores)
4) Lightens black spots, freckles & scars
5) Removes oil seeds
6) Regulates sebum secretion to prevent pimples
7) Brightens dull complexion
8) Changes dark, rough skin to smooth skin
9) Whitens skin as it gives way to new born skin
10) Enhances quick absorption of skin care products


Basically the whole box only contain 3 items – 2 full sizes and 1 trial size. There’s also a few complimentary products included. One of them is this sample pack by Ginvera that contain a Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel 5g sachet and Ginvera Green Tea Ultimate Sun Shield SPF56 PA++ 3g sachet.

More on the complimentary products in the box.

1) Le Scenteur Whitening Hand & Body Lotion 70g
2) Le Scenteur EDT vial
3) Murad T-Zone Pore Refining Gel 3.7ml
4) Senze Studio RM 50 Discount Voucher

If I am a Ginvera/Bio-Essence fan I would love this box content to death but unfortunately I am not due to personal reasons. Judging from the product description card I sort of guessed that this is a Ginvera box? Because Wonderbox never do just 3 items (minus the complimentary). Wonderbox do full, fill to the top boxes! The one and only item that I am happy to get is Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Concentrate Sleeping Pack. It smells heavenly and give me toing toing face the next morning. I won’t elaborate much on the sleeping pack because I’ll review the product real soon.

As for the extras I was told it is not curated. Wonderbox just randomly pack the extras so it really depends on your luck. I guessed I was the unlucky one because I got Murad instead of Pangea Organics. I would be more happier if I had gotten the Pangea Organics instead. Wonderbox did offer to send me the Pangea Organics but I just want to get it off my chest that’s all LOL.

Do I like it? Nope. Sorry but nope. It’s too drugstore for me. I appreciate that there’s a few full sizes and not to mention the extras but 90% of the products in the box are not products that I will use. This is just a personal preference.

Another thing to note. Wonderbox had increased their subscription rate from RM39.90 per month to RM45 per month. If previously there’s no WonderPoints for 1 month subscription, there is now. But every other packages now comes with lesser WonderPoints.


Wonderbox Monthly Beauty Box subscription is available for subscription at
Fee: RM45 for 1 Month with 100 WonderPoints, RM135 for 3 Months with 300 WonderPoints, RM270 for 6 Months with 900 WonderPoints, RM540 for 1 Year with 2000 WonderPoints


Disclaimer: The is not a sponsored review. I redeemed for a box using my WonderPoints.


Comments (12)

  • Too drugstore. I am okay with Bio-Essence however if the whole box is all product under Ginvera then I am not pleased either

    • Overall Bio-Essence is not a bad product. It works on certain people so it is okay to try provided they don’t keep increasing price lah.
      Ginvera to me is too oldies. I love their shower scrub to bits and that also getting worse. It used to be more grainy and now more watery. Sigh. Disappointed. The only thing I use from Ginvera and it’s getting worse.

  • Not that wonderful pun!

    • Sizes, number of products are all okay. No complain with that. Too bad you have a non-Ginvera fans here haha

  • Impressive quantity of full sized items but brand wise, it’s drug store quality like Evelyn mentioned. I used to like Marvel Gel as it’s supposed to work wonders or marvellous products lol, but then it was so so only. Glad to see the Neutrogena sleeping pack. Neutrogena used to be a higher range brand in the 90s. Hope you’ve good experience with some of the items. Haha, they cannot resist the little Murad sample still ya? 😛

    • I don’t mind a mix of drugstore brands but not fully drugstore. I love my Neutrogena very much. As for the Murad I think they still have a lot.

  • oo ic so price increased. hmm… now almost all other beauty boxes also price at rm40+ already? still got any of them is rm30+ one ~ ?

    • There’s still RM30+ like MIVVA, Bag Of Love and Box Culture 🙂

  • So many drugstore one

    • According to Wonderbox, it was designed to be mass brand box.

  • oic 🙂 mivva look so greattttttttttttt >_<

    • Shhhh 😛


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