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Q-pot. Opening at ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur This 27th October 2016!

Q-pot Seasonal Look Book Melty Strawberry Chocolate 7
You heard me right. Q-pot. is opening its first store here in Malaysia. ISETAN Lot 10 to be precise. I was not aware that ISETAN Lot 10 undergo a makeover and the store will be opened as new specialty store for delivering Japanese lifestyles and aesthetics to customers.

Now, let’s take a peek at what Q-pot. has to offer. I heard there will be really limited edition accessories and Sailor Moon collection available as well 😉


Limited edition rare and best-seller accessories

Q-pot 1
[From the left] Limited Strawberry Banana Macaron Keycain / Limited Strawberry Petit Cake Necklace Limited Heart CupCake Necklace / Limited Chocolate Chou à la Crème Keychain


Just for the opening, Q-pot. is bringing in some of the rare accessories from Japan that are not sold in Japan. It includes some of the best seller items of Q-pot. that will be released.


Q-pot 2
[From the left] Melty ChocolateBar Necklace / Creamy Strawberry Macaron Necklace Cotton Candy Ice Necklace / Bee & Honey & Lemon Necklace Melt Ring (BRW) / Melty Strawberry Doughnuts Bag Charm Maple Cream Banana Pancake Bagcharm / Rose CupCake Necklace


Q-pot. × Sailor Moon

Q-pot 3
From the left] Moon Phase Pocket Watch Necklace / Sailor Ribbon Cup Cake Necklace Moon / Mars / Jupiter / Venus / Mercury / Crystal Star Macaron keychain


To commemorate Q-pot.’s opening in Malaysia, Sailor Moon fans and collectors will be excited to know that Q-pot. has flown ins a special jewelry collection collaboration. This collection will only be available from  27th October (Thursday) to 24th November (Thursday) 2016.

The event space will have character panel like a museum and photo board. You can even write a message with love to Usagi-chan 😀

Q-pot 4
Mark your calendar girls.

“Q-pot.×Sailor Moon” event in ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur
Date: 27th October (Thursday)~24th November (Thursday), 2016
Place: ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur, First floor Studio

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