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Breena Beauty Blending Pearl Changed My Perception on Using Beauty Sponge for Base Makeup

Breena Beauty Blending Pearl 1
I wasn’t supposed to have a post up today, but Breena Beauty’s last delivery is today and Breena Beauty Blending Pearl introduction price of RM30 is ending this 23rd June so I thought I better put this up before you girls kill me 😛

Breena Beauty, the brainchild of fellow beauty blogger friend Sabrina Tajudin need no introduction. Everybody know Breena Beauty and my friend over here 😀 . Her recent launch kinda got everyone of us excited as she launched a beauty sponge named Blending Pearl. Now, I have a friend at Kota Kinabalu Sabah who bought the Blending Pearl, tagged me in a post and one of her friend/follower on Instagram commented that this is a copy of beauty blender. I shot that comment down because this may be a beauty sponge, it is so much different than beauty blender. Yes the concept is the same but if you have used both you will know that they are both different in so many ways.

First distinctive difference is the slanted flat side. Does beauty blender have it? No dear, they don’t. When I first saw this feature on the Blending Pearl for the first time, I raised my hands up to the air and praised the Beauty God. I always like the idea of a slanted cut on the sponge as this makes the tip even more pointy and the flat side enables the sponge to reach those hard to reach area. I particularly like it for the under eye concealer, baking and many more. This is one great feature of the Blending Pearl.

Breena Beauty Blending Pearl 2
One thing you have to note is the size. At it’s original state (dry, undampened), the Blending Pearl is larger and wider in size compared to the beauty blender. When you run this sponge under a running tap, it gets bigger and bigger. What I notice then is how soft the sponge is. Usually you will know if a beauty sponge is going to be a good one or not once you dampen it. That is when I knew I am going to like this sponge.

Breena Beauty Blending Pearl 3
I notice that there are a lot of white foams or rather soapy foams at first rinse. This went off immediately and I did not see it on second rinse onwards. Blending Pearl is a latex-free sponge that can be used wet or dry. Personally I prefer to use it wet 🙂 . It comes in just one color – Baby Pink. It really doesn’t look very pink when it is expanded.

I have been using brushes for my foundation because I am so lazy with damping my beauty blender. Somehow I find that the dampness from beauty blender sort of diluted my foundation and I don’t like that. However, I did not encounter this issue with Breena Beauty Blending Pearl. It bounces so easily on my face and due to its gigantic size and softness, I finished my base routine in no time. It doesn’t really soak up product so I get a good coverage with my foundation. Recently I have been trialing out the new Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Youth Boosting Spotless Foundation and also trialing out this Blending Pearl at the first time. The foundation is a serum foundation which is more watery so naturally I was so curious to see how Blending Pearl took it. To my surprise, the foundation that used to give me a sheer courage goes on so well with better coverage compared to every other tool I’ve tried. I’ve tried foundation brush, I’ve tried beauty blender and I’ve tried my fingers. I only like Blending Pearl with it.

Breena Beauty Blending Pearl 4
I loveeeee the slanted flat side. It fits under my under eyes perfectly and blends the under eyes concealer away in no time. No matter how many layers of concealer I layered on, this Blending Pearl blends it away without caking it up. This slanted flat side is also good for under eye baking and contour line baking. I don’t have the photos with me now as I bake lesser 😛 but I’ve tried it several times on days I needed my makeup to look more precise and I love this sponge for that purpose. Blending Pearl also work for cream contour product and cream blush. All good!

Breena Beauty Blending Pearl 5
If you’re thinking to spend RM99 for a blending blender, don’t. I can tell you this Breena Beauty Blending Pearl is so much better. I own 3 beauty blender and I hardly reach for it as it soaks up so much product. Some said it gives a flawless finishing but I find it doesn’t do that for me. This Blending Pearl does. Not only I get my base makeup done faster, I get a good coverage with it and the finishing is amazingly smooth. Now go get it before the introduction price of RM30 ends. Then, you will pay RM35 for it. Don’t say I bojio 🙂

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Price: RM30 introduction price until 23rd June 2017, normal price RM35 each.

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Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • Hi Fiona, your review was so convincing that I went straight to the Breena Beauty website & bought this sponge. I was looking for an alternative to my Beauty Blender (which I quite love) and this sponge looks to be it.
    Thanks Fiona!

    • Phew! Just in time for the intro price! I hope you’ll like this as much as beauty blender 🙂 . I never like the beauty blender lol. It was okay.


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