My Baby For Sale – Honda Jazz 1.5 i-DSI (A) CBU 2004/2005

When I was just earning a peanut nearly 10 years ago, I had a dream car. Me and my bf then used to talk about buying this car and he always said that the car is so me. At that time Honda Jazz is considered as one of the overpriced luxury hatchback car, bearing a hefty price tag of RM104,000 (if I’m not mistaken). Yes, a RM104,000 for a 1500 cc hatchback car! I still remember at that time those that drove a Honda Jazz is considered well-off.

My life took a new turn after joining Samsung Malaysia and slowly I was earning a comfortable income, not a lot but it was enough at that time. My current car back then was getting old and I was itching to look into Honda Jazz again. Unfortunately the price still sits on the 100,000 mark so my only option is a second hand car. I could have just bought a Myvi or something but noooo. I still want a Honda Jazz. After searching from various buying and selling channel, all the Jazz that I found was either badly modified or disposal due to over modified and even after-accident disposal. As I was quite active with Honda Car Owners Club (HCOC) at that time I started to ask around members from JFFC (Jazz Fit Friends Club) and finally someone told me that one of the member is looking to sell off his Jazz for a Honda Civic. My friend also added that the said Jazz is in a superb condition as the car owner is super caring and attentive to his car. The only thing is I was looking for a Black car and the said Jazz is in Silver. Not exactly the color I was looking for but I decided to take a look.


I gather my friend who is the President of HCOC at that time and he is also a Jazz owner so he would know more than me. My friend brought his friend along and I had arranged for a meet up at the parking of Ikano Power Centre. I suppose this is what you refer as love at first sight because I fell in love with the car when I first lay my eyes on it. But my friend need to “examine” the car first of course. The car was in superb condition, very clean, very shiny, minimal exterior modification and mileage was about 30,000 for a one and a half year old car. The car looked exactly like-new as the owner drove more in his company car than this car. The car owner refuse to budge on the price he was asking for. To make things worse, he actually decided to de-mod from the RM72,000 he was asking for. Me and my friend unanimously agreed that de-moding will do more harm to the car than good. We tried to ask for discount but he was standing firm. After a sweaty discussion in the parking basement, we came to an agreement of RM72,000 and nothing is to be taken out. Owner agreed.

After that, my friend sat down with me and told me to think carefully before buying as he didn’t think I can afford it. I was a bit mad at him but at the same time he was trying to make sure I can really pay for the car. I was pretty sure I can afford it so here I am…7 years later…I am still driving the same car that everyone think I couldn’t afford to. And you know what? I am proud to say I paid off the car all by myself 😀

This is my baby. My heart and soul. When I think of selling it I can almost cry. I still remember when my previous Proton Satria was sold and the owner drove my car away. I was standing at the road looking as the car is being driven away. I can still feel the heartache to date. Those moment still makes me wanna cry even after 7 years. And I cannot believe I am soon reliving that heartache moment.

Yes, I am selling off my beloved Honda Jazz.

This is CBU version from Thailand. The car is manufactured in 2004 but registered in 2005. It is a 1.5 i-DSI which is more fuel saving than VTEC. This version of Honda Jazz is still the most stable and reliable Honda Jazz than the new, current one :). The bodykit is epic. Believe it or not, I actually own the one and only imported 2006 WALD bodykit. My car is the first to have it. I have a few bodykit manufacturer that actually requested me to loan them the bodykit so that they can create a mold and mass produce! No way. So I hold the original replica version :D. If you managed to get this type of bodykit in the market, it is the mass production type from whoever lol.

Bodykit – 2006 WALD (Front bumper, rear bumper, side skirt), Kenstyle Spoiler, Mugen tail gate garnish, Mugen door visor and Honeycomb front grille.
Body paint resprayed on Raya 2011. Read
New plate number redone end of December 2012.

The car is also equipped with Broquet in-tank and in-line fuel catalyst. You can remove this if you want to. This alone cost more than RM800 previously I think.

A few months ago, I installed a K&N Air Filter. This filter is washable filter that delivers the maximum amount of air possible into your engine while providing superior filtering. With this filter, you need not replace each time you service. But instead the workshop would need to clean the filter for you for a minimal fee (RM10+). I got mine clean for free each time I service my car :D. What it does is to improve your car airflow. Read this for more info This cost me near to RM300. Most people will take it off when they sell their car. I don’t plan to so the new owner will get this in the car.

ICE (In-Car Entertainment) is very important to me as I am stuck in traffic jam most of the time. Although I have been using this player for many years, it still works perfectly. Alpine is a top brand when it comes to ICE. Currently my car is equipped with Alpine CDM-9823R single-DIN head unit. I can’t remember what is the speakers on the side panels though.

All the ICE will not be complete without an amplifier and a subwoofer lol.

Kenwood Amplifier with Kicker subwoofer.

As for the rims, my car is running on 17x7J Volkner Racing 17″ sports rim.

I have two Falken ZE912 and two Nexen 8000 205/40/R17 tyres on. Why the different brands? Well, I changed Falken to Nexen as two tyres needed a change. I was planning to changed the other two Falken to Nexen when the time comes 🙂

Sports rim resprayed to Hyper Black on Raya 2011. Read

Oh! Did I mentioned that this car was featured in Hypertune just before the car is sold to me? 😀

Some added bonus for the new owner :). Blackface Gauge Meter that I bought many years ago but didn’t have the time to install it. Since I’m selling the car, I might as well gave it to the new owner.

Buying a second hand Honda Jazz is not a bad idea as I’ve gone through it before. It is an option for entry / new owner that didn’t want to fork out that much money monthly but still want the luxury of driving a Honda Jazz. Till to date my version of Jazz is still the only Jazz that dominate the subcompact hatch segment. It is also the variant that gives the less problem and the built quality is definitely better, some say it’s better than the new ones.

If anyone of you or your friends or anyone you know is looking for a tip-top condition Honda Jazz, do direct them to me :D. The price is negotiable from RM43,000.


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  • Oooh nice car! I remember driving a Jazz in langkawi years ago when we rented it for our holiday…very good handling and definitely a good car to have! Powerful too coz I remember driving fast there, oops, haha. And what a co-incidence that you’re selling your car..I’m selling mine too so I can understand that feeling of having to say bye to our baby 🙁 I hope your baby gets a new loving home soon.

    • Oh you’re selling your car too? Selling to dealer or trade in with new car? Oh oh, what car you buying? 😀

  • Just posted up the ad yesterday on Mudah. Prefer to sell off via private deal coz dealer offering too low. I wanna say porshe but no la, hehe…will be using another exisiting car we have. Oooh how about you?

    • Me too. I posted on Mudah on Sunday :). I have no choice but to sell myself because car dealer wanted to profit more than 10k for my car. If it’s a 2-3k gap then I will save the hassle. Unfortunately it’s not Proton or Perodua.
      I’m changing to Honda City. It’s a downgrade 😛

  • ooo this is my dream car too!!! but not looking for one right now as I’m still paying off my own Viva, but will definitely keep a lookout for any one of my friends who would want to get a Jazz 🙂

    • Thank you dear 😀

  • Same here, one dealer called after we posted up on Mudah and wanted 9k less than our asking price! Crazy. Managed to get a buyer yesterday, so hoping his loan will get through etc then I have to say bye to my baby. Honda city is a nice car – bottom line is, one can never go wrong with a Honda, realiable car and good resale value 🙂

    • Wow! That’s quick. I have a lot of phone calls asking for 10k discount. That’s just crazy.
      Honda City would be a downgrade for me according to my friends. Oh well. I’m just not rich enough to get bigger expensive car LOL

  • interested.pls contact me via

    • Sorry Najib. As per my email earlier, the car is sold.


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