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Car Tips: A Complete Guide and Tips to Buying and Selling Used Car in Malaysia

Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Used Car in Malaysia 1
When I was selling my car back in August 2013, I was totally clueless on the proper step by step procedure in selling my car directly to direct buyer. I tried googling for more info but there wasn’t a complete guide and tips on what to lookout or what to be aware. After a painful and whirlwind experience, after many phone calls to my friend who used to sell used car, after a painstaking two and a half month in the process, I finally sent off my baby Jazz to the new owner just three weeks ago. Now, I am calm and I can properly pen down my experience as a guide to those that plan to sell or buy a used car directly. By directly means not going through any used car dealer or runner. This complete buying and selling used car guide will lean more to seller based on my experience but I will also weight in buyer experience based on what I know from my car’s new owner.

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Car Tips: Dealing With Flat Tyre – It’s Not As Complicated & Scary As You Think

As usual on a Saturday morning I woke up at 6am to fetch my parents to the wet market. Many people don’t understand why so early and our family constantly get this curious question. The explanation is simple – you get the freshest vegetables, meat, fruits and many more at the earliest of the morning. Now back to the story. As usual I woke up, brush my teeth, wash my face and went straight to start my car (in my pyjamas of course lol). As I reverse out the car and waited for my parents to get in, mum knocked on my window while mumbling something. I wind down the passenger side window and I heard her saying something about “no more”. I thought she’s telling me that the reverse light or 3rd light no more light aka light bulb burnt out cause I couldn’t hear properly. Mum repeated and this time I heard it loud and clear. She was trying to tell me that my tyre is flat.

Okay, something about my parents on cars. Both of them have no clue and knowledge on car. When I first got this car with 17″ rims and running on a 205/40/R17 set of tyres, they always thought my tyres are flat or not enough air. There are also times I get conman knocking on my window at the market telling me I have flat tyres and he can help me with a small fee. Hah! They must have thought I know nuts about cars eh? 🙂 The real fact is the tyres that I’m using are the thin type. So they looked like they are flat 🙂

So today is the best time to share with you a few simple tips on how you can overcome this flat tyre issue…like a man 😀

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This morning’s trip to the wet market are cancelled as I couldn’t drive with flat rear tyre. So I drove back in to the porch and was shocked to see that my super thin tyres are touching the ground! I took out my trusty handy inflator and started to fill in air, at 6.15am in the morning with loud and noisy inflator haha. Mine is not the type that fill in air and fix the hole because those type can only be use once or a few times. Mine is just the air filler.