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Breena Beauty Blending Pearl Changed My Perception on Using Beauty Sponge for Base Makeup

Breena Beauty Blending Pearl 1
I wasn’t supposed to have a post up today, but Breena Beauty’s last delivery is today and Breena Beauty Blending Pearl introduction price of RM30 is ending this 23rd June so I thought I better put this up before you girls kill me 😛

Breena Beauty, the brainchild of fellow beauty blogger friend Sabrina Tajudin need no introduction. Everybody know Breena Beauty and my friend over here 😀 . Her recent launch kinda got everyone of us excited as she launched a beauty sponge named Blending Pearl. Now, I have a friend at Kota Kinabalu Sabah who bought the Blending Pearl, tagged me in a post and one of her friend/follower on Instagram commented that this is a copy of beauty blender. I shot that comment down because this may be a beauty sponge, it is so much different than beauty blender. Yes the concept is the same but if you have used both you will know that they are both different in so many ways.

Breena Beauty Budget - Others Budget Buy Make Up - Beauty Tools Review: Make Up

Breena Beauty B212 Basic Eyeshadow Brush and B216 Brow Definer Brush First Impression

You know how every product review of mine comes with a story? This one is not exceptional either. It has a bitter and sweet story behind it. Which explains why I took so long to get into these Breena Beauty B212 Basic Eyeshadow Brush and B216 Brow Definer Brush.

Breena Beauty Eye Makeup Brushes
When Sabrina from Breena Beauty emailed me on the delivery of these brushes, I was excited and eager to try the new brushes. I think no girl will have enough of makeup brushes. For me I can never have enough of eye makeup brushes as I used a few at one go to complete a look.

Breena Beauty Make Up - Beauty Tools Review: Make Up

Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush: Foundation routine done in just 1 minute and 16 seconds, or less!

I don’t know about you but I am very particular with my makeup brushes. I have several different type, size and shape brushes for one section of my face. That is because I go through phases with makeup brushes just like how I go through phases with makeup products. One day I may like flat foundation brush, the next week I’m feeling flat top kabuki, the following week duo fibre brush and so on. Lately I’m on a beauty shopping diet. That means I have to do “stash” shopping. I probably had own this Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush (thank you Breena Beauty for sending this!) for a few months now and all along I’ve been using it only for finishing powder as I learnt that the brush is the best brush for powder and it give an airbrush finishing.

It all went well until last week. I was in a rush to do my makeup (what’s new) and this brush was calling out for my name. I reach out for it thinking it’s a huge brush so I can get my base makeup down in a few minutes. It’s a good thing I washed it the week before. All hell break loose because this brush is THE best brush for liquid foundation! Ignore every brush you had, your HG brush, your most reached brush as this Face Luxe Brush is about to change your life. It changed mine.

Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush
First of all, this brush is actually the brainchild behind blogger Sabrina Tajudin. It is their first debut brush and they are currently coming out with more brushes so do lookout for it at Breena Beauty website, aight? The Face Luxe Brush is huge and heavy. It does give this luxe feel to it due to the (1) weight, (2) the rose gold ferrule, and (3) the white handle.