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Wonderbox July 2013 Edition Review

Ahh Wonderbox. It has been quite some time since I last talk about Wonderbox. It is a beauty box that I seldom review or talk about nowadays. I find them not interesting lately which is a surprise because they started off on the right foot and keeps getting better until they fell off the bandwagon. Up till now.

As for me…I fell off Wonderbox bandwagon since the February 2013 edition. I don’t know. The box is not the worse but the oomph is not there. The worse box should be the Murad box which is the March 2013 edition. Follow by the May 2013 edition which is the Ginvera box that I hated very much. See the drill? It just keep going downhill for me.

I heard that July 2013 box is good and I do have lots of points in my account therefore I redeemed a box. Well, let’s just say I imagine the good, told the worse but in real it was ok-ok. Here’s July 2013 edition.


This will not be a very long review so I will just summarize everything ok?

The content for July 2013 edition is as below. There is no price stated on the product description card this time round.
(1) Full Size Beautymate Purifying and Hydrating Nano Toner 120ml
(2) Full Size Bloop Lip Liner Pencil
(3) Full Size b.liv Stem Cell Revival Feel No Sluggish Mask
(4) Full Size Ginvera Green Tea Jade Dark Eye Circles Roll Away 15ml
(5) Nu Teen Acne & Pimples Away Cleanser 30g
(6) Ma Cherie Air Feel Shampoo Sachet 12ml & Air Feel Conditioner Sachet 12ml
(7) Nu Teen Acne Away Gel Sachet 3g x 2
(8) Nu Teen Blackheads Away Gel Sachet 5g x 2
(9) Nu Teen Acne & Pimples Away Sleeping Mask 3g


What I Like

The amount of product included is actually not very little but I totally detest sachet. My requirement for beauty box is NOT full size but I would expect deluxe size. NO SACHET PLEASE. I think I am considered quite lenient on the whole beauty box thing because I never expect full size in beauty box like every other people but I do expect deluxe, not sachet.

What I Don’t Like

Before this I don’t have delivery issue with GDex but this box have been stuck in GDex for 2 days. The status from GDex online tracking stated there’s no one at home. Once again I have no idea why courier would simply make a conclusion that my parent is not at home despite they themself did not send the parcel at all. Our family always make sure there is someone at home. We are never all out at the same time. Never. After my complain call to GDex, they follow up with a status call a few hours later and inform me that the courier is on the way. Which they did not lie. For this, I give them a star.
I heard that Wonderbox subscribers for June edition received the same Beautymate toner as this month. I was lucky cause I did not redeem any box in June so I don’t get the same toner from the same box for 2 consecutive month. I would be pissed if I get the same toner again. However I do get this exact toner from MIVVA July 2013 Edition last month which is okay for me since it’s different box. Recycle brand and the same product for 2 consecutive month is a no-no for me.


I do understand the mode of business for Wonderbox which is what makes them different from every other box available. I have been hearing from various people that Wonderbox is leaning more towards the mass market. I never agree with that until recently. I do see that’s where Wonderbox is heading. But with the new subscription rate I would think it’s not relevant for me to get it, as for the same amount of money I can actually get other box.
Despite the fact that Nu Teen is from Ginvera company but as long as I don’t get ALL GINVERA then I’m fine. There’s one point of time where I wanted to purchase Nu Teen as I keep having break out. So seeing Nu Teen in the box is alright for me.
I do hope to see the old Wonderbox again. I miss all that wonderful unboxing experience.


Wonderbox Monthly Beauty Box subscription is available for subscription at
Fee: RM45 for 1 Month with 100 WonderPoints, RM135 for 3 Months with 300 WonderPoints, RM270 for 6 Months with 900 WonderPoints, RM540 for 1 Year with 2000 WonderPoints


Disclaimer: The is not a sponsored review. I redeemed for a box using my WonderPoints.


Comments (14)

  • Hi… I bought a box just for fun and instead of the toner, I got a tiny bottle of Enchanteur powder instead… Gosh… I feel “short-changed” :'(

    • Oh yea. They have different variant boxes. Some get toner, some get body lotion and some in your case get powder.

      • Felt cheated lor… :'(
        not gonna subscribe to them again.
        Once bitten, twice shy…

        • They follow beauty profile in your account. Did you fill in?

  • I’m lucky I didn’t manage to subscribe to this month’s box. I got the June box, and I would seriously have flipped if I got the toner again in this box. Definitely, the same product for two consecutive months is a very big NO for me

    • I totally understand because I feel the same too. One is good enough but if recycle for 2 consecutive month in a row is a turn off. Unless I wanna hoard the toner lol.
      On product wise I’d really like it if it’s not too mass i.e. Ginvera.

  • Luckily for so long I did not subscribe for Wonderbox. Almost the same feeling as urs. Don’t have the ‘ommph’ to push me to subscribe for my first one. By the way, I hate sachets too. Unless it’s a really premium product, then I understand. For the Beautymate, really…. I feel so disappointed too. Keep having Beautymate in most beauty box I have noticed, like in Mivva box. That’s why I temporarily stop subscribing Mivva. Need some ‘rest’ for Mivva. Haha….

    So far, I guess BOL is the best beauty bag in affordable price! <3

    • Not most…just two beauty boxes that have Beautymate toner :). I don’t mind Mivva cause the product selection suits my liking.
      I temporary stop subscribing to BOL. Not that I do sub for a lot but fuhhh my room is bursting with products haha.

      • Yea.. But Mivva have Beautymate products continuously. Hope to get something different. More variety of brands.

        Haha… Have to clear them all first. Now I stay subscribing one. 😛

        • I just saw Aug Mivva box. Looking good 😛

          • Is it? U got it? I haven’t seen anyone posting review about it yet.

          • I’m at work now so I haven’t find out if the box arrive yet :). Normally I check Instagram 😉

  • I didn’t subscribe to beauty boxes (except BOL) so I ‘stalk’ your page often for contents inside the box (like Mivva, VT etc) 😛

    I have to say I’m not really keen on WonderBox seeing the box contents so blah for few months…

    Although this month’s have quite a lot full sized products, it’s more catered to mass market and the products are affordable and easily available at drug stores or pharmacies…

    RM45 for the box is, to me, not worth it…better use that money to subscribe BOL (BOL this month’s is really a steal!!!!)

    • I have to agree with you on this. WB used to be the most anticipated box every month until they started to went downhill beginning of the year till now. Sigh.

      The new price (RM45) is to stop cheap bargain hunters. People who really wanted the box would get it thus creating a genuine, good subscriber’s profile. It’s a pros and con for going down this road.

      BOL sure is very tempting! 😀


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