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GIVEAWAY: Fitbit Flex worth RM450 + 3-Pack Flex Accessory Wristbands worth RM165

Fitbit Flex Giveaway
As ya’all know, I rarely do giveaway but when I do, it is one hella good one! Two days ago I reviewed the newly launched Fitbit Flex 2 and today, as promised I am giving away not one but TWO (2) Sets of Fitbit Flex + 3-Pack Flex Accessory Wristbands. If you have always been wanting a fitness tracker that is fashionable and impactful, this is your chance.

How Fitbit Flex could help you with tracking your fitness

Flex has the most advanced wireless activity wristband that has proven accuracy and durability. During the day time Flex tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes. Its LED lights shows you how your day is stacking up against your goal set. It does not stop there. When you sleep, the device measures your sleep cycle and wakes you up in the morning. Through the data, you will be able to improve your sleep quality. Similar to the Flex 2, you can also connects to your friends, log your food intake, tracks your workout and many more. All in a slim wristband.

Fitbit Flex Giveaway 3

  • Know your stats: Tracks steps, distance, calories burned, and active minutes
  • Getting good ZZZs: Tracks quality of sleep (# of hours, how many times you wake up, sleep efficiency index) and uses a silent alarm that vibrates to wake you up gently
  • First and only wristband to: Sync to select mobile devices via Bluetooth 4.0 (first all-day wristband tracker to offer this capability). It also syncs wirelessly and automatically to your computer.
  • Multi-platform: Syncs to select iPhone and, now, select Android devices
  • With you all the time: Comfortable enough to wear all day. Water-resistant. Wear it in the shower.
  • Match your mood or personality: Flexible, interchangeable tracker with a variety of colorful wristbands (Black, Slate, Teal, Tangerine, Navy)
  • Rich mobile and online offerings: iPhone and Android App and Online tools – shows activity charts, leaderboards and more. Set goals, view progress and earn badges.
  • Social motivation: Connect with friends and family for support or friendly competition
  • Even more health and fitness tools: Log food, weight and more on Fitbit’s website or apps, including Endomondo, LoseIt, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal and Sparkpeople.


And now, here is how you can win a set of Fitbit Flex (worth RM450) + 3-Pack Flex Accessory Wristbands (worth RM165). There will be two winners. Giveaway runs on this blog, on Instagram and on Facebook as well. My giveaway are pretty strict so read carefully and errr good luck? lol

  1. Follow me on Instagram Those who had unfollowed before are not eligible to participate.
  2. Follow me on Facebook Those who had unfollowed before are not eligible to participate.
  3. Like the photo or link.
  4. Repost my Instagram / Facebook giveaway photo or link and tag three (3) friends.
  5. Tag me @fionastreetlove (Instagram) or @StreetLoveMY (Facebook) and hashtag #streetlovefitbitflexgiveaway #FitbitMY #FitbitMalaysia.
  6. Leave a comment in this post with the following after you have done all the above:
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– You may repost as many times as you want.
– Giveaway starts from 23rd February (Thursday) to 28th February 2017 (Tuesday).

Terms & Conditions (Please read carefully)
1) Open to Malaysia residents only.
2) Contest ends this Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 11:59 pm.
3) You are not allowed to sell it away in any platform at all. So if you do not want to try or need it, please give a chance to others who wanted to ya.
4) Winner will be notified by email and you will need to reply within 48 hours or else the prize will be forfeited and snow ball to the next winner.
5) Winners selected are final.


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  • What a giveaway,I dont have IG acc,so good luck to you lucky readers out there

    • Don’t worry. There will always be other giveaway 😉

  • All steps done.
    Facebook Name : Tiffany Foo
    Instagram Name : tiffanyfoo91
    Email :

  • Facebook Name : Xiang En
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    Email :

  • I lol on the unfollow thing!!! hahahaha.

    Facebook Name: Melissa Ting
    Instagram Name: bluestarstsl

    • Lol! This is my rendition of “I know what you did last summer” haha!!

  • Facebook Name : Siew Mui
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    Email :

  • Hi there.

    Completed all the steps! ! !

    FB : Kawsalya Darshini
    Instagram : @kawsalyadarshini
    Email :

    Thank you for the amazing giveaway. I would like to win one for myself and keep track of the progress. Being fit is gonna be fun : ) Yayy!

  • Facebook Name: Foong Ling
    Instagram Name: flingleong

  • Hi my dear lady,

    I have noticed that in your hashtags, you wrote #Fitbitalaysia , is the “talaysia” correct or is it suppose to be #FitbitMalaysia , do let me know.

    I am so excited and have done all the steps required, I would love to keep track of my health by using this, its a bit pricey but i hope i can win one for myself as i have been waiting forever for one of these, believe me i even watched the promo ad when it came out 😉 hehe

    Facebook Name : Kasma Nur

    Instagram Name : @girlyminane_

    Email :

    Thank you sis Fiona 🙂

    Kasma <3

  • Suddenly so many comments…

    Good luck, everyone!

    • Suddenly right lol. It’s everywhere. Instagram, Facebook and here. I haven’t even check lol

      • hehe. What can i say, we are all dying to keep fit. seriously this fitbit is super pricey so it would definitely be nice if one of us won. 🙂

  • Ai yoh…. so many participants. Good luck to all.

    • lol. Not a lot 😛

  • Facebook name : Bayle Yong
    Instagram name : @bayleyong
    Email :

    Hope to get this, thank you so much for the giveaway!

  • Facebook name: Lee Kai Jun
    Instagram name: kaijun0420


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