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OpenRice App: Upgraded With Better User Friendly Interface and Consolidated Restaurant Database Across Asia + 10X RM30 Starbucks Card GIVEAWAY

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Today’s topic is an exciting one. FOOD! But wait. Not edible food but an app that I have been trying out as I do cafe hop quite a bit for Modern Mavens. Okay. That is just an excuse. I cafe hop a lot because I love to be in a cafe.

Food is everybody’s favourite. I am personally not so much a foodie but I do LOVE to cafe hop and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Usually I find out about a good cafe or restaurant through word of mouth or recommendation from friends, not so much on googling and poof, off I go. No. It does not work that way for me. What happened when I ran out of place to hop? That is when Openrice App comes in, an app I recently used to search for ermm food deals 🙂