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Introduction to MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Cosmetics and a Sneak Peek of the Upcoming Release for 2014

Growing up in a Parisian suburb, Dany Sanz, Creator and Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER was drawn to the world of the arts at a young age. She was originally a painter and sculptor professionally in Parisian cabarets. Her husband, Jacques Waneph and herself started MAKE UP FOR EVER back in September 1984 after she unknowingly created a following in the makeup community. It all happened one day when Dany was working on theatre, she discovered that she could also paint on the actors’ skin; a revelation she coined as her “paintings in motion”. She then began teaching body painting techniques to other makeup artists. And the rest is history 😀

My first encounter with MAKE UP FOR EVER HD cosmetics is when I’ve won a contest from Malaysian Women’s Weekly magazine. The prize is a HD cosmetics trial kit worth RM200 that contain the iconic HD Foundation and HD Blush. That was a brief and pleasant HD encounter. Now let me tell you more about MAKE UP FOR EVER HD cosmetics range available at the moment and upcoming 2014 release.

Make Up For Ever HD 1
When it comes to HD (High Definition) cosmetic products, one would turn to none other than MAKE UP FOR EVER. The brand is know for it’s HD Foundation, Blush, Primer, Powder and so on. MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Complexion range revolutionized the way makeup is done for TV.

Make Up For Ever HD 2

“Natural light is just as unforgiving as an HD camera lens. If foundation is invisible to the camera, it will look flawless in daylight.”

Dany Sanz, Creator and Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER

This first ever workshop held especially for a few of us bloggers was enlightened by Stanley Wong, Brand Manager of MAKE UP FOR EVER Malaysia where he share with us the brand story from the founder to how the brand was created to how HD range came about. It was a casual day for us, no stress, no brain exhausting activities so it was easier to take in all the information. I can go on and on about the philosophy and background stories of the brand but I wouldn’t want to bored you so let’s move on shall we! 🙂

Make Up For Ever HD 9
Jason Ooi, Education & Artistry Executive for MAKE UP FOR EVER Malaysia was so kind enough to drew us a simple explanation chart on what High Definition means. HD usually is used to explain image resolution for photography, television and even videography. HD cosmetics contain fine particles that blend well into the skin and reflect all lighting so that you look like you have no makeup on. You can safely say HD Makeup is light formula makeup with good coverage that will not look heavy on the skin up close even on screen.

Make Up For Ever HD 11
MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Complexion range consists of six products only – HD Elixir, HD Primer, HD Foundation, HD Concealer, HD Blush and HD Microfinish Powder. Do bear in mind the full Complexion range doesn’t just comprising of these six HD products. There is also a lot more non-HD products 😀



The third bottle from the left in the below picture is considered a primer and a serum as well. HD Elixir Instant Radiance Hydrating Serum is especially designed to prep the skin for HD makeup. It gives the skin an instant and long lasting hydration to the skin. Innovative formulas is used in the product to create a new generation of make up which is both invisible on HD cameras and to the naked eye. This serum is highly recommended for dry skin. However normal skin, combination skin and oily skin can also use this product. Just be moderate with amount. You can also mix HD Elixir to HD Primer or HD Foundation. It gives the skin an instant plump and lifting effect. It is also safe to be used on the eye area as well as on the lips to instantly hydrate dry and chapped lips. The serum is quite watery and absorbed very fast into the skin.

Make Up For Ever HD 3



HD Primer is a unique makeup base product that not only comes in a transparent shade but it also comes in six other color-correcting shades. With a total of seven shades to choose from 0 Neutral, 01Green, 2 Mauve, 4 Caramel, 5 Blue, 6 Apricot and 7 Pink, you will definitely be able to find a suitable primer to match your skin correcting needs. HD Primer is designed to act just like a skin care product. It helps to nourishes, moisturizes and soften the skin, while creating a glowing effect. Just like another primer, it leaves a layer on the skin that acts as a protective layer against any makeup residue and at the same time helps the foundation to goes on smooth and prolong the long lasting of the makeup thereafter. You can choose to apply HD Primer directly on your skin to correct any uneven tone or you can mix it with HD Foundation. According to Jason Ooi, Education & Artistry Executive for MAKE UP FOR EVER Malaysia, you can also mix HD Primer with any foundation shade that was bought wrongly. So instead of tossing the foundation away, try mixing a color-correcting HD Primer in it.

Make Up For Ever HD 5



Make Up For Ever HD 4
One of the star product and best seller in MAKE UP FOR EVER HD range is none other than the HD Foundation. This oil-free, medium-to-full coverage liquid foundation gives an incredible natural and flawless finish to the skin. I have used this before a few years ago and I can stand to that claim. One of the ingredient – Sericite works by diffusing the light away and enhancing the glow of the skin. This is not a completely matte foundation despite being oil-free as it is also enriched with moisturizing agent. This means the finishing will not be flat and it also explains the glow thereafter. The texture is smooth to touch, easy to apply and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It is one of the most natural finishing foundation I’ve ever tried. As for the coverage wise, you can slowly build it from medium to full. Eventhough so, you will still look like you have no makeup on but all flaw will be covered.

Make Up For Ever HD 6

Make Up For Ever HD 12

Make Up For Ever HD 13



If you remember, one of the very first liquid blush is by MAKE UP FOR EVER. HD Blush comes in a vacuum pump bottle that dispense out cream-liquid blush. Many love the blush but it is quite hard to work with especially for non-professional like us.

Make Up For Ever HD 7
This year in 2014, MAKE UP FOR EVER will be releasing a brand new HD Cream Blush which comes in a compact form and the texture will be easier to work with. This new addition to the HD family will comprises of 16 shades – 15 nude shades + 1 funky «doll-like» coral hue. MAKE UP FOR EVER describe the texture of this new cream blush as “texture-free second-skin” finish. It is so easy to work on any makeup base ready face by giving a natural flush to the surface of epidermis, almost as if you just came back from a jog.

I find the cream blush to be quite soft and moist on the compact but it finishes into powder finishing. You can expect a non-oily, non-sticky and non-shimmery blush from this.

HD Cream Blush formula is a mix of oils, pigments and powders:

Silicone oils, dry oils and light waxes are expertly combined to bring an ultra-soft feel and silkiness that spreads easily but is supremely light with flawless hold.
• Specially dosed for an HD finish, silica powders and synthetic mica ensure softness on the skin and a soft-focus satin finish that conceals imperfections and ensures a radiant complexion without masking the skin’s texture.
• Optimal concentration of pigments combined with transparent natural pearlizers brings sheer, natural colors that are incredibly luminous and do not vanish or turn lackluster as the hours pass.

Make Up For Ever HD 8

Make Up For Ever HD 10
HD Cream Blush is to be applied directly on the cheeks or cheek bones, depending how you like your blush to be at right after foundation and before finishing powder. The shade is definitely buildable and I would advise you to apply more otherwise the color may not be so visible after finishing powder.

Make Up For Ever HD 14


NEW! MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microfinish Pressed Powder

The bread and butter for MAKE UP FOR EVER is HD Microfinish Powder. Everyone know loose powder is so hard to travel with and the large tub is quite bulky too. It is due to many fans request and I think many people will rejoice in happiness because this year MAKE UP FOR EVER will finally be launching a pressed version – HD Microfinish Pressed Powder. It is still the same ol’ powder with airy finesse, HD invisibility and unique sensoriality. The only difference is that now it comes in a handy, pressed version.

HD Microfinish Pressed Powder is extra-fine, talc-free fades lines optically without settling inside the skin. I was told that the powder provides a matte coverage and comes in just one transparent shade, which will suits all skin color. As all HD products is, the powder contain micro-particles that gives a soft focus effects on the skin, revealing a luminous complexion.

Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Pressed Powder 2
The entirely redesigned composition of the powder is to remove any heavyweight opacifying ingredients that are usually found in compacts. A trio of meticulously selected powders have formed this texture-free formula:

Silica injects comfort into the skin for an ultra-airy sense of softness and a flawless soft-focus glow.
Synthetic mica ensures the finish is transparent, smooth and even, with a silky soft feel.
Silicone powders erase lines and wrinkles and unify the skin texture while giving a matte and luminous finish.
Hyaluronic acid reinforces the comfort and sensoriality of the texture thanks to its anti-drying properties.



We also get a sneak peek into an upcoming fully synthetic range of makeup brushes which will be here in a few months time. The MAKE UP FOR EVER Artisan Brushes are cruelty-free, more hygienic, long-lasting and the straight and wavy bristles are designed to work on liquid, cream, powder and gel.

Make Up For Ever HD 15
MAKE UP FOR EVER is also the first professional makeup brand that launched Pro Boutique in Malaysia. Currently the first MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Boutique is located on Level 2 of Sephora Starhill. This boutique not only offer a wide varieties of makeup range for normal consumers and professionals, makeup artist is also able to get Pro product range such as Artistic, Pro-Only and Special Effects makeup. Once Artisan Brushes is launched officially, the whole complete brush range available will have it’s dedicated space. Pro Membership will be open for application soon and the approval is pretty strict. As usual, makeup artist will need to provide certification and past job profile for the application.

There are also other makeup products to check out other than HD range for example All Mat Face Matifying Primer, Mist & Fix, Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation and many more which I’m eyeing on. I will be updating this post with prices soon.

Hands up, who have tried MAKE UP FOR EVER before? 😀


MAKE UP FOR EVER HD range is available at Sephora KLCC, Sephora Starhill, Sephora Paradigm Mall, Sephora Sunway Pyramid, Sephora Gurney Paragon, Sephora NU Sentral and Sephora Queensbay Mall.

Pro Boutique – Sephora Starhill Level 2
Boutique – Penang Gurney Plaza

Website: http://www.makeupforever.com/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Makeupforevermy


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  • Wah, the sentence where you said ‘ you will still look like you have no makeup on but all flaw will be covered’ really made me want to run to Sephora and get the foundation. Haha, its hard to find one for my skin. I need a lot of foundation just to cover the ugly scars on my face 🙁

    • Haha! It’s HD foundation so it is designed to cover all the flaw without looking as if you have heavy makeup on. The coverage is quite decent. Try to get it tested on your face directly 😀

  • I bought HD Blush (in the bottle) and HD Foundation before. I’m still using the foundation, not the blush. The content dries up inside the bottle. I’m so glad to hear MUFE is launching compact version. I’ll definitely keep an eye on it at Sephora. Thank you Fiona

    • My trial HD Blush also dries up. Couldn’t even pump it out lol. That time I was still a newbie in makeup. I have no idea how to work with the texture 😛

      I’ll also review the new HD Cream Blush soon 😉

  • nice review u got here..
    the brushes set-cruelty free meaning that they’re synthetic bristles not?

    • Hi Wan, thanks 🙂 . The brushes are fully synthetic as stated. It’s very soft. Tested it but it ain’t cheap. Good thing doesn’t come cheap eh? 😀

  • I always wanted to try but I am not brave enough to buy it without seeing review. I always walk pass Sephora and aim for Make Up Forever HD foundation but never try it. Are you going to have a review for this product soon? hehe

    • First I need to get a bottle first hehehehehehe. Let me get my tone match and perhaps get a bottle. Been wanting one for sooooo long ever since I finished my trial size.

  • I am over-the-moon excited about the MUFE HD Microfinshed Pressed Powder. It’s so silky and the best part is that I won’t have to worry about picking a shade! I’m so glad they decided to release it the HD powder as a pressed compact.

    • I agree. On me it has quite a good oil control as well. Pressed one are much more convenient. I always dropped some powder whenever I’m using loose powder. Quite a waste. MUFE will also be launching a kabuki brush that is especially designed to be used with HD Microfinish Pressed Powder 😀 . You must check it out.

      • Is that the short MUFE kabuki I saw at Sephora? I am actually lusting over that big face brush they have on display for RM200! This is the one with the dark wood handle.

        I am mad about those HD blushes too. So many products to love, so little money

        Can I say that my heart skipped a beat when I saw the brush belt packed with brushes in that image of the brush belt in your post! Brushes are my weakness.

        • The kabuki not quite short. It’s not launched yet haha. The product code is 124 with straight & wavy bristle. It’s under Artisan brush collection 🙂 . It will cost around RM200+ too.
          Oh the dark wood handle. That’s nice. My heart stopped seeing the price lol. I better get myself back into working otherwise everything seems expensive to me OMG.

          I’ve yet to dig into my HD blushes. Need to photograph everything first hehe. That brush belt with brushes are all new Artisan brush that will be launch in a couple of months time. That’s a sneak peek to us. Sooooooooooo soft. I have a soft spot for brushes too *melts*


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