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Lifestyle Sunday: Behind-The-Scenes Walk into IPC Shopping Centre Phase 2 & 3 Redevelopment and Reopening of Foodland at LG1

IPC Shopping Centre Reimagine Fun 1
The fun part about what I do is to go behind-the-scenes of many things. The most recent one sounds unrelated to me, according to my friends. Behind-the-scenes walk into IPC Shopping Centre Phase 2 and 3 redevelopment, but I disagree. You see, I do have sentimental feelings towards IPC Shopping Centre. Why did I agree on this? (1) Many of you may not know that I used to look after Samsung Malaysia’s key outlet in IPC Shopping Centre, which was previously known as Ikano Power Centre, (2) It sounds hella fun putting on safety boots, hard hat and reflective safety vest like project managers do, (3) It’s not everyday an opportunity to go behind the scene of a shopping centre come by, so why not!

I personally frequent IPC Shopping Centre a lot and that includes Ikea which is just next door. Ask me about all the food at LG floor and I could name which is good and what not. However IPC Shopping Centre has been under going massive renovation since March 2017 as a next step mesure to strengthen its presence in the market. Phase One was done and recently launched and that is the LG1 and LG2 floors. The one I went for a peep is Phase Two and Three.

IPC Shopping Centre Reimagine Fun 2
LG1 is now known as Foodland. When I was there, I couldn’t recognize where I was as everything was so different from the IPC Shopping Centre I know. Suddenly it felt foreign to me and I was literally speechless and looking around in awe. I felt a little bit sad because the once familiar place to me is so much different. Foodland is now fully refreshed and complete with new design as well as new concept. Its key tenants such as Uncle Lim’s, De Irrfan’s Café, Noodle Shack remains. Yay! There are also new tenants as well such as AEON Wellness, Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul, Ben’s Independent Grocer, which will be opening in October 2017 and many more. As for LG2, i-Alter and Thule remains. IPC Shopping Centre also invested in a leading sustainable dishwashing and cleaning system to align to its initiative into a greener future. This system is safe, efficient and ecological.

IPC Shopping Centre Reimagine Fun 3

IPC Shopping Centre Reimagine Fun 4
We of course got to try ALL the food. Should have went with an empty stomach instead LOL.

IPC Shopping Centre Reimagine Fun 5
The top 10 must-tries food in IPC Shopping Centre are:

Penang Curry Mee (Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul), Lobak (Ah Cheng Laksa), Nasi Beriani (De Irrfan’s Café), Porridge (I Love Yoo), Crispy Popiah Prawn (Sister’s Crispy Popiah), Nasi Ayam Goreng Berempah (Laksaamana), Roasted Chicken Rice (Simply Chicken), Nasi Lemak (Uncle Lim’s), Traditional Dry Pan Mee (Noodle Shack), and Thai Basil Chicken Rice (Eat Drink Thai Express).

IPC Shopping Centre Reimagine Fun 6
We are also THE FIRST to try a new menu from MyeongDong Topokki, called Nasi Lemak Ayam Topokki. It is available for a limited time only from 20th August t0 16th September 2017. This new dish is in conjunction with Malaysia’s 60th Independence Day celebration. Only available at Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Putra, One Utama, IPC Shopping Centre, Paradigm Mall, Pearl Shopping Gallery, The Mines, Setia City Mall for RM9.90. What a combination! Traditional Malaysia food with traditional Korean food. Who would have thought that’s possible?

IPC Shopping Centre Reimagine Fun 7
While we were looking for parking, we drove pass this interesting looking recycling centre. It was the Recycling and Buy-Back Centre (RBBC) which was upgraded and relocated to a more convenient and strategic location on LG1 parking floor. IPC offers a humble buy-back on selected items such as cardboard, magazines, newspapers, plastic, tin/metals, and aluminium with a minimum deliver of 1kg. It will also be a place to safely dispose used batteries and fluorescent light tubes and light bulbs as well. Just a little fun fact. IPC Shopping Centre is the FIRST shopping centre in the entire Malaysia to house an RBBC. That my friend has set a benchmark for other malls in paving a way for a better, greener future.

IPC Shopping Centre Reimagine Fun 8

IPC Shopping Centre Reimagine Fun 9
We then adjourned to the project manager’s office to change our shoes to safety boots, put on a hard hat and reflective safety vest before we were brought to Phase Two and Three construction area. These phases are still underway but looking at the progress with my own eyes, it will not be that long before these phases complete in the second half of the year. Level 2 will be more of a family-friendly space with its redevelopment and will be creating an all-new kids’ play area called Funland. This level will also be home to the second Young Chefs Academy in Malaysia, offering fun and creative cooking classes for kids.

IPC Shopping Centre Reimagine Fun 17

IPC Shopping Centre Reimagine Fun 11

IPC Shopping Centre Reimagine Fun 12

IPC Shopping Centre Reimagine Fun 13

IPC Shopping Centre Reimagine Fun 14

IPC Shopping Centre Reimagine Fun 15

IPC Shopping Centre Reimagine Fun 16

IPC Shopping Centre Funland
IPC Shopping Centre Funland
IPC Shopping Centre Scandinavian Interior
IPC Shopping Centre Scandinavian Interior


Get ready for the new Scandinavian-themed shopping centre fully operated by the second half of the year and reimagine the next future of shopping experience. At the mean time, you are more than welcome to explore the renewed LG floors to get a taste of what the new IPC Shopping Centre has got in store.

For more information and latest updates, please visit IPC Shopping Centre Facebook Page and Instagram.


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  • This is AMAZING dear..Such an eye opener!

    • Indeed. I was all so excited to go. Not everyday we get to have sneak peek like this haha 😀

  • Wah. so much fun to have a sneak peek behind the scenes/reno!

    I drove my aunt there a couple of weeks back, as she wanted to look for something at the Popular Bookshop there, but we didn’t know it was under reno! So she wasted almost 2 hours there and at Ikea while waiting for me to fetch her after my girl’s music lesson. We didn’t know IPC was under extensive reno works. Just proves how long we didn’t go around that area. haha…

    • This is one big reno. The whole mall is under reno but luckily Foodland was opened so shoppers from Ikea or The Curve would walk over for food. I do that too 🙂
      I’m so looking forward for the new look. It looks amazing from the photos they sent me 😀

      • Yes, and you had first look at their extensive reno!
        A good excuse to go to this part of the Klang Valley soon! Hope they will kautim before Xmas!

        • I believe they will rush for before Xmas otherwise no point kan? Missed all the shopping craze haha


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