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A Walk-Around Max Fashion Malaysia’s First Store at IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Max Fashion IOI City Mall 1
A fashion store launch and it’s 10 minutes away from me? Say what? You bet I went! I was happy when I found out Max Fashion, the largest, most trusted value fashion brand in the Middle East, North Africa and India was going to be opening its first store in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya Malaysia. As someone who is into fashion, Max Fashion was so huge in Dubai that I almost cannot missed it, especially when the event is so near my house 😀

Just yesterday, I was at IOI City Mall for an afternoon coffee and I notice there are so many tourist in the mall and majority of the shoppers are carrying Max Fashion paper bags. Actually I noticed that last week as I went back to the mall several times after the event. That proves how well received the store is here in Malaysia. Since Raya is just around the corner and I am kinda on a holiday mood now, I thought I would share with you a quick walk-around Max Fashion store here in IOI City Mall Putrajaya.

The store is at Ground Floor. Walk past H&M and Uniqlo and you will see a huge store in front of you, at the end of East Wing. It’s occupying on an over 13,000 square feet and housed most Max’s label for the women’s, men’s and children’s fashion. You will also find everything else such as handbags, scarfs, lingerie, footwear and many more.

Max Fashion IOI City Mall 2
The store now has two things going on – Ramadhan collection featuring themes inspired by the essence of age-old traditions and Summer collection featuring Hawaiian and Hibiscus flower prints.

The clothes style I would say are majority leaning towards an everyday look. Nothing too sexy as this is a Middle East brand after all. Price wise, it was pretty affordable. I was told the lowest price item is RM9.

Max Fashion IOI City Mall 3

Max Fashion IOI City Mall 4
I found a few summery dresses that I like but the smallest size available is UK8. I am a UK4 or UK6 so even UK8 is too large for me. In fact I tried UK8 personally and I feel that it is more like UK12 on me. Sizes are quite wide, just that smaller sizes may not be available anymore as the cutting is larger.

Max Fashion IOI City Mall 5
To my surprise, active wear is placed quite near to the entrance. It was the first section I saw a few steps after I walked in. Understandably, everyone is trying to live a healthier and fitter lifestyle so active wear do have an important placement. Even the fashion show during the launch focuses a lot on active wear at the beginning of the show.

Max Fashion IOI City Mall 6
Ladies handbags are quite nice at Max Fashion. This one below is one that I like very much. Some design I would say are quite conservative and some are quite trendy. It depends on what is your fashion senses and what is fashion to you actually.

Max Fashion IOI City Mall 7
Even jeans wear for the men and women are placed separately to avoid confusion. This, I like. Sometimes you walk into a store and everything was placed together.

Max Fashion IOI City Mall 8
The highly recommended wear I would recommend anytime is their Basic wear. Cheap, not bad quality and lots of colors to choose from too.

Max Fashion IOI City Mall 9

Max Fashion IOI City Mall 10
Obviously the ladies footwear has more choices than the mens lol. The heels are not too high, probably at 3 inches only? I am used to 4.3 inch and above so I did not get any although I like one or two design available.

Max Fashion IOI City Mall 11
Bags! I quite like the handbag selection and designs. Prices if I remember correctly are around RM69 or RM89. It depends on the design and size but the colors are monotone like white, beige, chocolate and black.

Max Fashion IOI City Mall 12
The kids wear section is the most crowded one. Everyone are literally cramped up in that section lol.

Max Fashion IOI City Mall 13

Max Fashion IOI City Mall 14
Same as the adult mens and womens wear, the kids section also has its own kids footwear.

Max Fashion IOI City Mall 15
What I didn’t show here is lingerie and sleepwear, which I think that one it is better if you are there to see it yourself 😀 . I had my eyes on the sleepwear sets, which are priced at RM45 per set. Not too bad. I definitely want to go back to grab a few sets soon.

If you plan for one last minute Raya shopping and you are around the corner, do check Max Fashion out. They are located at G16,17, East Wing, IOI City Mall, Lebuh IRC, IOI Resort City, 62502 Putrajaya to be precise 😉 . For more information, please visit Max Fashion Malaysia Website.


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