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Benefit Raising Eyebrows Book Launch & Brow-Shaping Masterclass

I was delighted to be invited for Benefit’s Raising Eyebrows book launch as well as Brow-Shaping Masterclass which was held last Satuday at Personal Shopper Room Parkson Pavilion.

As I had another episode of muscle dislocation on my right knee (old injury recurring again), I took a muscle relaxation + pain killer meds in order for me to limp over to the event! LOL. I reached early and waited for other bloggers to arrive.


The book Raising Eyebrow is written by Cameron Tuttle, an American author. Cameron made brow grooming sounds fun and easy with all the tips and info. Basically everything that you need or want to know about eyebrow is in this book. Unfortunately this book is not being sold in Malaysia currently. I’m so lucky to be given a copy thanks to Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia.


The workshop room is beautifully decorated with Benefit Brow Bar backdrop. This is also where the model is going to be seated so I choose to sit right in front of this area 🙂


Rane volunteered to be the model for brow mapping and waxing. She said coincidently she needed a brow grooming! LOL.


The tools and essentials is readily placed on our table top. There’s a medium size mirror, brow brush, Brow Zingz (Brow Shaping Kit) palette, hair clips, cotton buds, cotton pads and a High Brow pencil.


Before we start mapping our eyebrow, we were briefed about the anatomy of a brow by Emmy. To be frank this is all new to me although I have been drawing my brow for more than 10 years.


Then Emmy told us to use the long wooden spatula to find our Point A from the inner corner of the nose which is the starting point, Point B from outer nose corner to outer corner of pupil which is the arch and Point C from the outer nose corner to outer corner of the eye as that’s where the brow line should end. Mark all 3 points with Brow Zings.


Here Emmy is doing brow mapping for Rane.


The Brow Zings palette (RM115) that I got was slightly darker. So I just swipe a little and swatch it over my hand to remove the excess powder.


Here is my brow mapping. Sorry for the blurry picture. To my surprise it’s nearly the same as what I drew in the morning.


Then we were told to line the dots together and fill in the space. We were told that it doesn’t matter if the color is too dark or the line is too thick. I actually kinda like my “new” brow now. Okay maybe slightly lighter shade.


Close to this right? It’s the perfect brow shape! Below picture should be able to give you a clearer picture on where’s your Point A, B and C.


Rane’s brow mapping is done too. Look at how happy she is.


Next we were told to use High Brow (RM85) pencil underneath our brow to give our brow a lifting and definition as well as highlight to our brow bone.


Here’s the swatch. This pencil is amazing.


Before the waxing is done, Rane is needed to fill in a form. I believe this is a normal procedure everywhere so don’t worry.


Emmy started with spreading the melted pearl wax with a wooden spatula on the top portion of Rane’s brow. She did it portion by portion and not the whole stretch.


Placed a cloth on the wax, press gently and PULL!


Emmy repeat the same process for under brow.


Of course after the waxing some tweezing and grooming is needed if your lashes is too long and droopy.


These are the tools and products used for the workshop.


Soothing Gel, Azulene Oil, Water and Wax Off is for after the waxing procedure.


Some of the cosmetic display on the table.


After the workshop ended, we took turn to have our picture taken with Emmy.


And a group photo with Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia team.


We walked down a floor to take a little tour at the newly revamped Benefit Brow Bar.


For July birthday babies! You’re in luck. Celebrate your special day at the Benefit Brow Bar and receive a FREE Brow Service on your birthday week! Just present your identification to the friendly Benefit girls for verification. I would suggest to give the counter a call for appointment before going over at the following counter:-

– Parkson, KLCC: 03- 2164 2187
– Parkson, Pavilion: 03-2141 4601
– Parkson, 1Utama: 03-7725 3566
– Parkson, Sunway: 03-5631 6300
– C&F, KLIA: 03-8787 1491


Here is some FAQ which I’ve compiled for you on brow mapping and waxing.


(1) What is brow mapping? 
Brow mapping is a method developed by the brow experts at Benefit to determine the perfect brow shape for your face.
(2) Is there a universal brow shape that flatters every woman? 
No, of course not. That’s why Benefit aestheticians will wax or tweeze your brows into a shape specifically designed for your face. No stencils. And no cookie cutter brows.
(3) Full brows are all over the magazines and blogs right now, but mine are naturally thin and sparse. What can I do to make them look fuller? 
To add volume and a hint of color, use a soft wax pencil, like an instant brow pencil. For contrast and to make your brows look fuller, add a brow highlighter like high brow just under the brow. 
(4) What types of things should I avoid doing before getting waxed? 
There are only a few things you shouldn’t do before getting waxed and they are as follows: 
– Don’t sunbathe or use a tanning bed up to 24 hours prior. 
– Don’t head to the gym for a workout up to 1 hour prior. 
– Don’t get any facial peels (glycol AHA, BHA, etc.) or dermabrasion 24 hours prior.

Benefit Brow Wax Price
Brow – RM35
Upper Lips – RM25


Thank you Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia for the invite. It was such an info-full workshop. What a wonderful day!


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  • milktea said… I wondering if you got to keep the High Brow pencil? I would be interested in a review of it! 🙂

    Benefit has a new High Brow Glow pencil out this year and it got good reviews. It harder to find review on High Brow original since it is older product.

    • Hi milktea, nope we don’t get to keep High Briw. It was provided for us to use during the workshop only

  • wanna ask: how much is one brow session?

    • Hi Gin, one brow session is RM35 🙂


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