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August 2014 Favourites: Things that are not in the blog

Ahhh favourites of the month. I never do any of this favourites post before because I never find it interesting. Besides favourites, most people also do empties. I don’t do empties post but two years ago I gave it a twist and did something called “Newly Opened” because I’m rebellious like that 😀

The reason why I never find reading favourites of the month interesting is because most people either (1) repeat the same product from last month and they can like it for a few months in a row. Nothing’s wrong with it though, don’t get me wrong. (2) Most favourites product had been reviewed before. So if I’ve already read the review, there is no need for me to know if you like it or not for a second time. (3) Most favourites product is the product that was reviewed within the same month. So long story cut short, I was itching to do something different and I’ve decided to come out with favourites of the month post too BUT, it will be on things that are not in the blog.

With all the non-stop shopping, I do try loads of new products off camera and usually these are the things that either make it to the blog or it never come near at all. Here is my August 2014 Favourites.

August 2014 Favourites 1
Bioderma Sébium H20 Purifying Cleansing Micelle Solution
I met up with the beautiful ladies of Bioderma two weeks ago and Datin Juli Azmi, Chief Marketing Officer even came out to meet me. It was such a privilege to be able to meet with the people behind the highly raved brand and they brought me gifts! Datin Juli said that if I like Sensibio H20, I would like Sébium H20 even more. And she was so right. After trying the cute 20ml Sébium H20, I can say that I would prefer it over Sensibio. It has a pleasant scent to it and it is not as oily as what I’ve heard.

Bioderma Make Up - Remover Review: Make Up

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution: Getting the hang of the whole micellar water craze

Being someone who started using cleansing milk and cleansing oil to remove makeup, I can never quite get cleansing water. How could I? A full day worth of makeup, dirt and sebum are thoroughly removed at the end of the day with my usual remover product so there wasn’t any need to change to something milder that is mostly just water.

Despite how I feel about cleansing water and after reading all the raving reviews online, Bioderma has become something that I wanted to get my hands on for the longest time. It is not available in Malaysia directly although I nearly bought from an online seller at one point of time. You have no idea how happy I am when I found out Isetan KLCC brought in Bioderma since March 2014 and I think I was among the first to notice it from Isetan Newsletter, rushed over and got my hands on my first ever Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution. I am a late bloomer in this new bandwagon but hey, it’s better late than never eh? 😀

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution
Overall, there are three types of Bioderma micelle solution available namely Sensibio H2O (red cap) for Sensitive Skin, Sébium H2O (green cap) for Combination or Oily Skin and Hydrabio H2O (blue cap) for Sensitive Dehydrated Skin. I chose Sensibio H2O because that is the best seller among three and the BA also highly recommend Sensibio for me.

Bioderma News

Bioderma is Now Available in Malaysia! + My Haul

This post is suppose to go up on Sunday but it will be too late if I scheduled it for Sunday. So I’ve decided to push it to Saturday instead.

A few days ago I received a copy of Isetan exclusive newsletter through the mail. It’s quite a surprise because usually I update myself with their latest newsletter by going to their official website. This time I don’t have to. If you did not receive the hard copy newsletter, fret not. I’ve uploaded the whole newsletter for you in the blog a few days ago. Click on Isetan Exclusive Beauty Treats (28th March to 30th March 2014) to see all the promotions available.

I was quite happy to see page 26 in the newsletter because Bioderma is here! So I note down on my calendar to remind myself to pay a visit to Isetan on the 28th March.

Bioderma 1
Yes girls. Bioderma is finally available for us Malaysians. Here’s how I found out. Initially I thought Bioderma is just having a promotional counter, just like Spanks previously so I speed up to second floor where the Event Hall is located. I couldn’t spot Bioderma so I make an enquiry at i-Club Counter. i-Club Counter personnel told me Bioderma is at cosmetic floor. I speed down to first floor and search through the whole floor and still couldn’t find them. I was getting quite anxious because I need to be the first 30 customers to be entitle for a promo which I’ll explain later. I went up to Burberry Beauty counter and ask the makeup artist there. He’s someone I know and he’s very much into all the imported beauty related so he should know. It turns out he didn’t know. What I do next was like amazing race. I search through floor by floor, section by section and I still fail to spot Bioderma. I took out the newsletter book and read again. See I told ya it’s like amazing race show lol.