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S’Ban Siew Pow Hunting!

Had the opportunity to drive down to Seremban for Isuzu 3S branch opening ceremony last Sunday (a dealer of my client Isuzu Malaysia). My boss and I went for the best siew pau hunting! The main event of the short trip quickly changed to siew pau hunting and we couldn’t stop giggling over it throughout the launch and in the car especially when our GPS make us went round and round Seremban. Like a small kid we are!

We are hungry + happy when we spotted a worn-out huge signboard of the famous S’Ban Siew Pow. I couldn’t see a thing as the yellow signboard is now white but my boss could recognize the design from the blog which we googled with our phone earlier.

Worn-out huge signboard which originally was yellow.

We dropped by the shop first to check if it’d ran out of stock as we desperately needed to lunch. We were assured that they won’t ran out of stock so we walked over to the food court next door for a really crappy chicken rice.

Varities of “biscuits” available.

Other biscuit varieties available such as chicken biscuit and many more.

I bought 1 dozen of siew pau for my family and my boss bought 1 dozen each for his family, office and gf.

One thing I notice from the blogs I googled which blogged about this siew pau is that they didn’t state where is it, location, nearby landmark, address and not even the “jalan” name. So I make sure I took this picture for those who might find this useful. But the one I went is located at Jalan Rasah. Don’t take the flyover heading Jalan Rasah if you’re following GPS. Take the old road at the bottom of the flyover.

Address, contact, website and email info on the side of the box.

Here’s the dozen! It’s so small compared with the one I bought a few years back from the same brand. The price per piece now is RM1.20 for chicken and RM1.30 for pork.

As much as this look nice and delicious, look at how small it has shrank to.

Overall. We can get siew pau anywhere in Klang Valley. You need not drive all the way to Seremban unless you need the short drive to get out of the city once in a while. The price is quite high for a siew pau. Taste is not as delicious as before. I couldn’t find the satisfying sensation eating this as the taste is kinda flat and blank. I can’t taste the aromatic of the filling at all.

Nevertheless, if you fancy something different once in a while you could have this over a cup of kopi in a kopitiam as your childhood memories flashes back.


Mickey Mouse Lil Cake

Look what my mum bought for me last Saturday…

She saw this cute Mickey Mouse lil cake and she knew I’d love it so she bought for me.

There’s 6 pieces in a box.

Isn’t this cute?

But taste is totally out!! The cake is tasteless. What save this cake is maybe the chocolate inside the cake but even the chocolate doesn’t taste that good.

Totally out.

Anyhow I feel very happy by just looking at it. Just not eating it lol.

Food KFC

KFC Egg Tarts

Finally I printed out the discount coupons and bought these egg tarts! I love egg tart and Portuguese egg tart which makes these irresistible for me. The bad thing is not all KFC outlet sell this. Only selected outlets.

It’s delicious!

Food Nestle

The 14-Day Challenge – Day #3

Upon seeing a TV commercial last week on this 14 day program, I was wow-ed by how good the commercial is and I was influenced straight away with the commercial content as they delivered straight forward message so during the weekend I went to buy the NESTLÉ® FITNESSE® & Fruit and 2 packs of HL Low Fat Milk to go with the cereal.. I thought this is a great opportunity for me to take up a challenge. I think I’m too bored and I needed this lol.

Today is my day #3. I packed my cereal to work today. Gosh I need to carry 3 bags to office now.

Cerel comes with dried fruits. Its very nice & fulling.

Promotional message on the cereal box.

This is just a sample of meal plan. To me its perfect. As long as I can still have my coffee. Good for lazy people like me. Just follow. No need to think haha.

At least this looks good hehe. Thank God it taste good too.

Results so far.
This cereal helps digestion because of the fiber. I don’t have constipation problem but this makes me wanna go toilet in the morning. What I don’t like is my tummy was growling in the afternoon. Not because I was hungry. I think it was the digestion thingy going on. It’s really uncomfortable and annoying. I don’t like the feeling.
What’s good is this is actually very fulling. Today I feel my tummy is flatter. Maybe due to the fact I eat lesser?