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Introducing Linden Leaves GOLD: A boost in cell renewal for aged skin, minimising wrinkles and fine lines with enhanced skin moisturisation

Linden Leaves, now under TNS Skin Lab had just celebrated its 20th Anniversary with the launch of Linden Leaves GOLD range. The GOLD range took two years to get the formulation perfect. I had the golden opportunity to meet Ms. Brigit Blair, the founder of Linden Leaves New Zealand recently and to have the luxury product home for some luxurious ‘me’ shower time indulgence at night.

Linden Leaves Gold 1
Linden Leaves GOLD range has been specially designed to enhance skin moisturisation and to promote cell renewal, as well as to repair aged skin. How this works is, all the active ingredients in the range have been scientifically proven to increase moisture retention and cell regeneration. It has powerful antioxidants, neutralising and protection against free radical damage. As a result, collagen production is boosted, wrinkles and fine lines are minimized. This range is formulated with Red Rice Extract, Amaranth Oil and Protein, Chia Seed Oil, Grapeseed oil and, wait for it…23-karat gold leaf! That’s right girls. 23-karat gold!

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Beauty News: Linden Leaves is now available at TNS Skin Lab

TNS Skin Lab are proud to announce they are the exclusive stockists of Linden Leaves luxury New Zealand made skincare products. TNS Skin Lab’s philosophy is to offer consumers an exclusive portfolio of carefully selected natural and organic beauty and personal care products in the convenience of one store, reinforcing their brand promise of ‘bringing the best to you’.

Linden Leaves available at TNS Skin Lab
TNS Skin Lab have a collection of nine stores and kiosks across the country giving their customers access to the best beauty and body care products on the international market.

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Review: Instant Facial with Linden Leaves Miraculous Facial Oil

When I’m too lazy to do facial mask at home or facial at beauty salon, I turned to the one and only bottle. This miraculous product goes by the name of Linden Leaves Miraculous Facial Oil with Organic White Tea. Come to think of it…no wonder I keep skipping my facial mask for the past one month. That’s because I knew I can always reach for this bottle for some boost.

This instant facial product comes in a glass dropper bottle. I like that the bottle is opaque so that I can keep this precious longer and take my sweet time using it. The content is only at 25ml. But more than enough to lasts you for months with just 1-2 drops each use.

The benefit list of this facial oil is quite impressive and long. When I first read it online I was like really? Linden Leaves call this “miracle in a bottle”. I couldn’t agree more. Not on first usage but after several usage. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for the next day when I woke up. Then it hit me. Which explains why it took me several usage to really get it lol! The natural ingredients in this claimed to give your skin the ultimate indulgent facial revealing instant hydration, smoothness and brightness. You don’t use this everyday though. I only use this facial oil when my skin need the extra oompph.

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Review: Linden Leaves Ginger Peach Fragrance Diffuser – Fragrance for the space

Many of you are familiar with fragrance diffuser but not me. I’m a total noob. I never get curious on what it is or what it does. You can say I’m too obsess with the beauty stuff :). Linden Leaves are the only brand that trigger my sense of interest. Simply because their range of product is really simple and interesting too.

My second Linden Leaves product is Ginger Peach Fragrance Diffuser. I chose this mainly because I desperately needed a good night sleep. I haven’t disclose here before that I’m a light sleeper. I don’t get deep sleep like other people. I’m half sleep and half awake. It happened to me because I think and worry too much. Everyday I woke up with headache, neck ache and back ache. I can tell you it’s very very touch having a sleep like that.

Will this help me? Let’s see.

The box packaging is cool. The cardboard box is thick therefore it will protect your glass diffuser bottle. There’s a window for you to see the inside too.

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Review: Linden Leaves Aromatherapy Synergy Memories Body Oil

You asked for more varieties in terms of brand and product. I hear you! This time I’m gonna talk about one product that intrigue me the most. I’m a sucker when it comes to pretty packaging 😀

If you recall…last Sunday I introduced theSkintopic including all three brands under their umbrella. If you haven’t glance at the brand introduction post yet, you might wanna check it out here.

Linden Leaves Aromatherapy Synergy Memories Body Oil is what I’m attracted to like a magnet at the moment. We’ve heard of shower oil but hardly heard of body oil nor can we find any; if I recall correctly. This is an organic rosehip and avocado oils blended with pure sweet almond and apricot kernel oils, enriched with vitamin E and infused with a luxurious blend of rose, geranium and ylang ylang, to keep skin soft and nourished.

Still confuse what this is for? Okay. In short this is something to apply after shower in replace of body lotion or cream. But why would you wanna replace your body lotion or cream? Read on!

Linden Leaves Olive & Tebe theSkintopic Wild Ferns

Brand Introduction – theSkintopic; One Stop for New Zealand Made Beauty & Lifestyle Products

Earlier this week I was invited to visit theSkintopic freestanding kiosk at Subang Parade mall. I always like paying a visit to new brands to get to know the brand and products carried by them up close so that I can introduce to you gorgeous!

Beside Subang Parade Mall you can also find theSkintopic at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. I chose to visit the branch at Subang Parade Mall because I thought all of us shopper neglected that mall as everyone is too obsessed with Mid Valley, One Utama and others so I thought why not do something different this time 🙂

theSkintopic at Subang Parade Mall is located at LG Floor, exactly in front of Pizza Hut. It is huge, spacious and plenty of products to discover.

theSkintopic carries three different beauty and lifestyle brand from New Zealand namely Olive & Tebe, Linden Leaves and Wild Ferns.

First up. Olive & Tebe. Definitely not a stranger in my blog as I love a few of their products that I’m currently using which is Tebe Lip Balm, Tebe Hair Nourishing Shampoo & Hair Hydrating Conditioner, Tebe Cleansing Face Polish and Tebe Face Cleansing Milk which I haven’t review both yet.