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MAKE UP FOR EVER is celebrating its latest revolution of profusion and creativity by launching 210 new-generation Artist Shadow + my signature eye makeup technique tutorial

MAKE UP FOR EVER as the color expert in the makeup industry decided to revamp their brand’s iconic product. What seems to be just a normal uplift is not just any ordinary uplift as the brand recently launched a staggering 210 shades of Artist Shadow. Yes! 210 huge, big pan of eye shadow! After spending three years developing a whole new range of eye shadows, Dany Sanz the Creater and Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER could have come out with 500 shades but it wasn’t her goal. She wanted to offer a profusion, which is not to be confused with ‘too much’. It took the brand three years to perfect the quality of these shadows with the help of new technology. What you’re about to see is MAKE UP FOR EVER latest revolution shadow that is incredibly subtle colors, astonishing glosses and sheens that are highly versatile and some out-of-this-world effects that are finally made impossible now.

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August 2014 Favourites: Things that are not in the blog

Ahhh favourites of the month. I never do any of this favourites post before because I never find it interesting. Besides favourites, most people also do empties. I don’t do empties post but two years ago I gave it a twist and did something called “Newly Opened” because I’m rebellious like that 😀

The reason why I never find reading favourites of the month interesting is because most people either (1) repeat the same product from last month and they can like it for a few months in a row. Nothing’s wrong with it though, don’t get me wrong. (2) Most favourites product had been reviewed before. So if I’ve already read the review, there is no need for me to know if you like it or not for a second time. (3) Most favourites product is the product that was reviewed within the same month. So long story cut short, I was itching to do something different and I’ve decided to come out with favourites of the month post too BUT, it will be on things that are not in the blog.

With all the non-stop shopping, I do try loads of new products off camera and usually these are the things that either make it to the blog or it never come near at all. Here is my August 2014 Favourites.

August 2014 Favourites 1
Bioderma Sébium H20 Purifying Cleansing Micelle Solution
I met up with the beautiful ladies of Bioderma two weeks ago and Datin Juli Azmi, Chief Marketing Officer even came out to meet me. It was such a privilege to be able to meet with the people behind the highly raved brand and they brought me gifts! Datin Juli said that if I like Sensibio H20, I would like Sébium H20 even more. And she was so right. After trying the cute 20ml Sébium H20, I can say that I would prefer it over Sensibio. It has a pleasant scent to it and it is not as oily as what I’ve heard.

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MAKE UP FOR EVER Launches Massive Artisan Brush Collection Consisting of 75 Brushes, Available to MUFE Pro Boutique and Sephora

You heard me right. 75 Artisan brushes. Just last week I was over at MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Boutique at Level 2 of Sephora Starhill to get a sneak peek of the whole new Artisan brush collection and boy the collection was so massive that I didn’t know where to start! This introduction is going to be long (I bet you already know that) so as usual, brew a pot of tea or coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy. I promise I will keep things short and sweet 😀

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MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist & Fix With O2 Skin Complex: Sets & smooth out makeup, reduce sebum secretion and prevent makeup meltdown

Makeup setting spray. Hmmm. I never have any good experience nor have I encounter any that is good. After the last makeup setting spray that claimed to have oil control properties but failed, I don’t go hunt for others anymore. I thought even the highly raved Urban Decay De-Slick failed on me, what else would work right? Now, that was before I tried MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist & Fix With O2 Skin Complex.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist & Fix 2_5
This new Mist & Fix With O2 Skin Complex was globally launched just this Thursday 15th May 😀 . A few days ago I also talked briefly about the NEW Mist & Fix With O2 Skin Complex that is replacing the existing Mist & Fix. If you are already a Mist & Fix user and fan, fret not. The formula remains the same and it still function the same, except that MAKE UP FOR EVER infused it with extra moisturizing benefits. Mist & Fix O2 Skin Complex functions by sealing all the makeup and improves the holding powder, while providing moisture to the skin. This makeup setting spray is alcohol-free with a total flawless holding power and gives the skin a glowing complexion while giving the skin a moisturized feel to it.

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I Love AQUA: MAKE UP FOR EVER AQUA New Arrivals for Summer 2014

Today is the worldwide launch for five new arrivals of MAKE UP FOR EVER AQUA for Summer 2014 😀

From the title itself you bet I will be an immediate fan of MAKE UP FOR EVER AQUA series 🙂 . I had to draft this post three weeks earlier right after attending the workshop, just in case I forget the small details. Previously I did an Introduction to MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Cosmetics and a Sneak Peek of the Upcoming Release for 2014 but today I’m not going to talk about HD anymore but instead I am going to introduce to you MAKE UP FOR EVER AQUA series as well as five new product release for Summer 2014.




The theme this time round is, yes you got it…I LOVE AQUA. AQUA series is actually not a new range within the brand. It has existed long ago. Just that we never really realize it probably because we always ask for waterproof mascara or waterproof eyeliner over the counter. Not many know MAKE UP FOR EVER AQUA series is well, more than that.

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Introduction to MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Cosmetics and a Sneak Peek of the Upcoming Release for 2014

Growing up in a Parisian suburb, Dany Sanz, Creator and Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER was drawn to the world of the arts at a young age. She was originally a painter and sculptor professionally in Parisian cabarets. Her husband, Jacques Waneph and herself started MAKE UP FOR EVER back in September 1984 after she unknowingly created a following in the makeup community. It all happened one day when Dany was working on theatre, she discovered that she could also paint on the actors’ skin; a revelation she coined as her “paintings in motion”. She then began teaching body painting techniques to other makeup artists. And the rest is history 😀

My first encounter with MAKE UP FOR EVER HD cosmetics is when I’ve won a contest from Malaysian Women’s Weekly magazine. The prize is a HD cosmetics trial kit worth RM200 that contain the iconic HD Foundation and HD Blush. That was a brief and pleasant HD encounter. Now let me tell you more about MAKE UP FOR EVER HD cosmetics range available at the moment and upcoming 2014 release.

Make Up For Ever HD 1
When it comes to HD (High Definition) cosmetic products, one would turn to none other than MAKE UP FOR EVER. The brand is know for it’s HD Foundation, Blush, Primer, Powder and so on. MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Complexion range revolutionized the way makeup is done for TV.