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Car Tips: A Complete Guide and Tips to Buying and Selling Used Car in Malaysia

Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Used Car in Malaysia 1
When I was selling my car back in August 2013, I was totally clueless on the proper step by step procedure in selling my car directly to direct buyer. I tried googling for more info but there wasn’t a complete guide and tips on what to lookout or what to be aware. After a painful and whirlwind experience, after many phone calls to my friend who used to sell used car, after a painstaking two and a half month in the process, I finally sent off my baby Jazz to the new owner just three weeks ago. Now, I am calm and I can properly pen down my experience as a guide to those that plan to sell or buy a used car directly. By directly means not going through any used car dealer or runner. This complete buying and selling used car guide will lean more to seller based on my experience but I will also weight in buyer experience based on what I know from my car’s new owner.


My Baby For Sale – Honda Jazz 1.5 i-DSI (A) CBU 2004/2005

When I was just earning a peanut nearly 10 years ago, I had a dream car. Me and my bf then used to talk about buying this car and he always said that the car is so me. At that time Honda Jazz is considered as one of the overpriced luxury hatchback car, bearing a hefty price tag of RM104,000 (if I’m not mistaken). Yes, a RM104,000 for a 1500 cc hatchback car! I still remember at that time those that drove a Honda Jazz is considered well-off.

My life took a new turn after joining Samsung Malaysia and slowly I was earning a comfortable income, not a lot but it was enough at that time. My current car back then was getting old and I was itching to look into Honda Jazz again. Unfortunately the price still sits on the 100,000 mark so my only option is a second hand car. I could have just bought a Myvi or something but noooo. I still want a Honda Jazz. After searching from various buying and selling channel, all the Jazz that I found was either badly modified or disposal due to over modified and even after-accident disposal. As I was quite active with Honda Car Owners Club (HCOC) at that time I started to ask around members from JFFC (Jazz Fit Friends Club) and finally someone told me that one of the member is looking to sell off his Jazz for a Honda Civic. My friend also added that the said Jazz is in a superb condition as the car owner is super caring and attentive to his car. The only thing is I was looking for a Black car and the said Jazz is in Silver. Not exactly the color I was looking for but I decided to take a look.


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Car Tips: Dealing With Flat Tyre – It’s Not As Complicated & Scary As You Think

As usual on a Saturday morning I woke up at 6am to fetch my parents to the wet market. Many people don’t understand why so early and our family constantly get this curious question. The explanation is simple – you get the freshest vegetables, meat, fruits and many more at the earliest of the morning. Now back to the story. As usual I woke up, brush my teeth, wash my face and went straight to start my car (in my pyjamas of course lol). As I reverse out the car and waited for my parents to get in, mum knocked on my window while mumbling something. I wind down the passenger side window and I heard her saying something about “no more”. I thought she’s telling me that the reverse light or 3rd light no more light aka light bulb burnt out cause I couldn’t hear properly. Mum repeated and this time I heard it loud and clear. She was trying to tell me that my tyre is flat.

Okay, something about my parents on cars. Both of them have no clue and knowledge on car. When I first got this car with 17″ rims and running on a 205/40/R17 set of tyres, they always thought my tyres are flat or not enough air. There are also times I get conman knocking on my window at the market telling me I have flat tyres and he can help me with a small fee. Hah! They must have thought I know nuts about cars eh? 🙂 The real fact is the tyres that I’m using are the thin type. So they looked like they are flat 🙂

So today is the best time to share with you a few simple tips on how you can overcome this flat tyre issue…like a man 😀

Car Tips1
This morning’s trip to the wet market are cancelled as I couldn’t drive with flat rear tyre. So I drove back in to the porch and was shocked to see that my super thin tyres are touching the ground! I took out my trusty handy inflator and started to fill in air, at 6.15am in the morning with loud and noisy inflator haha. Mine is not the type that fill in air and fix the hole because those type can only be use once or a few times. Mine is just the air filler.


Baby Jazz New Look!

I finally can relax after dragging my car makeover for near to 1 year. Reason being? I never parted with my car, I cannot bear to part with my car. Initial workshop told me 3 days. Even that 3 days I couldn’t bear. So I drag the time. Some uncivilized people actually said this to my face “you’re so stingy, small money also not willing to spend for new paint”. What do they know. Money is never a problem to me. I have allocated 3k for new paint since last year. Some stupid fella even ask me to change car. Just because I need a new paint doesn’t mean I need to change the whole car??!! Not that I cannot afford but I love my Jazz so why do I need to change? Why now? Well, I finally gotten a few spare cars to drive around thanks to my job in automotive publishing. The contacts me and my bosses have really helps in getting cars to drive around.

Ok so. Here’s the summary of what I have spent on my car.

1) New original colour paint including mudguard knocking, bodykit dismantle and spray separately & new rubber – RM1,700
2) Rims restoration including knocking with new Hyper Black paint – RM320 (deducted RM30 for bad workmanship)
3) New front tyres 205/40/R17 from Falken – RM203 each. Total RM406 (media special price)
4) New front and back nuts – RM80 per set
5) Wheel alignment & camber adjustment – RM55
6) Car cover – RM38
7) Dog & Cat Repellent Spray – RM23
8) New front plate number – price unknown yet

Total spent – RM2,622!

I collected my car on last Thursday. Drove for a few days then I wash my car on Sunday at my bro’s house. My bro’s car is in my house porch and I have to go to HIS house to wash my car. Weird I know. Anyway, here’s the picture I snapped after washing the car. Sorry for the bad lighting. The car look much better in real though.

Baby Jazz is all shining after a quick bath! My neighbour said she can spot my car from far =.=”

Left rear light which was damaged by a hit & run fker in the parking lot is now fixed. Unfortunately I’m still considering if I should spend RM600 for rear light. Wouldn’t wanna take the risk again.

New paint. I still prefer my original paint though. This Hyper Black (with extra black) is not even black! It’s more silver than my original Hyper Silver laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

New tyre from Falken! ZE912 205/40/R17
* Psst * I got a superb deal from Falken.

Changed all nuts to a smaller version as well.

I always like to polish my tyres.

New and smaller nuts for sport rims.


Baby Jazz Make Over Progress – Day 10 & Day 13

Day 10
I went over last Saturday (20th Aug) with Andy my long time friend which introduced me earlier to this workshop to check on the new paint which was supposed to be sprayed on Thursday. I was right. The new paint is done, dries up nicely and all the parts and accessories was installed back to the car.

QC have not been done and I did some checking myself and found some cracks which they missed.

Sorry for the bad photos. All taken with my Blackberry.

Front View.

Side view. Couldn’t take picture of the rear view as they’re fixing the crack which they missed earlier.

I was asked what “make-up” I wanted for my car and I was lost with the question. The boss just laugh
and said he is done with the overall paint but wanted to know if I want to do some make-up for the car. So Andy suggested a small part of the front and back bumper to be sprayed in black and the boss said it should look nice and I agreed to proceed.

Day 13
I went back on Tuesday (23rd Aug) to talk to the boss on delaying in picking up my car as my tyre order from Falken will only be available on Thursday. Saw this pretty/handsome Jazz parked opposite and I went round and round before leaving.

Miss the bee mobile very very much!

According to the employee, I could pick up the car already. The lil make-up is already done.

I miss my car so much that I could go crazy if I left it there any day longer.


Baby Jazz Make Over Progress – Day 6

Visited the workshop where my baby Jazz is having her make over on Tuesday which is Day #6 since I left her. I did went over last Saturday morning which is Day #3 and nothing was done yet. From this trip I can see lots has been done and on-going jobs like the dent from my left rear light is now fixed. Most of my body kits are removed for restoration works except of side skirt and rear bumper.

Front view. Heartache seeing this ……

Side view. Not much clay is put on as 98% of the car body is not dented (of course). Those 2 spots of clay you see on the car door is due to uncivilized car parked next to my car and smashed their car door to my car.

Rear bumper.

OMG. My car looked so “naked”. Heartache ……