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Review: You Need Tebe Lip Balm to Treat Your Dry Lips

Usually when a sales person try to sell me something I’d just give a meh and move away from the topic. Being in the sales line for some time actually taught me how to be a smart shopper too. I do get it that all brand said their product is good. I really do but I can’t be buying everything right? Just need to get what I needed. When I dropped by Olive & Tebe counter at Metrojaya Mid Valley 2 weeks ago, I was introduced to a few of their star products. One thing that I really like about Olive & Tebe is that their range of product is not that huge. Lesser means easy decision making for me when I shop at their counter. They only have one each of what you need for face and body for Olive range and the same goes to Tebe.

If you do drop by Olive & Tebe counter, one product that is highly recommended by the BA is their Lip Balm. There’s a lip balm in Olive range which is recommended for younger user and of course for me I’m recommended Tebe Lip Balm which has extra function. I’ll tell you what is it later on.

Tebe Lip Balm comes in a 10ml squeeze tube. Judging from the teeny weeny amount you need for each application I’d say this 10m tube will last you for a long time.

Normally I wouldn’t use any product before picture is taken but I was so excited and curious about this lip balm and my lips is desperately needing something to cure the dryness so I tore the foil protection off which is not seen in the picture below.

The lip balm dispense out slightly like Vaseline. You can easily control the amount you want from the tube thanks to it’s squeeze-tube. The opening is relatively not too small so you can see how much is being dispensed out.

The balm turns to a watery state when you massage it on your lips. It’s not oily but slightly watery kind of oily – not sure if that word even existed lol. It’s made from extra virgin olive oil so you get the picture.

Tebe Lip Balm was recommended to me because I like to put on lipstick and lipstick will make your lips darker. Not only lipstick but excess coffee drinking, smoking and exposure to sun will do that to your lips too. This lip balm will prevent that and make your lip color lighter with constant long usage.Wonderful! Here I have a product that will protect, moisture dry chapped lips, prevent and lighten dark lips. Sounds good to me.

On the first night I use this on my lips before I go to sleep, I accidentally dispensed too much. I woke up the next day with soft and smooth lips. After I bath and was about to put on my skin care, I notice there’s dry skin flakes so I use a tissue and gently wipe my lips in one direction. To my surprise all the dry skin is on the tissue itself. I think what happen is that my lips is moisten from the bath and the dry skin was detached and floated on top of my lips. As a result I have smooth lips. Lipstick looks wonderful on smooth lips.

Anyhoooo no harm falling for what the BA sold to you over the counter. You might find a gem. Have you tried Tebe Lip Balm? Do try it.

Olive & Tebe is available at Metrojaya @ Mid Valley Megamall , Bukit Bintang Plaza, The Curve, and at Parkson Sunway Pyramid, Subang Parade and One Utama.
Price: RM58 for 10ml.
Visit Olive & Tebe Malaysia Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/OliveTebeMY


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. Product was given to me as GWP with RM200 purchase.


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  • Love the look of your soft and smooth lips 🙂 I am using Maybelline lip balm before I go to bed. I am not quite a lazy person so I seldom lipstick that much. Have not found a lovely shade of lipstick that won’t make me look tired and dull. Thanks for the info on lip darkening effect, didn’t know that sun exposure and coffee will darken lips! I have this little white bump on my lips which is stubborn and won’t go away. I initially thought it was a pimple or something but looks like it is a little white bump that will stay there forever lol. Earlier on I was tempted to try the Kiehl’s one, also a star product but since it requires finger application, I decided not to.

    • These lips are on it’s bad day. On good day it’s without the redness lol. I’m using Maybelline baby lip balm on the day time under lipstick. Tebe one also can be used during the day but I skipped that. Maybe after I finish my Maybelline.

      Lipstick. Hmmm. Stay tune for tomorrow Dior review :). Won’t make you dull definitely. I have those little white bumps too. It’s on the corner lower lips. Khiel’s is star product. Not too expensive too.


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